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Most people can list some basic requirements for a healthy, green landscape: sunlight, good soil, and water. The landscaping professionals at Ware Landscaping have over a decade of experience making sure that your property has plants to fit the sun-to-shade ratio of your lawn or yard. We also carefully assess your soil to find the best plants for your situation in addition to providing fertilization services. We also think about average rainfall, stormy seasons, and the water required to help your landscape flourish. Unfortunately, sometimes the water on your property causes more harm than good. Drainage problems can ruin an otherwise healthy and attractive landscape. Water flow issues can also cause costly, unsightly damage to any buildings on your property. Why do you need a good drainage system in your yard? Because 85% of home repair expenses in the United States are due to water damage. Drainage problems impact many people in the Chicago and Naperville areas, and they struggle to keep their property looking beautiful.


French Drain Installation

At Ware Landscaping, we have a dedicated team of drainage installation and repair experts committed to solving landscape water flow problems. We understand that drainage issues can be costly, cause invisible damage, and make your landscape incredibly unappealing. If water is draining in danger zones around your home or business, it can damage the building’s foundation, seep inside, and cause mold and other health concerns. These issues are often invisible many people do not realize how big a problem the puddle under their gutters can be until it becomes catastrophic. Standing water can also simply make your lawn or yard soggy, muddy, and foul-smelling. Not to mention winter. Why should you fix yard drainage problems before winter? With the first snowfall in our rearview mirror, you might think that the chance to fix the drainage problems in your yard is gone as well. But waiting until spring to address these problems could cause costly damage to your yard.

Our specialized drainage solutions team offers a free initial assessment to analyze the causes of your drainage problem and determine the best possible solution. Additionally, we tailor each of our drainage installation and repair projects to your property’s specific needs. We do not employ a risky one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the health and quality of your landscape. You can call us at (630) 885-6370 to learn more about our drainage services or to plan an on-site assessment. The drainage specialists at Ware Landscaping are ready to bring their hard-earned skills to work for you.

Serving Naperville and the Surrounding Cities

Today, the team at Ware Landscaping helps homeowners and businesses in Naperville and throughout Chicagoland with drainage. Their guiding mission is not just to help take the burden of lawn care off of your hands, but to help make an impact on your life and your family’s life.

In addition to Naperville, we provide services to the following areas:

Causes of Drainage Problems

At Ware Landscaping, we create custom drainage solution plans for your property because water flow issues can come from such a wide variety of sources, including human error. A landscaper or the property’s former owner might have designed the lawn or yard in a way that creates its own drainage issues. Drainage problems can also come from the environment itself. Certain soil types resist absorbing liquid, and heavy rainfall can make the dirt too saturated to soak up all the water. Sometimes drainage repair can involve making landscape alterations. Other times, installing a drainage system is the only solution to certain problems. Our team of qualified drainage specialists can review your particular situation and create a custom solution for you.

French drain solutions can involve rerouting water or tackling the problem at its root source. Some causes of water drainage problems include:

  • Improper grading (the slope of your yard or lawn)
  • Lack of outlets for excess water
  • Low-points in your yard or lawn
  • Faulty sprinkler systems
  • Unexpectedly high amounts of rainfall
  • High amounts of thatch, or plant debris
  • Compacted soil
  • Cracked or improperly installed gutters

It can be difficult for an average homeowner or property manager to determine the precise cause, or causes, of a drainage issue. Often, there are multiple sources for a single landscape’s water flow problem. Cracked gutters may leak a significant amount of water onto compacted soil that already has trouble with absorption. At Ware Landscaping, we offer a free consultation and assessment for the water flow problems plaguing your property. Once we identify the problem and determine a cost-effective, long-lasting solution, we can get to work fixing your drainage issues.

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Lawn Grading or Regrading

When a lawn is improperly graded, it can lead to serious drainage problems. Living in the Chicagoland area, lawns take on a lot of water and snow every year, which can lead to considerable damage to your landscaping over time. This is a real problem for property owners, but re-grading your lawn on your own has its own potential costs. In fact, it may make matters significantly worse. You can expose your lawn to far more serious damage, including root damage to the plants and trees on your property. To avoid these risks and to ensure your lawn drains correctly and fully, you should consult with our lawn grading experts.

Our experienced team knows how important grading is to your yard and home. We can determine what the right slope is for your property, and we can then grade your land properly without causing serious damage.

Once your lawn graded correctly, you’ll be able to focus on putting in the landscaping options you’ve been hoping to install. You’ll no longer have to worry about puddles, pools, and runoff from the snow and rain damaging your installations and ruining your investment.

Re-grading your lawn is an important first step to creating a thriving landscape that increases the appearance and value of your home. With the grading team from Ware Landscaping, you’ll your lawn on the right slope so you can give it the right look.

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Our Landscape Drainage Process

Our team will come to your house and diagnose your individual drainage issues. In general, we do have a process of identifying and solving your landscape’s drainage issue.

How Ware Landscaping Can Save Your Yard from Flooding

Step 1: Locate problem area and start the digout

Once we identify the problem area, we cut out the existing sod and start the digout. The placement of the digout is very important, as we want it close enough to the house to catch the rainwater but far enough away from the house so that the system is at a safe distance. Our typical system is 6 feet to 20 feet away from the house. Typically, the majority of our digouts for our drainage systems are done by hand to ensure perfection! Most digouts are usually 14 feet to 18 feet long and 12 inches wide depending on how much pitch we have. We will also use a lazer throughout the digout to ensure the proper pitch. This is a very important part of the process to ensure gravity is transporting the water away from the house.

drainage digout

Step 2: Install a “Ware stormwater drainage leachfield”

This system will collect collect/capture the water and then safely relocate the water to a low point of the yard or to a storm sewer. We install a top of the line perforated heavy duty pipe with 6 inch collection basins to expedite the water into our system. We will install a large amount of clean gravel to help with absorbing rainwater run off and pooling water, the clean gravel also helps with eliminating the smushing and wet areas.

The Ware stormwater drainage leachfield

Step 3: Redirect the downspouts and connect the sump pump into our system

This will get all the rain run off away from the house and prevent flooding and seepage. The 9 inch catch basins below are very important because they filter any leaves or debris from getting into the system. This will ensure the system to last for years to come.

Redirect the downspouts and connect the sump pump into our system

Step 4: Grading the Yard

We grade the yard so everything flows Into the system and all of the water flows away from the house. This is a very important part of the system because without proper grading the drainage system does not get used to its max potential.
grading the yard

Step 5: Installing Sod

This last step we install all of the sod and make everything beautiful! The sod is also a very important part of the project because it gets all the water to flow cleanly into the system. Sod is also the best conductor for carrying the water into the system. Our goal is for no one to even know that the drainage system was ever installed, we just want it to look like a beautiful sodded and graded yard!

installing sod

Costs of Drainage Problems

Property owners should address drainage issues as soon as possible, or they can lead to astronomically high costs. Because the problems are often invisible, many people ignore the soggy patches of mud in their yard, next to their house, or by their fence. However, a stagnant puddle of water above ground can be a warning sign for serious issues to come. If a puddle seems harmless now, imagine being caught without an effective drainage system in a season of heavy rainfall. The excess water could kill expensive plants, drown your grass, and flood your lawn or yard.

Furthermore, drainage problems threaten the very integrity of your home’s structure. When water flows against the foundation of your house, it can cause cracks and even seep into your home and spread rot, mildew, and mold. Wooden floors inside of your home can be completely destroyed by simple water flow issues outside. Problems like these can cause you to lose thousands of dollars.

Drainage issues can be a serious risk to your family’s health as well as your bank account. A few common problems caused by drainage problems include:

  • Breeding mosquitos
  • Muddy lawns and yards
  • Damage to hardscape features
  • Foundation cracks
  • Rot
  • Unsightly landscapes
  • Mildew and mold
  • Preventing plant growth
  • Water seepage into basement

At Ware Landscaping, we are equipped to handle these issues and more. We understand that a drainage problem is not only a nuisance—it’s a hazard. Drainage problems can result in damage to your home and other expensive structures around your property. Additionally, stagnant water can cause health problems in the form of mold, mildew, rot, and mosquitos. Finally, drainage problems can completely undermine any plans you have for your lawn or yard. Standing water can make a child’s swing inaccessible; kill your favorite plants; and damage brick, concrete, and stone paths. The price of drainage repair and installation most often outweigh the ultimate costs of a drainage problem.

Drainage FAQs

I already have a drainage system in place, but my lawn still floods. What can I do?

Even if your property already has some drainage system, the team at Ware Landscaping can still help you solve your water flow problems. Your lawn may be flooding because an underground pipe has broken or because the environmental conditions have changed in a way the system was not designed to handle. Many companies that install drainage systems fail to account for fluctuating water table levels or changing water conditions in the area. Due to the installation area or simple regional changes, your current system might need to be repaired or replaced. There may also be a fixable problem causing new drainage issues. In any case, you need a drainage professional to assess the situation.

Can I fix the problem myself?

Many people attempt to save money by taking a do-it-yourself approach to drainage issues. Unfortunately, most individuals lack the skills and experience necessary to identify all of the sources of the problems accurately; determine the best, most cost-effective solution; or correctly install a large, complex drainage system. Drainage problems can lead to immense costs down the road, and attempting to fix the issue yourself may not be entirely practical. Ultimately, the DIY approach can wind up costing you a lot more money than hiring an experienced team of drainage solutions professionals. At Ware Landscaping, we offer a free initial consultation for your drainage problems so that you can understand the issue before you commit to paying for our services.

What is a water table?

A water table is the upper level of an underground surface, and the soil beneath this is always saturated. Simply put, water sinks into the ground only to a certain point. Beneath that point, groundwater exists alongside soil, rocks, and other underground minerals. It is important for landscapers and property owners to be aware of the water table level in their area. If your neighborhood has a high water table, for example, your landscape designer might avoid planting trees that need dry soil or might opt to install a drainage system. It’s important to remember that water table levels can fluctuate based on the environment and human development. Your property might later develop a water table issue that can be handled by a drainage solutions team.

Contact the Ware Landscaping Team!

If you have noticed a significant amount of water lingering in your yard after a heavy rain or standing puddles of liquid around your property, you should contact the skilled drainage solution team at Ware Landscaping. Far too many people assume that it’s normal to have soggy or muddy areas around their landscape. Unfortunately, all too often those waterlogged patches are signs of larger issues that can become exceptionally problematic. A landscape without proper drainage is a landscape on a timer. Water can seep into your home, cracking its foundation and ultimately costing you an immense amount of money. Water can also drown your plants and compromise your entire landscape.

Act now. Drainage problems need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively to avoid long-term damage. Call the drainage team of Ware Landscaping today at (630) 885-6370. We can provide a complimentary assessment and work with you to find the best solution for your drainage issues.