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Every year, Plainfield receives plenty of moisture which allows for fertile soil and healthy, emerald green yards. Nevertheless, for some Plainfield homeowners, too much moisture can lead to the headaches of costly home repairs. Clogged gutters, swampy yards, and black mold may cost more than your budget allows.

Water damage in yards and homes can stem from poor yard drainage solutions. Although there are preventative steps you can take on your own, complete DIY yard drainage systems can further damage your yard.

Water damage can lead to costly home repairs. Plainfield yard drainage experts can help you protect the beauty of your property.

Are there yard drainage experts you can trust? Yes. Ware Landscaping has a team of seasoned experts with decades of experience customizing and installing yard drainage systems for Plainfield homeowners. 

The good news is, you can protect your yard from turning into a swamp. Signs of drainage issues become apparent quickly (especially after heavy rain or snow), and you have time to act before disaster strikes. You can determine if you need to repair or replace your drain system before it’s too late. 

How do I fix a swampy area in my yard?

If you don’t have a reliable yard drainage system in place, you may notice some soggy areas in your yard. Stagnant, standing water can form pools throughout your yard, and bring bacteria, mosquitoes, and other insects. Combined with the humidity of summer, this standing water can make your once beautiful yard feel like a swamp.

You can try to aerate the soil on your property to help water flow and improve yard drainage. Planting a variety of shrubs and trees can help excess water to naturally disperse and drain your swampy areas. Neither of these solutions will bring quick transformation, but you’ll see a significant difference within several years.

In order to see the swamp disappear, you may want to take more permanent action. Plainfield yard drainage experts can assess your property and create solutions such as installing a dry well drain, grading your yard, and creating aesthetically-pleasing rock paths to act as channel paths for runoff water.

Dry well

An eco-friendly dry well yard drainage system can drain standing water with rapid results. The dry well is installed underground and topped with sod and grass. You can divert the excess water in your yard to the holding tank of the dry well.

Grading your yard

Grading is a type of leveling process that creates a natural slope or incline in your yard. By sloping the yard away from your home, you allow the water runoff from your roof and gutters to redirect away from the house. Grading helps to erase standing water issues, too.

How do I know if I have a drainage problem in my Plainfield yard?

Flooding and swampy spaces in your Plainfield yard are obvious signs of drainage problems. However, you may find other issues that arise both inside and outside on your property that can be fixed by installing yard drains,

The signs of poor yard drainage can include: 

  • Distorted or warped floors: Water with no place to drain may seep into your home’s foundation and get trapped underneath the floorboards. If you have hardwood floors and notice any warping or bumpy areas, you may need new yard drains.
  • Mildew and mold: Areas in your house that never seem to dry, and smell wet and musty, may indicate trapped water that has seeped indoors from your yard. Similarly, the sudden appearance of black mold in corners or on walls could be a result of poor yard drainage.
  • Leaking: Ceiling and wall leaks could indicate either a roofing issue or a problem with yard water runoff.
  • Yard erosion: If your yard has cracked, clay-like topsoil and fissures, or you notice growing bare, exposed areas, this erosion may have been caused by poor yard drainage. 

If you notice any of the above occurring on your property, it may be time to call an expert.

Plainfield Landscaping & Yard Drainage Experts

A downspout outdoors with pebbles

What is the best drainage system for my Plainfield yard? 

Many yard drainage systems on the market may suit your needs for your Plainfield yard. You should discuss your options with a yard drainage expert to decide which yard drain would work best on your property. Along with the dry well, the French drain, downspouts with sump connections, and channel drains are some of the most popular systems available.

French drains

Many newer homes implement the French drain as their yard drainage system. This drain can be customized to fit most yards. The French drain draws in standing water and disperses it throughout your yard.

French drains include a simple underground trench system laid throughout a yard’s problematic zones. The drain’s pipes are wrapped in a permeable fabric and covered with stones or gravel that draw the water to the underground pipes. French drains require little to no maintenance and have proven durability.    

Downspouts with sump connections

Your downspouts are a part of your gutter system. They point downward to allow water to disperse away from your house. For Plainfield homes with basements, sump pumps provide a pivotal tool in a yard drainage system. The sump pump pushes water out of the basement, and back into the yard. You can connect the sump pump to drain through your downspouts.

Channel drains

Channel drains are popular options for Plainfield homeowners with inground pools. These drains are installed in concrete and help divert water from pools, driveways, and garage floors. You may find puddles and standing water disappear with channel drains. These drains can also be incorporated into other, more intricate yard drainage systems.

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Installing a yard drainage system may seem like a stressful endeavor. That’s why you should utilize seasoned Plainfield experts to do the job for you. If your home lacks working yard drains, you could face significant water damage that may be tough to repair.   

The professionals at Ware Landscaping have helped Plainfield and greater-Chicago area homeowners protect and take pride in their yards for over twenty years. We care deeply about the satisfaction of our customers and will work tirelessly to ensure you can enjoy your sanctuary. 

Contact the Ware Landscaping yard drainage experts before your yard becomes a swamp.