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If you’re a homeowner in South Barrington, IL, you may find yourself dealing with excess water issues throughout winter, spring, and summer. The wet seasons here bring much needed moisture and leave your grass a deep, rich green. However, moisture can cause homeowners issues as well. Flooding and standing water can plague properties without (or with outdated) yard drainage systems.

Newer homes often come with pre-installed yard drainage systems and have graded lawns. Nonetheless, after a decade or so, you may need yard drainage experts to ensure your system is working properly. Similarly, older homes may not have been modernized by previous owners. You may have yard drains full of sediment and debris without your knowledge. 

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After a glorious summer thunderstorm, if your yard fills with standing water, it’s a sign that you need to inspect your yard drains. 

Did you know that water damage is the second highest reason for home insurance claims? Only hail and high wind damage account for more insurance payouts. 

How can you spot drainage issues before they become an insurmountable catastrophe? 

There are signs to look for to help you determine whether it’s time to call the experts.

Can you install a South Barrington yard drainage system on your own? DIY yard drains aren’t recommended.You could potentially cause yourself more stress and costly repairs.

A yard drainage system expert can customize and install the drains that best fit your needs and protect the beauty of your home and your yard.

What is a yard drainage system?

Yard drainage systems (also known as “catch basins”) catch and direct surface water overflow. Your yard drains either direct excess water underground, or divert the water to specific areas of your yard. Yard drains can act as a stand alone solution, or they can be a part of an intricate system connected to your home’s gutters. 

If you’re a homeowner in South Barrington, you need a yard drainage system. Although you may save money upfront by choosing not to install yard drains, this decision could astronomically cost you in the long run. Excess water without a place to drain will not only ruin your lawn, but can infiltrate your home and cause issues like black mold, mildew, and warped floors.

How do I add yard drainage to my yard?

An ungraded lawn will not provide appropriate yard drainage to prevent erosion, flooding, or a multitude of other issues associated with excess water. Thus, in order to add yard drainage to your property, you will need to have yard drainage and landscaping experts grade your yard.

A yard drainage professional will help you determine which types of yard drains will work best on your property.

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How do you stop flooding in your yard?

Yard flooding is one of the easiest ways to determine if you need a new yard drainage system. If you find your yard fills with water after every South Barrington rainstorm or your yard has stagnant pools of standing water, you should call an expert right away. 

One quick fix for yard flooding involves “grading” your yard. Grading a yard is a leveling process that moves dirt into lower lying lawn areas. Most yard grading involves shaping your yard to include an incline. However, flat yards can be graded as well – typically by adding rock gardens or pathways. Yard grading provides a channel for water to flow away from, rather than toward, your house.       

During what season should you make yard drainage repairs? 

You shouldn’t wait until summer or winter to repair your yard drains or install a new yard drainage system. In the summer, heavy rain can erode your soil and cause flooding to damage your home. If you wait until storms have already taken their toll on your property, you may incur costly landscaping repairs as well.

During the winter, melting snow can cause similar flooding problems. Ice can also present an obstacle to a hired yard drainage team and prevent the installation of underground drains. It’s best to choose and install yard drains during late spring or early fall.  

Yard Drainage Experts

How do you know if you need a new yard drainage system for your South Barrington property? 

Common signs of the need for a yard drainage system include both yard and home issues. Black mold, flooding, foundational cracks, mildew, soil erosion, standing water, and water stains are all property issues that can stem from poor yard drainage. If you notice one or more of these warning signs, you may want to consult an expert.     

How to keep water damage from your home?

The best way to prevent water damage on your South Barrington property is to install a yard drainage system. However, there are several preventative measures you can also take to help protect your home from water damage.  

  • Clean your gutters: It’s important to periodically clean your gutters of debris, leaves, and sediment to ensure water can flow through them properly.
  • Clean and replace downspouts: Downspouts allow water to flow away from your home and into yard drains. You may need to use a tool like a garden trowel to clear out debris blocking downspouts. 
  • Install a water detector: This small electronic device alerts you to excess water in your home. By detecting water, the device can help you prevent significant water leakage.
  • Reseal and waterproof your basement’s corners and your floors: A waterproof sealant has a shelf life. If it’s been over a decade since you sealed your floors, you may want to consider adding another coat of waterproof sealant. It’s important to recaulk any areas in your basement where caulk has eroded or contains traces of mold as well.

Residential sump pump discharging water from the end of a flexible black hose

How to control sump pump discharge? 

Most homes with a basement level contain a sump pump — a simple device used to protect your home’s interior from water damage. A sump pump removes water from the basement and disperses it outside and then your yard drainage system takes over to ensure the water. South Barrington homeowners with visible yard drainage issues may need a sump pump replacement or repair. 

Unfortunately, sump pump discharge can overwhelm yard drains and form pools of standing water. A South Barrington yard drainage expert can help reroute the sump pump and ensure that you have the appropriate yard drains installed to help alleviate the stagnant pump water. 

Popular yard drainage systems

A yard drainage system professional can help you discern which drains will work best for your property. However, the most popular options include:

  • Channel drains: A channel drainage system is installed in concrete and is often used to disperse excess water from outdoor pools, garages, and driveways.
  • French drain: Many newer homes utilize this yard drainage system that diverts water from oversaturated sections of your yard. The French drain is durable, easy to install, and rarely requires maintenance.
  • Dry well: Dry wells are deep retention buckets installed underground. The dry well is considered an eco-friendly yard drainage option as it prevents debris from flowing out of your yard and into local water sources. 

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