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Anyone who lives in the Chicago suburbs knows one thing: there is a lot of weather! All that rain, sleet, ice, and snow adds up to water-logged terrain. 

And unfortunately, the water on your property may end up causing extensive damage. Drainage problems can destroy an otherwise attractive and healthy yard. 

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If you own a home in Mount Prospect, you understand why this gorgeous Chicagoland suburb is so popular. We’ve been Mount Prospect lawn drainage specialists for over a decade now, so we appreciate a gorgeous, healthy local lawn!

If you’re a new homeowner, or just haven’t had time to invest in your landscape, understanding the basics of proper drainage can help you maintain the health and beauty of your outdoor space. 

Why Drainage Is Important to Your  Property

Most people are not aware of this stat, but the fact is that roughly 85% of home repair expenses in the US are the result of water damage. 

Drainage problems are extremely common in northeastern Illinois, which impacts homeowners’ enjoyment of their outdoor areas, not to mention the value of your property. 

If you’re tired of pets trooping through the house with muddy paws and family and friends slipping in soggy spots on the lawn, it’s time to call lawn drainage specialists in Mount Prospect to fix your water issues. At Ware landscaping, we are proud to bring local residents peace of mind by providing you with the best drainage solutions available. 

5 Signs of Poor Drainage 

There are some sure signs that your yard drainage system isn’t functioning properly:  Don’t ignore these 5 signs:

  1. Soggy or spongy lawn: A soggy or spongy lawn can be a result of poor drainage and can indicate that water is not properly infiltrating into the soil.
  2. Mosquitos: Standing water in your yard can create an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not only pesky, but they are known to carry viruses and other diseases. 
  3. Flooded basement or crawl space: If water is not draining properly in your yard, it can cause basement or crawl space flooding. And you definitely do not want moisture in your basement or crawl space because this can lead to mold, which can lead to health issues, structural issues, not to mention pest infestations.
  4. Damage to plants and trees: Poor yard drainage can cause root rot in plants and trees, leading to stunted growth or even death.
  5. Erosion or washouts: When water is not properly draining, it can erode soil, cause washouts, and lead to other landscaping problems.

Benefits of Using Our Mount Prospect Yard Drainage Services

Just like a house needs to sit on a solid foundation, your yard needs proper attention so that water damage does not harm your landscape or cause injury to anyone.

The benefits of using Mount Prospect lawn drainage experts include:

  1. Expertise and experience: Professional drainage experts have the knowledge and experience to identify the root cause of your drainage problems and provide effective solutions. They have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job efficiently and accurately.
  2. Cost-effective solutions: By hiring a professional, you may save money in the long run as they can identify the most cost-effective solution to your drainage problems. They can also identify potential issues before they turn into costly problems, which can help you save money and prevent future damage.
  3. Warranty and guarantee: Most professional drainage experts offer warranties and guarantees for their work, giving you peace of mind and protection against any potential issues that may arise.
  4. Time-saving: Professional drainage experts can complete the job quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks or just enjoy your yard.
  5. Better results: Professional drainage experts have the experience and expertise to deliver results that are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your yard looks beautiful and is free of water damage.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to be Mount Prospect’s premier yard drainage experts. 

In addition to Mount Prospect, we provide services to the following areas:

The investment in a proper drainage system is well worth it when you consider what’s at risk and the cost of repairing damage caused by mold, leaks, and standing water. If you notice any signs of drainage issues, take action soon to get it resolved. 

Mount Prospect Landscaping & Yard Drainage Experts

Mount Prospect Yard Drainage Services We Provide

You may not know what a quadruple French drain is, but that’s ok because we do!

Every drainage situation and landscape is different and requires a system designed to keep water from pooling up and creating issues in your home and garden. If you have issues with poor drainage in your yard, you may need to consider one of the following options:

  • French drain: A trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe that redirects water away from a problematic area.
  • Channel drain: A linear trench drain that collects water from a surface and directs it to a discharge point.
  • Dry wells: Underground structures that collect excess water and allow it to drain back into the soil gradually.
  • Sump pumps: Used to pump water out of a basement or crawl space to prevent water damage.
  • Retaining walls: Used to hold back soil and create flat, usable space while directing water flow.
  • Surface grading: The process of adjusting the slope of a lawn or garden to ensure water flows away from structures and into designated drain areas.

Yard Drainage FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding yard drainage:

What causes poor yard drainage?

Poor yard drainage can be caused by several factors, including poor grading, clogged gutters and downspouts, hard surfaces that prevent water absorption, and a failing septic system.

How can I improve yard drainage?

Improving yard drainage can be done by having professional yard drainage experts install a French drain, gutters and downspouts, redirect runoff to a dry well, or grade the land to encourage proper drainage.

Is it necessary to hire a professional yard drainage expert to fix water issues?

While some drainage solutions can be done DIY, complex drainage issues require the expertise of a professional to properly diagnose and solve the problem.

How long does it take to improve yard drainage?

The time it takes to improve yard drainage depends on the extent of the problem and the solution required. A French drain can take several days to install, while smaller solutions like adding gutters and downspouts can be done in a matter of hours.

Ware Landscaping is here to help!

If you’re a first-time homeowner, you may have never put too much thought into yard drainage. But water issues can completely undermine the plans you envision for your outdoor space. 

Muddy puddles can make a child’s swing inaccessible, kill your flowers before they have a chance to bloom, and damage stone paths. And the price of repairing problems due to poor drainage only escalates if the issue is not nipped in the bud. 

Act now. Poor drainage situations need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively to avoid property damage. Call the Mount Prospect drainage experts at Ware Landscaping today at (630) 557-8170. We can provide a complimentary assessment and work with you to find the best solution to keep your lawn healthy and pristine year-round.