Oswego Premium Landscaping Services

Is your Oswego home or business an eyesore? Is your lawn or outdoor area an “ongoing project” that never seems to get done? If you’re tired of feeling disappointed by the state of your lawn and ready to do something about it, it might be time for you to call a professional landscaping service.

When you don’t prioritize your outdoor spaces or leave minor issues unchecked, it can eventually lead to bigger problems than weeds. The longer you put it off, the more work it’ll be. Our expert landscapers are ready to redesign your lawn, patio, or other outdoor areas and make it look as sophisticated and impressive as you’ve always imagined it.

A cobblestone retaining wall in landscaped yard

Does landscaping harm the environment?

Landscaping can be good for the environment when it’s done properly. If it’s not done correctly, it can be harmful. The Environmental Protection Agency states that proper landscaping can:

  • Reduce chemical usage (by using organic lawn care and maintenance)
  • Reduce soil erosion, runoff, and pollution
  • Improve the safety of both residential and commercial properties
  • Lower the cost for managing vegetation

At Ware Landscaping, we offer organic lawn care services to help you grow and maintain your yard the natural way. If you want your yard to look attractive and still have a positive impact on the environment, you should hire landscaping professionals who know how to implement solutions properly.

Landscaping Services in Oswego

At Ware Landscaping, we treat our clients like family. We want your lawn or outdoor space to not only look stunning but also to be functional for your needs. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to spend time outside around the firepit with your family or a business owner who wants to wow your customers, we can create a unique landscape design for you.

Our landscaping services cover:

We want you to love your new lawn, patio, or garden. Our technicians are fully dedicated to bringing your landscaping vision to life. We communicate with you regularly to ensure the project is developing according to your expectations and answer any questions you have.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Landscapers

You might wonder if hiring professionals to landscape your lawn is worth it. Can’t you just put in some new flower bed and trim your hedges yourself?

Of course, you can, but landscaping is so much more than that. At Ware Landscaping, we also build outdoor kitchens and patios, provide regular lawn maintenance and organic lawn care, and prevent your lawn from flooding and excess moisture problems.

If you think you can do all of those things yourself, then you might not need a professional landscaper. But most people don’t have the time, energy, or expertise, so they look to our landscaping technicians to do it for them.

With a landscaping contractor, you get:

  • High-quality work backed by years of experience
  • A streamlined work plan that ensures that project gets completed on time
  • Enhanced curb appeal for your home or business
  • Sophisticated landscaping design tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Increased property value

An illuminated garden path patio

How do I choose a landscaper?

Choosing a landscaping service to make over your lawn or outdoor spaces is a big job. If you have a specific vision for your property, you need to find a landscaper who will help you achieve that vision — and finding a reliable, dedicated landscaping company isn’t as easy as you think.

When looking for an Oswego landscaper, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know what you want. If you have a good idea of how you want your property to look, it’ll be easier to find a landscaping contractor who can help you.
  • Get referrals. Do you know anyone who’s had landscaping work done lately? Ask who their contractor was and if they had a good experience.
  • Request a visit. Good landscapers will usually come to your property to take a look around and even give you an estimate of the work you want done.
  • Ask about previous projects. A landscaping company should be able to show you examples of work they’ve previously done for other clients. You can get a sense of their design style and the quality of their work.

We can take care of your landscaping needs

Ready to stop stressing over the state of your yard and start loving it instead? Call Ware Landscaping at (630) 885-6370 and we’ll offer you a free estimate.