Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance Packages

If you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner in the greater Chicago area, you know how tough it can be to keep up with lawn maintenance. Our humid climate allows plush, emerald lawns to flourish. However, the humidity can also lead to overgrowth, weeds, yard flooding, and even disease

Without the proper care, a luscious lawn could quickly become an eyesore.

What if you could hire a team of expert lawn care professionals to take over your lawn maintenance? The good news is, you can. Ware Landscaping has affordable commercial and residential lawn maintenance packages that can protect every vital aspect of your beautiful lawn.

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Why regular lawn maintenance is important

With great property ownership comes great responsibility. Every miniscule detail of your property goes into raising or decreasing property value. Your outdoor space is the first aspect of your home or business that visitors see — their first impression of your property comes from this view. 

This first impression, known as curb appeal, can dramatically raise the value of your property. Landscaping and the condition of your home’s exterior are the main factors in curb appeal. Thus, the continual maintenance of your lawn is vital.    

The professional upkeep of your lawn can help protect your property. The right lawn maintenance package can:

  • Prevent environmentally harmful water and pollutant runoff
  • Create a sanctuary for you and your guests
  • Protect your yard from soil erosion
  • Bring vibrancy and color to your yard
  • Stop unwanted weed growth and insect infestation
  • Edge driveways and walkways to showcase lawn highlights
  • Reduce noise pollution 

How Ware Landscaping lawn maintenance works

At Ware Landscaping, we offer comprehensive maintenance packages that suit both commercial and residential lawns. A purchased lawn maintenance package contracts our team to work from April to the end of November. We keep your lawn beautiful so you don’t have to lift a finger with out Naperville lawn maintenance services. 

Ware Landscaping will also take care of your lawn care needs. Lawn care includes services like laying down sod to grow your healthy lawn and adding yard drainage. Lawn maintenance protects your lawn healthy and keeps it looking fantastic. Along with our maintenance packages, we offer a kid and pet-friendly organic fertilizer program to nourish your soil. The lawn maintenance packages offered by us are not only for residential but also for commercial lawn maintenance.

Spring clean up

After a harsh Chicago-area winter, your yard may need some extra TLC. That’s why our comprehensive lawn maintenance package begins in April. Our spring clean up service includes a deep clean and blow out of your garden and flower beds, edging of beds, driveways, and walkways, and a trimming of your plants.

Pruning and weeding begin with your spring clean up too. Spring is a time of regrowth, so it’s vital that your lawn, garden, and flower beds are clear of debris. Reseeding and planting perennials may revitalize your garden. Whether your property is commercial or residential, we will work diligently on a weekly basis to make your lawn shine.

Summer clean up

Our weekly lawn mowing service is a highlight of the summer clean up process. Lawn mowing can help replenish and nourish your soil, and grass acts as a natural coolant — grass can be up to 30 degrees cooler than concrete or asphalt. Thus, it’s important to keep your yard healthy.

The weekly lawn mowing and summer clean up services include:

  • Clearing seasonal debris
  • Edging (Edging ensures that your lawn doesn’t grow into your hardscape or garden)
  • Trimming of trees and plant life
  • Weeding

Fall clean up

Although there are many benefits to living in a tree-lined area, clearing the fallen leaves of autumn can prove a monumental task. We will rake your yard weekly, prune your plants, clear debris, and protect your yard highlights ahead of the brutal winter months.

The Ware Landscaping lawn maintenance package prepares your fall yard for a safe and beautiful transformation from winter to spring. Clearing your yard of leaves and other debris will make snow removal during winter months easier as well.

Fertilization and Mulch

We take pride in the organic fertilization processes we offer. While our fertilization still acts as pest control, it’s chemical-free and you won’t have to worry about harmful effects for your loved ones and pets. Our professional team of lawn maintenance experts will ensure your yard isn’t over or under fertilized.

We utilize pest control and soil testing to ensure your yard isn’t harmed in the fertilization process. Fertilization helps prevent out-of-control weed growth and protects your lawn from the destruction of pests.

Mulch is offered as an ala carte or add-on option to our lawn maintenance package. The good news is, mulch only has to be laid once per year. As the soil warms up in late spring, mulch should be added to keep your plants healthy.

Mulch protects the groundwater and moisture vital for plant roots while slowly decomposing organically and depositing needed nutrients into the layers of soil. Premium, hardwood mulch does its job while adding aesthetic appeal to your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Packages

Why you should hire lawn maintenance professionals

Lawn maintenance consumes a lot of time and requires heavy labor. If you’ve ever mowed your grass in heavy, humid heat, you understand how much energy the chore can deplete. At times, you may find you’ve cut your grass too short – which can create a whole new set of maintenance headaches for you.

A lawn maintenance professional will:

  • Utilize landscaping knowledge to elevate the level of maintenance
  • Take care of weeds and pests to allow full enjoyment of your outdoor space
  • Employ plant trimming measures to ensure your garden and flower beds last
  • Use organic fertilizer to safely protect your yard 

The right lawn maintenance professional can save you hours of outdoor labor and stress, and can provide you with the assurance that tasks are completed with precision and can specialize also in Naperville residential lawn services.

Let Ware Landscaping transform your lawn

Ware Landscaping can meet your specific commercial and residential lawn maintenance package needs. As a local, family-owned business, we have worked hard for over two decades to create and maintain beautiful lawns in the greater Chicago area.

Our experience in both lawn care and lawn maintenance can provide the solutions you need to make your commercial or residential lawn thrive through each season. We can also design and implement landscaping throughout your yard to transform it into the outdoor space of your dreams.

Our work for your property doesn’t end after the warm weather leaves. During the snowy winter months, you can hire us to provide thorough commercial and residential snow removal services.  

Contact Ware Landscaping at (630) 912-7691 today to contract your commercial and residential lawn maintenance packages today.

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