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Barrington’s charm and ample green spaces are big attractions for the northwest suburb of Chicago, but the village can get hit with bad winter weather just like the rest of Northeastern Illinois. Slippery sidewalks and snowed-in driveways can be a nuisance at best and a safety risk at worst. Dealing with all the snow and ice on your property can take up a lot of time and even put you at risk of injury. Instead of stressing over the ice and snow this winter, call Barrington’s snow removal experts.

A man shoveling through a thick snowfall

Our professional team of snow removal professionals at Ware Landscaping have over two decades of experience clearing residential and commercial properties of snow and ice throughout Northeastern Illinois and Chicagoland. Plowing, shoveling, clearing sidewalks, and de-icing — we can help you get through even the harshest winters with our comprehensive, zero-tolerance snow removal services.

Snow will fall in Barrington this winter whether you want it to or not. Be ready for bad winter weather by hiring our snow removal and winter maintenance professionals.

A young man clears snow from in front of his house

Our Barrington Snow Removal Services

During winter, you don’t have the time to waste shoveling snow. You may spend several hours clearing the snow away from your driveway or parking lot, only to have more snow fall and cover it again the next day. Or you may travel often or relocate to warmer climates for the winter, leaving with little or no opportunity to clear the snow from your property. That’s why we provide fast, worry-free snow removal that gets the job done and puts you at ease.

Zero-Tolerance Service

We have a zero-tolerance snow removal policy, meaning that we’ll come out to your property to clear snow and ice any time snow falls. You don’t have to worry about getting up early enough to call us to come out — we’ll take care of it.

Snow Removal Plow IconPlowing Driveways and Parking Lots

We use plow trucks, bobcats, and other professional-grade equipment to clear large driveways and parking lots, so we can handle any amount of snow.

Shoveling Snow IconShoveling Sidewalks and Walkways

Our sidewalk crews can get your walkways and smaller passages shoveled and safe for you and your family or customers to walk on.

De-icing procedure iconDe-Icing

We use salt and other de-icing compounds to help prevent the snow from building up on your pavement again after we’ve cleared it.

Black and white warning triangle with a snowflake inside surrounded by a thin orange circle.Monitoring

We keep your property safe and accessible all winter long by keeping an eye on both the weather forecast and the conditions at your property.

Sustainable Products IconSustainable Products 

When possible we use a salt-free, chlorine-free, and acetate-free ice melt that’s safe for the environment, cured concrete, kids, and pets.

Our snow removal methods focus on making key access points safe and usable. We get the job done quickly and completely so you can save time and feel reassured that your property’s outdoor areas are safe.

Full-Season Contracts

With our full-season contracts, we offer guaranteed snow removal for an entire year. We offer a standard one-year plan and a three-year plan with loyalty pricing.

Signing a contract means you reserve our team for the season. You only pay for the work we do.

Set and Forget Service

Don’t worry about calling us or whether there’s such-and-such an accumulation. Ware will be there to keep your surfaces clear. When the snow starts falling, all you have to do is go about your day as usual.

Barrington Commercial Snow Removal

Dealing with bad winter weather as a business owner in Barrington can be draining. A big snowfall could prevent you from opening up your business or icy pavement could put your employees at a risk of falling.

Work with our commercial snow removal experts so you can keep your business operating as usual. We’ll make your parking lot, walkways, and other outdoor areas on your property safe and accessible for your customers and employees. Not only do we offer premium snow removal services but also safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

A truck plows out a parking lot in front of a business

We work with a variety of businesses throughout Barrington, including Restaurants

  • Strip malls
  • Churches
  • Businesses and offices
  • Hospitals, daycare centers, and nursing homes
  • Townhome associations and high-end apartment complexes

If you don’t see your type of business listed above, give us a call so we can talk about your property’s specific needs.

Naperville Commercial Snow Removal

Barrington Residential Snow Removal

Barrington and the Chicagoland area get on average five bad winter storms per year plus 20–30 smaller events that can create hazards and inconvenience.

Dealing with snow and ice is just a normal part of living here but you shouldn’t have to put your safety at risk or waste your time removing snow and ice yourself. You can’t prevent the snow from falling, but you can have a professional and experienced team clear it away for you.

A snowed-in driveway can prevent you from leaving home, forcing you to miss a day of work or not be able to take your kids to school. Have our residential snow removal experts come and clear off your driveway and sidewalks fast so you can stick to your normal schedule.

A backhoe drives down a residential street after a recent snow

Residential customers get the same zero-tolerance, full-season, set and forget service as our commercial customers. Unlike other companies, we’ll clear your walkways in addition to your driveway. We’ll get out and shovel if we have to!

We ensure the following places are cleared when we come to your property for snow removal:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Walkways to the curb
  • Front and rear steps
  • Gangways
  • Garage aprons 
  • Vehicles

Don’t let snow and ice throw off your regular schedule. The team at Ware Landscaping will ensure it doesn’t.

Naperville Residential Snow Removal Testimonial

Snow Removal FAQs

Am I responsible for clearing the sidewalks and fire hydrants by my property?

Yes. Barrington asks its residents to clear public sidewalks and fire hydrants that are adjacent to their properties, especially if it’s an area with a lot of passersby or schoolchildren. 

The village’s plow trucks will take care of public roads, but they may end up dumping more snow onto your recently cleared driveway or sidewalks. If that happens, you’re still responsible for keeping those walkways clear.

Having a professional snow removal service ready to clear your driveway and sidewalks for you can eliminate the headache of dealing with Barrington’s village snow removal.

Why should I hire a professional snow removal service?

Working with a team of snow removal experts has several benefits. You can ensure the safety of your property because skilled hands are taking care of the snow and ice. You help reduce the number of accidents that could occur on slippery sidewalks too. Having a snow removal company handle your snow and ice for you is also convenient and lets you go about your day as you normally would without the stress of shoveling snow yourself.

For businesses, hiring a professional snow removal service helps keep you compliant with local laws about snow removal. An experienced team with professional equipment can also get the job done much faster than you could if all you have is a shovel. The ultimate reason for hiring snow removal professionals is the peace of mind that comes from having your property’s outdoor paved areas safe to walk on.

Do you offer 2” trigger contracts?

As a premium snow removal service, we only offer our zero-tolerance service. This allows us to provide the maximum quality and safety because we address any accumulation and we can afford to hire the best professionals.

Call Ware Landscaping for Barrington Snow Removal

Ready to get rid of the snow and ice on your property without all the hassle? Call our knowledgeable team at (630) 885-6370 today so we can answer all your questions about our services.

During winter, falling snow should make you feel serene, not stressed out.