Naperville Drainage Specialist

You may know that a thriving, green yard requires sunlight, healthy soil, and water. However, yard maintenance extends much farther than these basic elements. For example, every property needs a reliable yard drainage system in place to ward off soil erosion and flooding.

If you find that your yard is suffering from ongoing flood or drought issues, trying to fix the problem with DIY solutions may only cause more damage and costly repairs. It may be time to find a yard drainage specialist. You don’t have to install a yard drainage system on your own: Ware Landscaping is here to help.

A yard that was made ready for drainage installation

How our yard drainage specialists can help 

Based in Naperville, the professional team at Ware Landscaping have over two decades of experience finding landscape solutions for commercial property and homeowners in the greater Chicago area. As your neighbors, we understand how the local climate can both benefit and present obstacles to your yard’s appearance.

We take Naperville’s average rainfall and stormy seasons into consideration as we customize the best yard drainage system to meet your needs. Our yard drainage specialists will also:    

  • Analyze your soil.

We can discern whether or not your yard is suffering from soil erosion and either repair your yard drainage system, or help you select a new system to install. We can enhance your lawn with organic, pet-and-kid friendly fertilizer to keep your plant life thriving.

  • Determine which type of drainage system will work best for your yard.

There are several types of popular yard drains that require little to no maintenance and last for years. We can work with you to choose channel drains, dry wells, french drains or other types of yard drains. 

  • Ensure your yard is properly graded. 

Yard grading involves creating slopes, inclines, and leveled areas to promote correct water flow and damage.

  • Install your yard drainage system. 

We’ll install your yard drains in a way that naturally integrates them into your landscape design.

  • Redirect your water flow. 

We’ll implement a drainage system that diverts water from areas prone to flooding. We will also redirect water to provide disbursement which nourishes your entire yard. 

  • Replace eroded topsoil and lay sod. 

Your yard’s problem areas may include topsoil erosion as a result of improper drainage. We can lay sod and replace your soil with healthy, nourishing soil.

Why you need a yard drainage system

Why do you need a good drainage system in your yard? Too much water can ruin a good thing. Did you know that one out of 50 home insurance claims are due to water damage? The Insurance Information Institute estimates that 14,000 US homes are impacted daily by water damage.

 In Naperville, different areas of your yard receive disproportionate amounts of moisture, sunlight, and shade. A yard drainage system helps ensure the areas of your property that need moisture get it, while diverting water from overly saturated areas.

Our climate provides an ample amount of moisture throughout the seasons. Water is vital to keep our ecosystem thriving and keep our yards lush and green. However, plumbing alone cannot mitigate the effects of flooding and swamp-like standing water.

If you don’t have an effective yard drainage system in place, your property could also incur extremely expensive damages such as black mold, mildew, and foundation cracks.

Improper yard drainage can cause major issues

At Ware Landscaping, we have a dedicated team of landscape, yard drainage installation and repair experts committed to landscape water flow issues. These issues can create stress, a change in the property aesthetics, and even illness. Water drainage problems can also cause the value of your property to decrease. 

Some of the issues caused by improper yard drainage can include:

  • Basement flooding
  • Black mold
  • Destruction of plant life
  • Drywall damage
  • Flooding
  • Foundation cracks
  • Prevention of plant growth
  • Insect Infestation
  • Roof leaks
  • Rot
  • Soil erosion
  • Warped floorboards

The best time of year to install yard drainage

The warmth of spring and summer make those seasons an ideal time to install your yard drainage system. Although this is particularly helpful for the drainage specialists implementing your dry well or french drain, there are other reasons why the cold months can become problematic for installation.

So, why should you fix your yard drainage issues before winter? With the first snowfall in the rearview mirror, you might think that the chance to fix the drainage problems in your yard is gone as well. But waiting until spring to address these problems could cause costly damage to your yard.

For example, your pipes could freeze or burst and cause yard flooding that cannot be addressed during the winter months. Soil erosion issues could kill roots of plants waiting to re-emerge. Backed up or improperly installed drainage systems could fill with debris and sediment and could then ice over, causing incredible flooding with the first spring thaw.

Serving Naperville and the greater Chicago area

Today, the team at Ware Landscaping helps commercial property and homeowners in Naperville and the greater Chicago area to find amazing yard drainage solutions. Our passionate mission is to positively maintain and transform your property and your life. Lawn care is just one small aspect of our work. 

In addition to Naperville, we provide services to the following areas:

Why you have a yard drainage problem

At Ware Landscaping, we understand that a multitude of issues can cause drainage problems — sometimes the issues in your yard can even stem from human error. A landscaper or the property’s former owner might have designed the lawn or yard in a way that creates its own drainage issues. 

Drainage problems can also come from the environment. Certain soil types resist absorbing liquid, and heavy rainfall can make the dirt too saturated to soak up all the water. Sometimes drainage repair can involve making landscape alterations.

Other times, installing a drainage system is the only solution to certain problems. Our team of qualified drainage specialists can review your particular situation and create a custom solution for you

Some causes of water drainage problems include:

  • Improper grading (the slope of your yard or lawn)
  • Lack of outlets for excess water
  • Low-points in your yard or lawn
  • Faulty sprinkler systems
  • Unexpectedly high amounts of rainfall
  • High amounts of thatch, or plant debris
  • Compacted soil
  • Cracked or improperly installed gutters

It can be difficult for an average homeowner or property manager to determine the precise cause, or causes, of a drainage issue. Often, there are multiple sources for a single landscape’s water flow problem. 

Cracked gutters may leak a significant amount of water onto compacted soil that already has trouble with absorption. At Ware Landscaping, we offer a free consultation and assessment for the water flow problems plaguing your property. Once we identify the problem and determine a cost-effective, long-lasting solution, we can get to work fixing your drainage issues.

Why lawn grading or regrading is important

In Naperville, lawns take on a lot of water and snow every year, which can lead to considerable damage to your landscaping over time. If your yard is level or improperly graded, it can cause significant issues.

A drainage specialist can explore where additional slopes or inclines are needed on your property. They can implement lawn grading subtly and integrate it with your landscape design.

Improper yard grading can lead to the following issues:

  • Clogging of pipes
  • Flooding
  • Sediment buildup in your drains 
  • Soil erosion
  • Water accumulation

How Ware Landscaping can help with yard grading

Our experienced team knows how important grading is to your yard and home. We can determine what the right slope is for your property, properly grade your land without causing serious damage, and protect your landscape.

After your yard is graded correctly, you’ll be able to focus on the beauty you long to create with your landscape design. You’ll no longer have to worry about  damage caused by puddles, pools, and runoff from the snow and the potential devastation it can cause your investment.

Grading your lawn is a vital step to promote a thriving landscape and excellent yard drainage. A healthy landscape increases the appearance and value of your home. The team at Ware Landscaping can ensure your yard is properly graded before installing a fantastic yard drainage system.

The Ware Landscaping drainage process 

Our team will visit your property and diagnose your specific drainage issues. Once we’ve assessed the issues you’re facing, we can work on rectifying them and installing the correct yard drainage system. 

The steps we take to do so are as follows:

Step 1: Locate the problem and begin the dig

We’ll determine the problem area in your yard by assessing your soil or areas in which you experience stagnant, standing water issues. Once we’ve located the problem, we cut the existing sod from the area and begin the dig.

The location of the dig is very important, as your drains should be close enough to the house to catch the rainwater, but far enough away not to interfere with your home’s foundation. Many of our digs are done by hand to ensure perfection. An average dig for a drainage system is 14 to 18 feet long and 12 inches wide.

We also use a rotary laser level to ensure your grading and the base for the drainage system are correct. This allows the yard drain to efficiently direct water away from your house or commercial property

Landscape drainage construction process in a garden surrounded by dirt that has been dug out

Step 2: Install a “Ware Stormwater Drainage Leach Field”

This system will collect the water and then safely relocate the water to a low point of the yard or to a storm sewer. We install a top-of-the-line perforated heavy-duty pipe with 6-inch collection basins to expedite the water into our system. We will install a large amount of clean gravel to help to absorb stormwater runoff and pooling water, and to eliminate excessively wet areas.

Two men installing drainage and doing lawn care service

Step 3: Redirect the downspouts and connect the sump pump with our system

This will direct stormwater runoff away from the house and prevent flooding and seepage issues. The 9-inch catch basins below are very important because they filter any leaves or debris from getting into the system. This will ensure the system lasts for years to come.

Sum pump system connected to the drainage

Step 4: Grading the yard

We’ll ensure your yard is properly graded so that all excess water flows into your yard drainage system and away from your property.This is an important way to verify that your system is used effectively. 

Landscaper in a big yard that is being graded

Step 5: Installation

Finally, we’ll install your yard drains and lay new sod to make your yard shine. Sod allows drained water to flow with minimal sediment and helps prevent the clogging of your drain. The sod helps shield the visibility of your yard drainage system and keeps your yard naturally beautiful.

Two men installing beautiful green lawn in a yard

We can handle your drainage problems

At Ware Landscaping, we are equipped to handle all of your landscaping needs. We understand that a drainage problem is not only a nuisance—it’s a hazard. Drainage problems can result in damage to your home and other expensive structures on your property.

Stagnant water can cause health problems in the form of mold, mildew, rot, and mosquitos. Drainage problems can completely undermine any plans you have for your lawn or yard. 

For example, standing water can make a child’s swing inaccessible, kill your favorite plants, and damage your hardscape installations. The price of drainage repair and installation most often outweigh the ultimate costs of a drainage problem.

Drainage FAQS

We may have answers to some of your questions surrounding yard drainage. Here are the most common questions we see in our Naperville business.

Who to call for drainage problems in the yard?

If you’re experiencing drainage issues in your yard, it’s best to call a professional landscaper or drainage contractor. Ware Landscaping specializes in assessing drainage problems and implementing effective solutions. Call us today for more assistance.

You can also contact your local municipal authority or public works department for guidance, especially if the issue seems to be related to larger drainage infrastructure.

What are the signs that I need a professional drainage solution?

Signs that you may need a professional drainage solution include standing water or pooling in your yard, soil erosion, water seepage into your basement or crawlspace, consistently soggy or waterlogged areas, and excessive runoff during rainfall. If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to consult with a drainage expert to assess the problem and recommend appropriate solutions.

What is the cost of installing a drainage system in my yard?

The cost of installing a drainage system in your yard can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of your yard, the severity of the drainage problem, the type of drainage solution needed, and local labor and material costs.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a comprehensive drainage system installation. It’s best to obtain quotes from multiple contractors to get an accurate estimate for your specific situation.

Who should I contact for emergency drainage problems in my yard?

In the event of an emergency drainage problem in your yard, such as sudden flooding or water damage, you should contact a 24/7 emergency drainage service or your local emergency services hotline.

These professionals at Ware Landscaping are equipped to respond quickly to urgent drainage issues and provide immediate assistance to mitigate damage and restore proper drainage. Contact us today.

How do I choose the right drainage solution for different areas of my property?

Choosing the right drainage solution for different areas of your property depends on various factors, including the slope of the land, soil type, existing landscaping features, and the source of the drainage problem. Common drainage solutions include French drains, surface drains, swales, grading and resloping, and rain gardens.

A professional drainage contractor can assess your property and recommend the most suitable solution for each specific area based on these factors.

What maintenance is required for yard drainage systems?

Proper maintenance is essential for ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of yard drainage systems. Maintenance tasks may include regular inspection of drains and outlets to ensure they are free of debris and obstruction, periodic cleaning of catch basins and grates, repairing any damaged or deteriorated components, and adjusting the system as needed to accommodate changes in landscaping or drainage patterns.

Additionally, monitoring the system during heavy rainfall or snowmelt is important to ensure it is functioning properly and address any issues promptly. Regular maintenance by a professional landscaper or drainage contractor can help prevent costly repairs and preserve the integrity of your drainage system over time.

I have a drainage system in place, but my lawn still floods. What can I do?

Even if you have a drainage system in place on your property, Ware Landscaping can still solve your water flow problems. Your lawn may be flooding because an underground pipe has broken or because the environmental conditions have changed in a way the system was not designed to handle. 

Many companies that install drainage systems fail to account for fluctuating water table levels or changing water conditions. Due to the installation area or simple regional changes, your current system might need to be repaired or replaced. There may also be a fixable problem causing new drainage issues. A drainage specialist can assess the situation.

Can I fix the problem myself?

Many people attempt to save money by taking a do-it-yourself approach to drainage issues. Unfortunately, most individuals lack the skills and experience necessary to accurately identify the source of their drainage issues.

On your own, it’s tough to determine the best, most cost-effective solution; or correctly install a large, complex drainage system. Drainage problems can lead to immense costs down the road, and attempting to fix the issue yourself may not be entirely practical.

Ultimately, the DIY approach can wind up costing you a lot more money than hiring an experienced team of drainage solutions professionals. At Ware Landscaping, we offer a free initial consultation for your drainage problems so that you can understand the issue before you commit to paying for our services.

What is a water table?

A water table is the upper level of an underground surface that saturates the soil beneath it. Soil saturation can only occur until it reaches a certain level, and then the water surrounding it becomes groundwater.

It’s vital for landscapers and property owners to be aware of the water table level in their area. For example, if your neighborhood has a high water table, your landscape designer might avoid planting trees that need dry soil or might opt to install a drainage system. 

It’s important to remember that water table levels can fluctuate based on the environment and human development. Your property might later develop a water table issue that can be handled by a drainage solutions team.

Contact Ware Landscaping

If you’re tired of swamp-like areas taking over your Naperville yard, or have recently noticed flooding issues, the drainage specialists of Ware Landscaping can help. Soggy and muddy areas in your lawn aren’t normal, and the longer you wait to deal with them, the larger the problems you’ll face.

A landscape without proper drainage is a landscape on a timer. Water can seep into your home, crack your foundation, drown your plants, and compromise your entire landscape. The good news is, help is only a phone call away. 

Drainage problems need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively to avoid long-term damage. We can provide a complimentary assessment and work with you to find the best solution for your issues. We’ll work with you to find a customized solution to your drainage problems and passionately create a landscape that can thrive.

Call the drainage specialists of Ware Landscaping today at (630) 912-7691.