Lake Barrington Yard Drainage Experts

The weather in Lake Barrington certainly keeps you on your toes. With the fickle climate here, it’s no wonder so many homes and businesses have trouble with flooded and soggy lawns. Dealing with yard drainage problems takes precious time and specific materials — which most of us don’t have.

If you want to stop stressing over your flooded lawn and enjoy your outdoor spaces again, consider calling a yard drainage expert. Trying to fix it yourself may lead to more issues later on. Plus, if you don’t act quickly enough, your property could experience water damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Water standing in a ditch in a yard

Why your yard is flooding

When most people see standing water or excess moisture on their lawn, they aren’t sure where it comes from. Poor yard drainage at your Lake Barrington home or business could be causes by several things, including:

  • Improper sloping or grading of your lawn
  • Compacted soil that leads to erosion
  • Incorrectly installed fences and decks
  • Downspouts that are not regularly cleaned or maintained
  • Drains and catch basins full of debris
  • Overflowing gutters

Fortunately, our yard drainage technicians know how to identify any one of these causes and — more importantly — implement a solution.

As soon as you notice any of the signs of poor drainage, contact a professional for an evaluation. Unless you have extensive landscaping knowledge, don’t try to diagnose the problem yourself. If you’re wrong, and you implement the incorrect solution, the problem will just continue or even get worse.

Lake Barrington Drainage Services

We help homes and businesses in Lake Barrington with keeping their lawns healthy and looking fantastic. Our technicians offer four main services to address yard drainage issues:

  • French drain: A French drain is one of the most common solutions for flooding lawns. It involves digging a trench around the perimeter of the building and laying drainage pipes in the trench. We also fill it in with gravel to help regulate the flow of water. The French drain will keep water from pooling in low lying areas of your lawn and redirect it elsewhere.
  • Dry well: Dry wells collect stormwater from hard surfaces, such as your driveway or parking lot. We’ll install an underground pipe that directs runoff from downspouts into the dry well. The dry well itself is also underground and filled with stone or gravel to retain the water and release back into the soil slowly.
  • Corrugated tubes: We use corrugated tubes in a variety of our lawn drainage solutions because they prevent water from filling up in low areas. The tubes can be used to take water from flooded spots and redirect it to other parts of the lawn that might require more frequent watering, such as flower beds or fountains.
  • Lawn grading: To ensure your lawn continues to drain properly after we installed a new drainage system, we may also re-grade your yard. We’ll change the slope of your lawn to even it out. This process helps get rid of low lying areas, making your lawn less prone to flooding.

A worker cleaning clogged gutters

Are professional yard drainage technicians worth it?

What does your lawn look like after it rains? Do you see standing water sitting for days? Does it prevent you from going outside and enjoying your yard, or has it even started attracting mosquitoes?

If you know exactly what to do when you see these things happening with your lawn, then you might not need a professional. If you’re unsure how to get rid of the water or what the best solution might be, then you should probably call yard drainage experts.

You can spend some time checking DIY drainage solutions online and maybe even find a helpful tutorial or two. But in the end, it will take up more of your time and money to try and fix your yard flooding yourself. Ultimately, the more cost-effective option is hiring an expert from the get go.


Do landscapers handle yard drainage problems?

Yes. If you notice flooding, soggy grass, or other problems with too much water on your lawn, the best person to call is a landscaping contractor. They have the experience and training necessary to determine the cause of your drainage problem and implement a solution.

When should I replace my French drain?

French drains are designed to last for many years. Once you install a French drain on your property, you shouldn’t need to replace it again until you move out (unless you stay at the property for several decades!). Ware Landscaping offers a 10-year-guarantee on all of our French drains.

Where should I put my drain in my yard?

The best spot for a drain is an area of your yard that is prone to flooding. This could be a low-lying spot at the bottom of a slope in your yard. The drain you install in your yard should catch and release the excess water to a suitable area — ideally another part of your property that needs more frequent watering.

Let Ware Landscaping solve your yard drainage problems

When you’re having trouble with a flooded, unattractive lawn, hire Lake Barrington landscaping professionals to take care of it for you. Our experts will get your yard back in good shape and ensure it doesn’t start flooding again. Call Ware Landscaping at 630-557-8170 for a free, no-obligation estimate.