Naperville Spring Clean-Up Services     

For commercial property owners and homeowners in Naperville, Illinois, a long winter can create a dire need for a spring clean-up in the yard. The abundant moisture received during winter has its benefits — snow melts and the ground thaws to reveal radiantly beautiful lawns.

However, overgrown grass, weeds, and flooded yards can stand in the way of outdoor enjoyment in the warmer months. If you long for a pristine outdoor sanctuary, lawn care, maintenance, and other landscaping services can prove necessary.

Why spend your free time laboring in your yard with questionable results? Ware Landscaping offers routine, professional spring clean-up services for Naperville and the greater Chicago area. Let us take care of your lawn so that you can relax and enjoy your yard. 

A person using a rake to clean up debris and dried leaves

What is spring clean-up?

Spring clean-up is a vital aspect of lawn care and landscaping that occurs as the bleakness of winter disappears. There are many categories of tasks included in these services, and a professional team can help to accomplish them quickly.

The spring clean-up services offered by Ware Landscaping include:

  • Yard Blow-Out:

This entails a blow-out of your garden beds, lawn, and yard drainage system. Essentially, this means any trapped debris and sediment and accumulated frozen water or excess water will be freed. This allows your yard to start with a clean slate before any seasonal rains begin.

  • Edging:

Edging is a process to ensure your mulch remains where it belongs. This also helps with weed prevention and ensuring grass doesn’t crop up where it doesn’t belong. 

Depending on what you choose to do, edging can include creating gravel, pebble, or mulch pathways which enhance the appearance of your yard while working to maintain its health. Edging can also help make lawn mowing easier by protecting flower beds and gardens.

  • Plant-Trimming:

The trimming of any shrubs, bushes, and plants around your property will foster healthy, natural growth and help prevent overgrowth.

  • Pest and Weed Control:

By using pet and kid-friendly organic fertilizer, you can prevent pesky insects and weeds.

  • Laying Down Mulch and Sod:

If your mulch or sod needs replacement, spring clean-up is the best time to begin.  Hardwood mulch is a great option to allow your flowers, plants, and trees organic nourishment and the ability to thrive.

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing:

Once your yard is cleaned up, weekly lawn mowing services can help to continually maintain edging and healthy grass growth and nourish your soil.

Why a spring clean-up matters in Naperville

The humid climate in Naperville means that property owners may contend with issues not present in more arid regions. For instance, grass grows more quickly, standing water can form in an improperly graded yard, and foundational cracks could let black mold and mildew infiltrate your home.

If you choose to hire seasoned landscaping professionals to help you overcome these obstacles and take pride in your yard, the lawn care and maintenance provided could make a huge difference.

Spring clean-up services ensure that your lawn begins the warm seasons with a foundation that keeps your yard sparkling and inviting. Some of the ways spring clean-up helps your yard to thrive include:

  • Debris Clean-Up:

Moisture can cause debris, dirt, and sediment to pile up on your lawn and prevent healthy growth. Debris can also provide a perfect breeding ground for insects and fungi. A spring clean-up can make these issues easier to handle throughout summer and fall.

  • Aeration:

Blow-outs help loosen compact or hardened soil and provide the nutrients your topsoil needs to bolster thriving plant growth.    

  • Flooded Yard Prevention:

By cleaning the debris from your yard drains and ensuring that your yard is properly graded, your lawn can be protected from excess stormwater and provide healthy water runoff.  Thus, when heavy rains come, you won’t have to worry about pools of standing water and the stress they bring.

  • Increased Property Value:

Your yard gives potential buyers (or customers of commercial properties) the first impression of your property. This is known as “curb appeal” and can greatly impact the value of your home.

 A study from Michigan State University found that well-maintained landscapes with great curb appeal can increase the value of a property by 5% to 11%.

  • Providing a New Foundation:

Regardless of the wear and tear your yard endured in the winter months, spring clean-up services can allow your outdoor areas to start anew for the year. 

A person mowing high grass with electric trimmer doing lawn care service

The difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance

Lawn care and lawn maintenance are both important aspects of landscaping. Although the two aren’t synonymous, both are included in the Ware Landscaping spring clean-up services.   

Let’s take a look at the differences between lawn care and lawn maintenance.

Lawn care services include:

  • Providing for the overall health of the lawn.
  • Pest control
  • Provision and implementation of mulch, sod, and fertilizer
  • Aeration services
  • Maintaining yard drainage systems 

Lawn maintenance focuses on maintaining the appearance of your yard. Lawn maintenance services include:

  • Edging
  • Mowing
  • Bush, plant, and tree pruning
  • Weed control
  • Organic lawn services

Both lawn care and lawn maintenance services are necessary to keep your yard looking great, and Ware Landscaping packages often include both.

How Ware Landscaping can help  

For over two decades, Ware Landscaping has helped Naperville property owners get the most out of their yards. Our professional landscapers are passionate about the well-being of our neighbors, and we’ll work with you to determine which of our services will help you enjoy the yard of your dreams.

Our Naperville spring clean-up services allow you to start each year off by taking pride in your yard. 

We provide all the necessary equipment and expertise for your spring clean-up, and can help alleviate your stress over mounting manual labor needs. We also offer summer and fall clean-ups to ensure your yard remains pristine.

The Ware Landscaping team can save you wasted time, and our services are cost-effective. We will explore yard solutions with you, and help create a customized solution based on your needs. Don’t let the disastrous yard blues get you down. Connect with us for a consultation today.