Installing Custom Fire Pits in Naperville

If you want to spend more time outside with your family and friends at night, when the temperature drops, consider adding a custom fire pit to your outdoor living space. A beautifully designed fire pit can transform any seating area with its warm, ambient glow. Custom fire pits can be built in just about any shape or size, making them suitable for any size yard.

At Ware Landscaping, we construct high-quality fire pits that can be either gas-burning or wood-burning, depending on your preference for your residential or commercial property. We have provided custom hardscaping services to our customers in Naperville, IL, and the other areas of Chicagoland since 2000, and we are proud to have exceeded so many of our customers’ expectations.

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Beige Wood Putted on Fire

Why You Need Professional Fire Pit Contractors

While there are many do-it-yourself options available for fire pits, the fact is that professionally built fire pits will last longer and can be tailored to your overall landscape design. Working with gas lines can be dangerous if you are inexperienced with them, and it is also intricate work. So, while it is important for your fire pit to look stunning, it is also vital to make sure the entire structure is built safely and correctly.

The Benefits of Fire Pit Installation

Fire pits offer many different benefits to home and business owners. Learn about how a fire pit could change the look and feel of your outdoor space:

  • It increases the usability of your yard. When it’s cold and dark outside, it can be challenging to enjoy the outdoors. However, with a fire pit, you will have warmth as well as light, and you can use your fire pit well into the evening hours, thus increasing the time you are able to use your outdoor living area.
  • It adds a focal point to the landscape design. Your overall landscape, if it was installed by a professional, was designed with certain design principles in mind. This ensures the landscape is aesthetically pleasing and balances well with the surrounding area. Throughout the design are things that serve as focal points – a point to which someone’s eyes are naturally drawn. For example, if your landscape bed has a dry creek bed, that is a focal point. A fire pit provides a wonderful focal point and adds ambiance to an area.
  • It provides an entertainment area. If you enjoy having guests over to entertain them, then a fire pit adds valuable space for you. It is a natural gathering area, and you can encourage people to meet outside to gather around the fire and maybe even toast marshmallows for s’mores.

Fire Pit Near the Chairs

Materials Used to Build Fire Pits

There are many types of durable, long-lasting materials that are used to build fire pits. Keep in mind, whatever material you want to use has to be fire-resistant. At Ware Landscaping, our fire pit experts use several different materials to create these custom fire features, such as:

  • Concrete block
  • Stacked stone
  • Natural stone
  • Metal
  • Glass

If there is a certain look and feel you want for your fire pit – i.e., your home has a modern feel to it, and you want the fire pit to mirror that – our landscape designers can plan that out for you. Fire pits can be made in any shape, but the common shapes are square, circular, or rectangular.

As far as the dimensions of your fire pit, they can also be any size, but typically smaller properties need one that is about three feet in diameter, while larger properties may best benefit from one that is six feet in diameter. If you want a larger fire pit or more than one located throughout your space, our designers can advise you on various options.

Gas-Burning vs. Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Another thing you’ll need to consider when creating your new fire pit is whether you want a gas-burning or wood-burning fire pit. Both have pros and cons to them, and if you are unsure which one to choose, our hardscape experts will discuss it with you to help determine which may be the best choice for you.

If your main goal is ambiance and visual effects, then you may want to consider gas-burning fire pits. With a gas-burning fire pit, you will not have to worry about smoke from the fire blowing into anyone’s face, and cleanup is minimal – simply turn off the gas when you are done using it, and the fire will disappear. These types of fire pits are also more environmentally friendly than wood-burning options, as they emit barely any emissions into the air. However, they do take more time to install and will cost more. You also will need to consider the addition to your gas bill for using it.

The draw of a wood-burning fire pit is tough to deny, as many of us love that traditional campfire feel. These fire pits are also a more economical choice if you are working on a tight budget for your project. Keep in mind, they will need to be cleaned out more than a gas-burning fire pit will. An added bonus from wood-burning fires is that the smoke is likely to drive away outdoor pests, such as mosquitoes that could ruin an otherwise enjoyable evening.

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