Debunking 5 Common Myths About Landscaping

The landscaping speaks volumes about a home. It introduces the personality and pizzazz of the house and gives the first impression as people come to your home or drive past it. It also sets the tone for your home’s décor and style. What do you know about landscaping? We invite you to read our 9 basic principles of landscaping design guide.

5 Misconceptions About Landscaping

There are a lot of misconceptions about it, so we want to set the record straight. Here are seven misconceptions about landscaping that may surprise you.

Myth #1: Trees are Just for Looks

No one can argue that trees are beautiful, especially during fall when the leaves have changed. Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. However, they aren’t there just for aesthetic reasons. Trees can have a cooling effect similar to about 10 room air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. Isn’t that incredible? Trees are often used to create shade and cool down an area. Planting strategically around your house can make a cooling effect and help you save on cooling expenses. There is a difference in landscaping and gardening that you might want to look up to and ask your contractor about.

Myth #2: Shorter Grass = Easier Maintenance

This one may surprise you. Shorter grass may seem more straightforward to maintain, but that’s not always the case. When grass is cut short, it will actually grow faster. Sometimes a nice little trim is a better way to mow your lawn so that you can tend to it less frequently without it looking out of control. Try it out for yourself. Instead of cutting your grass with the lowest blade setting, try setting your mower blade to about two to three inches. That should make all the difference.

Myth #3: Night-time is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn

Many homeowners believe the best time to water their lawn is at night to prevent water moisture from evaporating in the sunlight. That theory is false. Morning is the best time to water your lawn because nighttime watering increases the chance of mold and mildew from sitting on your lawn and encouraging fungi to form. Nobody wants that. Fungi can lead to disease and other unpleasant problems. Water in the morning and your yard will soak in enough moisture while allowing it to also dry out during the day.

Myth #4: Springtime is the Prime Time to Plant

Springtime naturally seems like the opportune time to get planting, right? Well, for some species of trees and plants, it certainly is, but not all. For some species, fall is more effective for planting. Many saplings and seedlings thrive in the mild temperatures usually present in the fall. Without the intensity of summer heat, plants can grow and take root beautifully. Overall, spring and fall are the prime times to plant.

Myth #5: Tree Stumps are of no Concern

That tree stump in your yard seems completely harmless, right? Think again! That tree stump might be causing more issues than you realize. For one, it’s affecting your curb appeal, and not in a good way. Second, tree stumps tend to spur new trees to grow. It’s very common for new trees to emerge off an existing tree stump. Tree stumps also attract termites; yuck! Get that tree stump removed before it causes issues.

Myth #6: Landscaping Services are a Waste of Money

We might be biased, but we believe this is far from the truth. Hiring a Wheaton landscaping company is an excellent way to effectively transform your outdoor area and maintain your beautiful yard. A good landscaper can make the yard of your dreams come to life while keeping functionality in mind. Your landscaper will talk to you about designs that best suit your home’s architecture. They will also give you instructions on the best care for your grass, shrubs, and trees to keep it in good shape for years to come.

Myth #7: Any Landscaping is Good

Not all landscapers are created equal. Hiring someone who is on the same page as you, has plenty of experience, and understands your goals and vision is essential. A inexperienced landscaper can cause unnecessary problems, such as planting trees too close to your home. That can cause issues with your home’s foundation while inviting pests into your attic. Trees close to the house could also damage your roof, which would be an unnecessary and frustrating expense to pay for. You can choose green landscaping solutions that can make your garden even more environmentally friendly.

Shrubs that are too close can cause mold on your house’s siding. Other inadequate landscaping techniques can affect your drainage system and lead to flooding. These are things that the average homeowner might night think about, making it crucial to hire a knowledgeable and experienced landscaper. If you are a business owner, commercial landscaping ideas can help you on your way.

Now that you know more about landscaping, let’s make your vision come to life! Whether you’re looking for lawn care, drainage solutions, or a hardscape fire pit in Naperville, we’d love to step in and get the job done.


Landscaping plays a significant role in the overall look of your property. It can make or break the personality of first impression you want from your home. Some landscaping tips you know might be a misconception. That is why we have this list to debunk them and save your lawn. Read this infographic.

7 Misconceptions About Landscaping Infographic