Palatine Yard Drainage Experts

If you’ve ever wondered why your yard looks like a swamp after a rainstorm, you probably need a new yard drainage system. As a Palatine homeowner, you long to take pride in your home. You want your yard to serve as a gathering space, a place to create fun memories. 

The stress of unforeseen property expenses can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself putting off all but the most vital repairs to avoid going over budget. However, yard issues like flooding and standing water can lead to significant damage to your home’s foundation as well.

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DIY solutions may seem appealing, but if you install a yard drainage system incorrectly, it can lead to further property damage. 

What can you do to protect the beauty of your yard? Who can you hire to install and maintain a yard drainage system?

There are many low maintenance, easily installed yard drain options available. Your local Palatine yard drainage experts can help you choose the best option.

How Ware Landscaping can help

Ware Landscaping has a passionate team of seasoned experts who have beautifully transformed the yards of Palatine and Chicago-area homeowners for over two decades. Our yard drainage experts will meet with you at your home to determine the cause of any water damage issues, and we will offer a free assessment of your best course of action. 

We’ll help you identify your current drainage system and find the right customized solution to solve your yard problems. We empathize with your stress and understand the multitude of problems ineffective yard drainage can cause. These problems can include:

  • Flooding and pools of standing water in your yard
  • Mildew, mold, and water stains in your home
  • Blocked gutters
  • Cracks or warping in your basement floors and home’s foundation
  • Floor or ceiling leaks
  • Mosquito infestation

We can get rid of your excess water issues, protect your property from further water damage, and help you to prevent future expensive repairs and constant maintenance of your yard drainage system. We’ll suggest drainage solutions tailor-made for your property and help you to realize your yard’s potential.

 Contact Ware Landscaping for your free consultation and estimate. 

What is a yard drainage system?

The installation of yard drainage systems is necessary for Palatine homeowners, and is also vital for commercial buildings, parks, and pools. A drainage system allows the overflow of direct surface water to be diverted underground or to specific areas of your yard. 

Most drainage systems include connected pipes that run underground throughout your Palatine property. Rain water and water overflow is channeled through these pipes and away from your home. Most modern yard drains such as the French drain also include landscaped inclines or slopes (yard grading) and trenches to help with water disbursement.

Some yard drainage systems, such as the dry well, include a water retention basin that captures sediment and debris to prevent polluted runoff from reaching local water sources. Yard drains are a vital component in keeping properties pristine. 

If you’re a Palatine homeowner, you may want to contact yard drainage specialists to prevent water damage from ruining your home.

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What causes drainage issues in my Palatine yard?

Excellent yard drainage doesn’t occur naturally It’s important to install a proper yard drainage system on your property. There’s a wide array of issues that can cause flooding, standing water, and blocked gutters. Some of the main causes of problematic drainage include:

Broken or blocked downspouts 

Your home’s gutter system is vital to preventing water issues from infiltrating your yard and home.Your downspouts push the water that flows through your gutters away from your house and help to prevent foundation flooding.

If downspouts are filled with sediment, gutter water has no way to drain. Similarly, if wear and tear cause your downspouts to break, water may drain into your basement. It’s important to periodically inspect and clean your downspouts.    

Improper yard grading 

The landscaping of your Palatine home should include subtle yard grading to allow for proper drainage. Yard grading creates subtle inclines or slopes throughout your lawn. This provides a natural way for water to flow away from your home and helps to prevent standing water from forming pools near the foundation of your property.

Compacted soil

Compacted soil is dense and impermeable. Typically, when water hits soil it penetrates the ground and flows downward, providing nourishment for the microbes and roots that live in healthy soil. However, compacted soil isn’t porous and water becomes trapped in its layers. This can cause flooding and fungal growth on your property.


Soil erosion is both a cause and a result of improper yard drainage. Eroded soil can’t absorb water. Therefore, excess water has nowhere to go in an eroded lawn. A Palatine yard drainage and landscaping expert can lay down new sod and till your soil to erase and prevent soil erosion.

Yard Drainage Experts

How can a drainage system help?

A customized, well-installed yard drainage system can help maintain the beauty of your property. Yard drains have a plethora of benefits for Palatine homeowners that include: 

Environmental protection

Proper yard drainage provides vital nutrients to soil, captures pollutants and prevents them from infecting local water sources, and can wash away harmful toxins such as chemicals and pesticides from your yard. A well-maintained drainage system also promotes healthy growth in flora and fauna. The right yard drainage systems contribute to the overall health of the environment.

Flood and standing water prevention

Yard flooding and standing water can deplete your soil of needed nutrients, breed mosquitoes and other insects, create a swamp-like environment, and seep into your home. Standing water can also bring mice and other rodents onto your property. Along with yard grading, an effective yard drainage system helps to disperse this water and allows rainwater to drain away from your home.

Increase of property value

If you decide to sell your Palatine home, your yard becomes an attractive selling point. 99% of members of NAR (the National Association of Realtors) believe the appeal of your home’s outdoor features are extremely valuable selling points. An excellent yard drainage system can help to keep your entire property in great shape.

Mildew and mold prevention 

Black mold and mildew can ruin your home’s aesthetics and can cause illness. The main cause of these musty issues? Poor yard drainage that allows water to seep into your home and become trapped in your walls.

If you notice any of these issues on your property, you may want to consider contacting a yard drainage expert for an assessment.

Contact Ware Landscaping for Palatine yard drainage solutions

The right yard drainage system can make the difference between years of stressful home repairs and your ability to peacefully enjoy your Palatine property. Our yard drainage experts understand how yard and foundation issues can cause you undue suffering. 

We want to help you get the most out of your investment and protect your home from becoming a money pit. If you’re experiencing problematic yard drainage, Ware Landscaping can help. Call us today at 630-557-8170.