St. Charles, IL Yard Drainage Experts

You’ve finally achieved the success of homeownership in St. Charles, Illinois. But just as you’re turning your dream property into your sanctuary, you find yourself besotted with unexpected issues. 

The abundance of moisture received in St. Charles each year transforms your lawn into a plush emerald field. However, you’ve found multiple pools of standing water on your property. Your backyard resembles a stagnant river. You fear stormwater overrun may infiltrate your walls. 

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You’ve tried DIY repair projects to no avail. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed by your yard drainage issues.

Aside from sandbagging your basement and exterior walls, is there any way to prevent moisture from seeping into your home? What causes standing water in yards? Are there any local reliable yard drainage experts in St. Charles who can install reliable, sturdy drains?

By connecting with seasoned, compassionate professionals, you can find a tailor-made update or replacement to your current drainage system. Grading (yard leveling that incorporates any necessary incline) your property can also help. 

You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of water-logged property issues on your own. Call yard drainage experts to help you sustain the peace and sanctuary of your property.

Why does my St. Charles yard flood?

The reasons for drainage issues in your St. Charles yard may vary. If you own an older home, the original drainage system may need to be replaced. Yard debris (such as branches, leaves, or grass clippings), sediment, and soil could be clogging your drains — with nowhere to go, the water flow spills out into your yard. 

After a particularly rainy season in Illinois, stormwater runoff could oversaturate your lawn. If the topsoil beneath your grass hasn’t been replaced in decades, you may have soil erosion issues caused by hard, clay-like soil. Yard grading is also a newer procedure — older properties without renovative landscaping may lack any inclines to help water flow. 

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What are the best yard drainage solutions?

There are a plethora of yard drainage solutions available for St. Charles homeowners. However, the best solutions depend on your budget, your drain needs, and your yard. Some of the most popular yard drainage systems include:   

French drain

The French drain is one of the most popular and efficient solutions for yard drainage issues. A French drain isn’t always a “one size fits all” solution, but it can be custom made for your specific property size and dimension.

The French drain consists of a gravel-packed perforated pipe that’s wrapped in a specialized fabric that keeps mud and sediment out of the pipe and allows water to flow freely. 

Dry well

The dry well is a relatively new type of yard drainage system. It’s an environmentally-friendly drain that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. The dry well directs downspouts to an underground well. Debris and sediment from your yard is left in the well, which filters water to your soil’s groundwater supply. 

Grassy swale

The grassy swale is a signified area of your lawn subtly graded to guide the flow of water. A swale helps disperse water to areas of your yard that need it, and it directs water overflow to your drain system.

Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated tubes present the most simple drainage solution for your St. Charles yard. These tubes direct the water that flows from your gutter’s downspouts and are often located underground.

Signs you may need a new yard drainage system

  • Cracks in your home’s foundation: Cracks are often caused by water damage or soil erosion.
  • Mildew, black mold, and water stains: Improperly drained water from your yard can seep into your walls and foundation and cause severe issues like visible black mold, mildew, and water stains..
  • Erosion: Areas in your yard with impenetrable topsoil, areas where grass refuses to grow, and cracks in the ground signify erosion.
  • Mosquitoes: An abundance of mosquitoes in your yard or in your home could point toward stagnant water that cannot drain. 
St. Charles Yard Drainage Experts

Yard drainage system FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about St. Charles yard drains: 

How our St. Charles yard drainage experts can help?

For over 20 years, Ware Landscaping has provided drainage solutions for homeowners. After a visit to your property, our yard drainage experts in St. Charles can determine the causes of your flooded lawn. We’ll base our suggestions on the age and grading of your property.

Together, we can choose a solution that will alleviate your stress, eliminate your water issues, and leave your yard looking pristine. We can check your home’s foundation for cracks, black mold, and mildew and help to rectify these issues as well.

Our yard drainage experts can:

  • Assess your property to determine what drainage system you need.
  • Create the best solutions to your yard’s struggles. 
  • Replace eroded topsoil to help replenish your yard’s groundwater.
  • Install new drains that require little to no maintenance.

You shouldn’t have to face disastrous yard issues on your own. We care about helping you to take pride in your property, and want you to get the most out of your lifetime investment. Contact Ware Landscaping for your free consultation and estimate. 

How much will I have to pay for a yard drainage system?

The cost of any yard drainage system can vary due to the significance of needed repairs and the amount of installation work required. A free assessment from an honest, caring expert can help you to determine the cost you may incur.

An already-installed outdated yard drain in need of complete overhaul or a severely water-damaged property could prove more expensive than a standard installation.  

How to choose a yard drainage system?

The French drain is the most popular yard drainage system for most homes in St. Charles. This is due to the drain’s reliability, durability, and simple installation process. If your property is large or intricate in design, a dry well may prove more beneficial.

When choosing a drainage system, it’s wise to calculate costs and to defer to the professionals you’ve hired.

Contact Ware Landscaping for your St. Charles yard

When you’re facing repair costs or an entire yard drainage system overhaul, it can feel overwhelming. You know if water damage destroys your yard or causes structural damage to your home, you may face expensive repair costs. Turn to seasoned professionals who treat you with compassionate honesty.

At Ware Landscaping, we treat our customers like friends. We’re passionate about providing excellent work that will allow you to enjoy the comfortable haven your home should provide.

As an Illinois homeowner, you can trust the professionals to restore your property to its glory. Contact our team of St. Charles yard drainage experts to take care of your needs.