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Choosing to add a retaining wall or two to your landscaping can be a big step, depending on the size and scope of the project. Retaining walls can be functional, decorative, or both. At Ware Landscaping, our experienced hardscape contractors can plan, design, and install all types and sizes of retaining walls for residential and commercial properties located in Naperville, Illinois, and the surrounding communities.

Learn more about retaining walls, the types of materials we use to construct them, and how they can benefit your property.

Stone Wall Surrounding an Edge of a Pond

Materials Used to Build Retaining Walls

To properly build a retaining wall that looks both beautiful and sturdy, there are certain types of durable materials that our contractors use in retaining wall construction. These materials may include:

  • Interlocking concrete wall blocks: The great thing about these types of segmental blocks is that they can be arranged in a way that gives your retaining wall dimension and can lend themselves well to a curved wall. They are designed to interlock with each other, giving your wall a solid structure.
  • Boulders: If you want a more natural look and feel for your larger retaining wall, then it is possible to make them with boulders. These types of walls cannot be built quite as high as concrete block walls, so keep that in mind if you need a higher wall on your property. Boulder walls will last a lifetime, making them a good investment.
  • Concrete blocks: With concrete blocks, you get a large number of choices when it comes to colors, shapes, and patterns, which makes it easy to find a material that beautifully complements the rest of your landscaping. They are also fairly low-maintenance and will only need to be cleaned about once a year.
  • Poured concrete: This type of wall is often used for more modern-type properties, as it gives off a very sleek look and feel. It usually requires a skilled contractor to put in these kinds of walls, especially if you are integrating any kind of drainage system along with them. It can also be prone to cracking unless your contractor uses the right structural support.
  • Brick: This is a very eco-friendly material and lends itself well to those properties that already have a classic feel to them, since brick has been used for hundreds of years in construction. They also handle water well, which is good for this part of the country when we get a lot of snow or rain.
  • Natural stone: Like boulders, natural stone also looks like it could have always been a part of your yard. However, it is a little easier to work with, and we can do custom masonry to create beautiful walls for you.

How Functional or Decorative Retaining Walls Can Change Your Property

If you have a sloped or hilly property, then adding in functional retaining walls could provide immense benefits. Sometimes, it can be difficult to use a lot of your yard, but a retaining wall can help level out the area and give you more usable space.

Retaining walls also aid in correcting drainage problems. For example, if you have issues with water pooling around the outside of your home, you can have a retaining wall installed that will help redirect the flow of water, so it will not seep into your foundation and cause water damage to your home. A larger retaining wall may help to adjust water flow throughout your yard. Sometimes, these walls are put in after the land has been graded to help prevent erosion as well.

Retaining walls are also used in landscaping and are great for creating a terraced landscape bed. Again, this is helpful on hilly or sloped properties. It gives you more room to install gorgeous, colorful plants that would otherwise not survive there. There are also decorative retaining walls that are used to create raised planter beds. These serve to add a focal point to the overall landscape design and give the yard some depth and dimension.
retaining wall beside a road

What to Expect When Installing a Retaining Wall

First, when you contact Ware Landscaping about retaining wall installation in Naperville, IL, we will set up a time to meet with you and discuss what you’d like to see in your yard. Our contractors will prepare an estimate for you and are always available to answer any questions you might have. After you approve the estimate, we will get your job scheduled on our calendar and then begin the installation process.

Depending on the scope of the project, it could take a couple of days to a couple of weeks before everything is completed. Our team will walk through the completed project with you to ensure that all was done to your satisfaction.

Need a Retaining Wall? Contact Ware Landscaping Today for an Estimate

At Ware Landscaping, we have provided the Naperville, IL community with quality landscaping services since 2000. Our landscape and hardscape experts will quickly assess your property and advise you on the best type of retaining wall to install that will have the most impact on your residential or commercial yard. Each member of our team and every customer we have is treated like part of our family, and we want you to know that every job we do is performed to the best of our ability so that we don’t just meet your expectations – we exceed them.

If you need a retaining wall at your home or business in Chicagoland, make us your first call. We will provide you with a reasonable estimate and will stick to your budget so that you do not have any unexpected costs at the end of your project. Call us today at (630) 885-6370 to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified landscape staff members.