Burr Ridge Landscaping & Yard Drainage Experts

It’s no secret that Burr Ridge home and business owners can experience some pretty significant weather extremes over the course of a typical year. When you look out your window after a storm, do you see mushy, wet, muddy areas that take days to recede and dry out?

You probably have substantial yard drainage issues, such as bad soil or improper grading. But don’t worry, our Burr Ridge drainage experts at Ware Landscaping can take care of it.

Corner of a house with a drain pipe downspout

The Negative Consequences of Drainage Problems

No one wants to see standing water when they look at their yard. It’s unsightly, and it prevents the enjoyment of your outdoor space with family and friends.

An unappealing landscape isn’t the only downside to drainage problems. You can also have:

  • A never-ending mess when kids and pets track mud into your home from outside
  • Standing water that freezes and creates a slipping hazard in winter
  • Puddles that become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects in summer
  • Weakening of your home’s foundation as excess water slowly deteriorates it
  • Mold and excess moisture inside your home

A yard full of standing water is bad enough. When you consider all these other problems it can create, it will make you want to take action.

Our Burr Ridge Yard Drainage Services

Burr Ridge residents know Ware Landscaping as a local, family-run business with a personal touch. We offer a variety of lawn drainage and landscaping services here in Burr Ridge, including:

  • French drains: A French drain consists of underground piping that carries excess water to a location safely away from your home. It prevents soil erosion, keeps your plantings rooted and stable, and prevents excess water from ruining your home’s or building’s foundation.
  • Gutter and sump pump drains: A sump pump sits below your basement and collects stormwater from gutters and downspouts, preventing the water from soaking your soil. The pump then redistributes the water elsewhere.
  • Dry wells: A dry well is a basin that sits underground and collects excess water. It then slowly releases the water back into the soil through layers of rock and gravel that are installed around it.
  • Channel drains: Channel drains are usually installed on paved surfaces such as driveways, walkways, or next to inground swimming pools. They prevent water from accumulating on the pavement.

We can also provide regular yard drain maintenance. We’ll help you keep your drains and gutters clean all year so that your outdoor drainage system continues to function properly.

Burr Ridge Landscaping & Yard Drainage Experts

Yard Drainage Installation Process

Our process ensures that every detail is accounted for. When we install a new drainage system at your home or business, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Free assessment. We evaluate the cause or causes of your drainage problem. Typically, there are multiple factors and our experts know how to track down every source of poor drainage.
  2. Preparing for installation. We dig a trench for your underground water removal system. We take the distance from your house or building and the existence of hardscaping into account when choosing the location of the trench. 
  3. Installing the pipes and gravel. We install a state-of-the-art system with gravel, piping, and protective fabric in the trench. We also place catch basins to ensure that water can drain into the system even with the heaviest rain or snow storm.
  4. Re-grading. We change the grade of your yard and place new sod over the areas we’ve rehabbed. When we’re all done, your lawn will look as good as new. 

We stand behind our work with a ten-year, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you see standing water on your property within that time frame, our Burr Ridge landscaping and yard drainage experts will fix it for free.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Install a Drain Yourself

You can find DIY instructions for nearly anything online, including installing yard drains. That doesn’t mean you’ll succeed if you try it, though. We’ve had customers who tried — and failed — to install their own drains because they came up against these major challenges:

  1. Proper grading and downward water flow. Your yard may have uneven spots or look like it has an effective downward slope, only to find out after you’ve invested time and money that your drain isn’t draining. Installing a trench and pipe under these conditions only creates further unevenness that must be repaired by professionals.
  2. Running into power lines when digging. Damage to these systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage, or even cause electrocution in extreme cases.
  3. Poorly constructed drains. When setting up an outdoor drain, it’s important to use the right gravel and piping, to line the trench properly and securely, and to cover the drain with the right kind of soil. These things are usually best left to professionals.


How often should French drains be cleaned?

French drains should be cleaned about once per year. The best way to clean one is with an electric snake. If you don’t have one of those, you can call professional landscapers to come and clean out your French drain for you.

What causes poor yard drainage?

The most common causes of poor lawn drainage are compacted soil, improper slope or grade, and gutters and downspouts full of debris. You may also lack outlets for excess water, causing it to build up.

Who should you call for yard drainage problems?

If you see standing water in your lawn that doesn’t recede after days, or muddy bare spots, the best person to call is a landscaper. A professional landscaping company will know how to find the source of your drainage issue and implement a long-lasting solution.

Call Ware Landscaping for Your Burr Ridge Outdoor Drain

We value every relationship with every family we work with in Burr Ridge. We treat all of our customers as friends, and we think it shows. If you’re ready to stop worrying about the state of your soggy lawn, give us a call at 630-557-8170. Our landscaping and yard drainage experts in Burr Ridge will provide a free assessment of your yard’s drainage problem.