South Barrington Landscaping Services

When your South Barrington home’s exterior looks a little lackluster, it can make your whole property less enjoyable. Keeping your yard, patio, or outdoor kitchen in good condition takes a lot of time and manual labor.

Large house with steep roof and wide lawn area

When your hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to do the landscaping yourself, you need South Barrington’s best professional landscapers.

Our team of landscaping experts at Ware Landscaping has over two decades of experience providing homes in South Barrington and the surrounding area with premium landscaping services. We pride ourselves on making your home’s outdoor spaces look fantastic — and giving you and your family a comfortable place to relax outside.

Professional Landscapers in South Barrington, IL

We provide high-quality landscape design, hardscapes, drainage, lawn maintenance, and more to homes across South Barrington. Although we’ve worked on many landscaping projects in the past, no two homes have ever been the same. We tailor our landscape design to your home and your family’s needs.

With many years of experience working outside in and around South Barrington, we’re well aware of how quickly the climate here changes. Bad weather can be detrimental to a landscaping project if you use the wrong materials.

As experts on both South Barrington weather and premium landscaping, we won’t let that happen to your property.

What’s Included In Our South Barrington, IL Landscaping Services

We offer versatile landscaping design and maintenance services that are entirely adapted to your home. We’re flexible, and happy to devise a custom plan for your home’s exterior. If you need your outdoor spaces to conform to certain homeowner’s association requirements, we can also accommodate.

For South Barrington residents, we offer:

  • Landscaping maintenance and design
  • Yard drainage
  • Christmas lights installation
  • Snow removal

Looking for a professional landscaping team to take on a project for your South Barrington home? Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

We Guarantee High-Quality Professional Landscaping

Why hire a professional landscaper when you can take care of your lawn yourself? For starters, our team does more than “take care of your lawn.” We offer premium landscaping and yard drainage that are completely tailored to your property, with specific factors and property assessments taken into account. 

And those are just a few of the benefits of working with professional landscapers.

Premium Service IconTop-of-the-line service

If you have a vision for your South Barrington home’s exteriors but aren’t quite sure how to achieve it, you can rely on experts to make it come to life. We’ll also maintain it for you so that it always looks exquisite.

Time Saver IconTime-saving

Mulching, weeding, planting, trimming — keeping your yard in shape is a huge time commitment. If you don’t have the time or the desire to put in all that work, then a professional landscaping company is the ideal solution for you.

Assessment IconThorough assessment

We never start a new landscaping project without knowing what we’re working with first. We carry out checks and inspections on your exteriors to give us a clear picture of your yard’s condition. Then, we make a plan to address the major concerns.

Professional Materials IconProfessional-grade materials

Our team has access to high-quality landscaping materials that you may not be able to find at the local South Barrington garden store. With our connections in the landscaping industry, we can find and use the best materials available.

Custom Design IconCustom design

Landscaping design is an art as well as a science. It takes a skilled hand to develop a landscaping plan that produces a functional and esthetically pleasing exterior. Our team is full of ideas and suggestions to customize your South Barrington home.

Right Plant Choices IconProper plant choice

How do you know which bushes need the most sunlight, or whether your flower beds will survive the winter? Most people don’t have a clue which plants to put in their yards or gardens. We’ll help you avoid dead flora by choosing the proper plants for your needs.

Streamlined Process IconOrganized timeline

When you start a landscaping project yourself, you work on it when you have the spare time. And then it takes forever to get done. With our professional team, you’ll have a realistic time estimate for the completion of your South Barrington home’s landscaping project.

South Barrington Landscaping Services FAQs

Will good landscaping help me sell my home?

Yes! A well-landscaped and maintained front yard helps give off a tremendous first impression to potential buyers. It can help speed up the buying process and even allow you to raise the asking price. A home’s exterior is usually a good indication of the status of the interior; so if your lawn looks superb, buyers are more likely to be interested in your home.

Why should I hire professional landscapers?

Professional landscapers have the time, experience, and equipment to achieve what you probably couldn’t by yourself. A team of experts will have several ideas about how to make your lawn look stunning and will have the resources to implement them.

A landscaping company also ensures that your home looks its best all the time. If you hire maintenance services in addition to a landscaping makeover, you’ll have access to professional landscapers who can answer any of your questions or tackle any problems that arise.

How much does professional landscaping cost?

Pricing for landscaping projects varies greatly depending on the scope of the project. Landscaping can encompass several smaller services, such as fertilizing, landscape design, lighting installation, mulching, pruning, hardscaping, sodding, and more.

If you contact us about your landscaping needs, we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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