Wheaton Quality Landscaping Services

Everyone enjoys coming home to a beautiful front lawn and back yard. Whether you prefer bright flower beds, shady trees, or manicured shrubbery, a well-designed and maintained lawn can make your house feel like home. Furthermore, creating a stunning outdoor space greatly increases your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Although daydreaming about the perfect lawn may be fun, actually managing your yard year-round can be incredibly stressful. Planting and pruning a beautiful lawn takes time and effort, and with a busy schedule, it may be impossible to provide your yard with the care it needs. Landscaping can also be a very frustrating task if you do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to make your outdoor dreams a reality.

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That is why you need to work with the landscaping professionals at Ware Landscaping. We have years of experience providing lawn care services in Wheaton, Illinois. Our knowledge of the area allows our landscapers to provide high-quality results specific to Wheaton’s specific landscaping needs. Furthermore, we offer our services throughout the year, so your yard will look fresh and well-maintained in any season.

No matter whether you are facing lawn-care problems, or if you are simply not sure how to begin Ware Landscaping is ready to help. Take the first step toward creating a stunning yard today by contacting Ware Landscaping at (630) 885-6370 right now.

Why Should I Hire a Landscaping Professional?

Creating a successful landscape design and planting a garden that will thrive in Wheaton requires an in-depth knowledge of the climate and natural vegetation in your area. Learning these key lawn-care elements takes time and experience to perfect. If you are new to landscaping or too busy to fully manage your lawn, you may feel at a loss about what to do and caring for your lawn may become a dreaded chore.

You need to entrust your lawn to landscaping professionals who understand and can help you carry out your vision for your property. Landscapers who have lived and worked in Wheaton for years will know what plants will thrive and what problems your yard may face. A professional landscaper will work with you through every step of improving your property’s exterior, from advice on your lawn design to routine care and maintenance, that will keep your yard tidy throughout the year.

Furthermore, a professional landscaping service can provide services that focus on the overall health of your lawn, rather than quick seasonal fixes. With an extensive knowledge of soil quality, watering and drainage solutions, and common plant diseases, a landscaper can address any lawn-care problem you are facing.

When you hire professionals to landscape your home, you will receive stunning results without the hassle, so you can enjoy the relaxing outdoor space of your dreams.

Why Choose Ware Landscaping

For more than ten years, beside high-quality landscaping services, Ware Landscaping has also provided high-quality snow removal services in Wheaton and the surrounding area. During this time, we have also specialized our services to support and enhance Illinois’ natural beauty. We have helped countless homeowners and business managers increase their property’s value through ongoing yard management that is both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

We take pride in every landscaping project we work on, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your yard. When you work with Ware Landscaping, you will know that you are working with a team of skilled professionals who want to find the right solutions for you. Ware Landscaping aims to create a space that is not just visually pleasing but is also functional for your needs throughout the year.
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Services Ware Landscaping Offers

Professional landscaping should not end after planting new flowers or trimming your bushes. You need to hire a landscaper who can meet your landscaping and lawn-care needs throughout the changing seasons.

Ware Landscaping is proud to offer our clients a wide variety of services that address each element of the landscaping process. The services we routinely provide include:

We offer our services on both private and commercial properties, so you can have the ideal outdoor space for any location. If you are planning an outdoor renovation, or if you need help with your current landscape design, you can trust that Ware Landscaping is ready to get to work.

Understanding the Wheaton Climate

Located in central Illinois, Wheaton experiences the full range of weather throughout the seasons. Illinois is a plain state, meaning that the land is primarily flat, and the summers tend to be warm and humid. However, the nearby great lakes create intense gusts of wind, which can cause extremely cold and snowy winters.

These significant weather changes between seasons can make landscaping a challenge. Wheaton residents may want to consider planting seasonal flowers that will grow and thrive at different times in the year. Ware Landscaping can help you choose flowers, bushes, and trees that will survive the harsh winter and thrive during the hot summer, renewing your yard with each changing season. Planning your landscaping around the climate in Wheaton is one of the best ways to keep your lawn looking fresh at any time of the year. We can also help with Wheaton yard drainage solutions as we are experts in all areas of outdoor improvement.

The Importance of Native Plants

Although you can choose to grow any type of plant in your yard, it is almost always in your best interest to choose vegetation that is native to the Wheaton area or similar climates. This will give you the greatest chances that your plants will thrive, making your property look exceptional.

Some of the native flowers and bushes you may want to consider when landscaping in Wheaton include:

  • Wild geraniums
  • Purple coneflower
  • Prairie clover
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Spicebush

If you are unsure what plants are the best fit for your landscaping needs, Ware Landscaping is prepared to offer a variety of suggestions, helping you create your vision with the most successful plants possible.

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If you are ready to improve your landscaping success and increase your property’s curb appeal, you need to contact Ware Landscaping as soon as possible. We will assess your lawn and discuss your desired landscaping, so we can help your yard reach its greatest potential. Get started landscaping your home or business by contacting Ware Landscaping at (630) 885-6370 today.