Glen Ellyn Snow Removal Specialists

There are two types of winter in Chicago: cold winter and snowy winter, and the good news is that they rarely happen at the same time. 

Chicagoland gets an average 28.1 inches of snowfall, and when it comes, you need to be ready. Because when that snow descends on your property, it can create a real mess, not to mention a safety hazard. 

A person clears snow from a walkway with a shovel

As a family-run business in the Glen Ellyn area for over 22 years, Ware Landscaping is fully equipped to handle even the snowiest winters — yes we were here for you in Superbowl Blizzard of 2015 when the Chicagoland suburbs got pounded with 19 inches of snow — basically an inch every hour! 

At Ware, we go above and beyond — in fact we move mountains (of snow) for you! 

We can clear your driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and common areas after even the heaviest snowfall. And you can rely on the fact that you will not be dealing with middlemen. Our dependable crews follow the weather patterns and they are dispatched to your property to make sure to handle every detail when it comes to snow removal, ice prevention, and ice management. 

You can expect quick, dependable response times to minimize slipping hazards and driving challenges on your property. Instead of stressing over the ice and snow this winter, get peace of mind and friendly reliable service with Barrington Hills’ full-season snow removal experts.

A man finishes shoveling snow

Our Glen Ellyn Snow Removal Services

Owning your own property in this fantastic Chicago suburb has many rewards. But anyone who has tried to maintain a residential or commercial property in the winter months knows it is a daunting responsibility. Because one thing’s for sure when it comes to Chicago winters: snow will fall! 

Nobody wants to throw their back out shoveling snow, or miss important functions and deadlines because they’re dealing with the aftermath of the latest snowstorm. 

We are proud to be the greater Chicago area’s premier full-season snow removal company servicing Glen Ellyn, Plainfield, Naperville, Barrington, Barrington Hills, South Barrington, and beyond with snow and ice management delivered by a professional team you can count on. 

Our zero-tolerance, full-season, set and forget snow policy means that we come out to your property whenever snow has accumulated. We offer premium snow removal contracts suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential properties in Glen Ellyn. And you don’t pay one price upfront for the whole winter, we only bill you for the work we do after each snow event.

Our comprehensive snow management services include:

Snow Removal Plow IconPlowing Driveways and Parking Lots

We use plow trucks, bobcats, and other professional-grade equipment to clear large driveways and parking lots, so we can handle any amount of snow.

Shoveling Snow IconShoveling Sidewalks and Walkways

Our sidewalk crews can get your walkways and smaller passages shoveled and safe for you and your family or customers to walk on.

De-icing procedure iconDe-Icing

We use salt and other de-icing compounds to help prevent the snow from building up on your pavement again after we’ve cleared it.

Monitoring and Surveillance IconMonitoring

We keep your property safe and accessible all winter long by keeping an eye on both the weather forecast and the conditions at your property.

Sustainable Products IconNon-Corrosive De-Icing

We offer the use of SafePaw, a salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate-free ice melt that’s safe for the environment, cured concrete, kids, and pets.

Our snow removal methods focus on making key access points safe and accessible. We get the job done professionally and thoroughly so you can get back to doing what you need to do without worrying about safety hazards and mess on your property. 

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Don’t even ask about 2” trigger contracts. We can’t provide you with the highest levels of quality and safety if we’re out there measuring snow. Besides, ice can form regardless of how much snow falls. We’re dedicated to taking care of any amount of accumulation of snow or ice so you and your customers, family, and neighbors can be safe.

Full-Season Contracts

Our standard contract gives you one full season of premium snow protection. Sign up for three years to receive our loyalty pricing. Signing with us guarantees you’ll get a professional, permanent crew of experts to clear your parkings lots, driveways, and walkways whenever snow falls.

Set and Forget Service

You don’t want to be making phone calls to us when you wake up and there’s snow on the ground. You need to be getting going with your day. With our set and forget service, that’s exactly what you get. You do what you need to do. Let Ware take care of it.

A truck clears snow from a driveway

Glen Ellyn Commercial Snow Removal 

Dealing with ice and snowstorms as a business owner in Glen Ellyn not only means downtime for your business, but it also means potential danger for customers and employees. 

And you need to keep in mind the special needs of customers who utilize walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. They are even more at risk of slipping and falling on icy and snowy walkways, which creates a health threat to your customers and employees and a legal liability for your business.  

At Ware, we are no strangers to Chicago weather. We monitor the storms 24/7 so you don’t have to. We will have a full-season, zero-tolerance plan in place to prevent ice from forming with advanced salt melt products that can be applied to asphalt and concrete when a winter storm is threatening. And as soon as the first flakes start to fall, our seasoned pros will be there to meet all your commercial snow removal needs in Glen Ellyn.

We work with a variety of businesses throughout Glen Ellyn, including:

  • Commercial offices and office parks
  • Warehouses and large facilities
  • Retail stores and shopping centers
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Medical and dental offices
  • Businesses and office parks
  • Churches
  • Mini malls
  • Daycare centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Townhome associations and apartment complexes
Naperville Commercial Snow Removal

Glen Ellyn Residential Snow Removal

Snow days are always exciting for kids, but for grownups, it translates to a lot of salting, shoveling, and stressing out. Some winters are mild — and then there are storms like the 3rd largest in Chicago’s history (a.k.a Snowmageddon) on February 2, 2011, when 21.2 inches came down in one day!

Whether the snow happens in flurries or in a massive blizzard, handling the aftermath can impact you and your family’s busy lifestyle, so having our friendly, professional crew out to clear your snow is a big relief. 

No matter the size of your property, you can rest assured that we have experience removing snow and ice at homes all over Glen Ellyn. We ensure the following places are cleared when we come to your property for snow removal:

  • Walkways to the curb
  • Sidewalks
  • Front and rear steps
  • Garage lip
  • Gangways
  • Driveways
  • Vehicles

Don’t let weather keep you from enjoying your property in the winter months. You should be inside warming your feet by the fire and let us do all the heavy lifting!

Naperville Residential Snow Removal Testimonial

Call Ware Landscaping for Glen Ellyn snow removal

Ready to have a stress-free experience this snow season? 

Call our knowledgeable team at (630) 885-6370 today so we can answer all your questions about our services. Let us deal with the mess and hassle of the cold temperatures and snow while you concentrate on staying safe and warm.