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You take pride in your Westmont home. Your backyard is a gathering space for your family and friends, and you try to keep it pristine. Unfortunately, you don’t have control over the weather.

When heavy rains and snow cause your yard to flood, you may face major headaches and home repair issues. If you don’t have the proper yard drainage system installed, pools of standing water could encroach on your home. Black mold, mildew, and mosquitoes can overtake your property.

DIY solutions seem to only make matters worse. You don’t want to pay for new yard drains, but what should you do?

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Are there reliable yard drainage methods to protect your most important investment? Can you keep water damage from ruining your home?

The short answer is yes. Consulting professionals will enable you to make an informed decision on which yard drainage system will work best for your home. Well-maintained yard drains can divert water away from your yard and your home’s foundation.

If you feel overwhelmed by the water taking over your property, it’s time to call Westmont yard drainage experts to help you protect your yard and alleviate your stress. 

How can a yard drainage expert help?

Seasoned professionals can come to your home and assess your specific needs. If your yard drainage system requires maintenance, they can identify the drain issues and make needed repairs. If you need an entirely new system, these experts will grade your yard (level your property to ensure proper water disbursement), and customize drains to last.

Over the past two decades, Ware Landscaping has been finding drainage solutions for Westmont and Chicago-area homeowners. We empathize with your frustration over property flooding and the myriad issues standing water causes.

Our team offers an excellent array of services including:

  • Customized drainage systems that will help you create the yard of your dreams.
  • A free assessment of your property.
  • Grading of your yard and landscaping to create necessary inclines and channels for water runoff.
  • Installation of appropriate drainage solutions

Our Westmont yard drainage team cares about each customer as if they were family. We listen to and address your concerns and work with efficiency. We’re passionate about working hard to protect your yard.

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Signs I have a drainage problem in my Westmont yard

The good news is that drainage issues readily blare their horns. If your Westmont property has a swampy yard or pools of standing water infested by mosquitoes, a yard drainage problem is the most likely culprit.      

Other signs of drainage problems include:

  • Black mold: If your basement or bottom level has visible black mold growing in corners, you may have a yard drainage issue. 
  • Blocked gutters: Make sure you’re cleaning your gutters regularly as debris and sediment can collect and block water from flowing away from your home.
  • Erosion: Obvious bare patches, cracks, or clay-like topsoil in your yard.
  • Mildew: Similar to black mold, if certain areas of your home are constantly wet or smell like mildew, you may need new yard drains.
  • Soggy soil: If an area of your yard is soggy even in dry weather, you may need new yard drains.
  • Water stains: Water stains on ceilings or floors can also be a result of yard water infiltrating your home.    

Did you know that water damage accounts for 1 out of every 60 yearly homeowner’s insurance claims? A reliable yard drainage system can help save you the headache of dealing with these claims.

What helps drainage problems in my yard?

Unless you live on a sloping hill, the best way to help yard drainage issues is to install the right drainage system. Yard drains are proven methods to combat flooding, erosion, house damage, and pollutants. There are also steps you can take to keep your yard in shape.

Water your lawn on a strict schedule

Overwatering your Westmont lawn can lead to soil erosion, flooding, and excess water runoff during drier seasons. If you have a digital sprinkler system, set it on a timer and concentrate on watering one area of your yard at a time. Repair any leaks you may have and schedule yearly maintenance.

Schedule landscaping maintenance

Call the experts to transform your yard into an incredible sanctuary. Keep up with simple maintenance such as bush trimming and lawn mowing. Schedule landscaping maintenance appointments with the professionals who designed your yard.

Combat pollutants from runoff water

The impacts of poor drainage can not only impact your property, but can negatively affect the environment as well. Stormwater runoff with nowhere to go can grow bacteria and become polluted with debris. When this water eventually disperses, it can make its way to vital water resources like local rivers and lakes. 

The water may transport the bacteria and debris like trash and harm aquatic life, fauna, and flora. However, eco-friendly yard drainage systems such as the dry well can prevent this from occurring.

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How to maintain my Westmont yard drains?

Many of the yard drainage systems used by Westmont homeowners require little to no maintenance. The French drain, an especially popular option, works phenomenally for up to ten years before cleaning or repairs are required.

Nonetheless, you should clean your gutters regularly, and landscape your yard to check for erosion and overgrowth. Downspouts are also integral to the efficiency of your yard drainage system — using a trowel, you should clean out downspouts and ensure they’re still pointed downward and away from your home.

If you have visible drain grates, you can clear them of accumulated debris and check to make sure sediment hasn’t accumulated. Place a hose inside the grates to facilitate a deep clean, break up lodged mud, and take care of the debris you can’t clean by hand.

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If you’re a homeowner in Westmont, you want to feel satisfied by your investment. You shouldn’t have to worry about flooding and other severe water damage to your property.

Don’t avoid the issues until it’s too late. 

Contact the Ware Landscaping yard drainage experts to protect your yard today.