Naperville Weekly Clean-Up Services

The climate in Naperville, Illinois is prime for lush lawns and backyard sanctuaries to help you enjoy the outdoor benefits of your property. Whether you’re a Naperville homeowner or commercial property owner, you want to take advantage of the built-in curb appeal of your yard.

Perhaps you’ve hired an excellent professional landscaping team to help you realize the yard of your dreams. You’ve purchased lawn care packages to ensure you utilize the right type of organic fertilizer, plant life and design to make your property’s exterior truly shine. You’ve even chosen to give your yard extra love with spring and summer clean-up services. 

A landscape professional gardener performing weekly clean-up services

Unfortunately, heavy rain and humidity has caused your grass, flowers, and plants to undergo out-of-control growth. You don’t have the time to maintain weekly upkeep of your yard, but you don’t trust your teenage neighbor to mow or clean your yard correctly. 

Does anyone in Naperville offer professional weekly clean-up services for your lawn?   

Ware Landscaping can help

Luckily, Ware Landscaping can support the maintenance and upkeep of your property year-round. Our team of professional landscapers are there to help you with every detailed task that enables your yard to remain pristine. From yard drainage systems to hardscaping to lawn care, we’ve got you covered.

Our Naperville weekly clean-up services allow you to enjoy the warmer months and avoid stressing over the wild overgrowth in your yard. You won’t have to stress over personal manual labor under a blazing summer sun. 

Gone are the days of slaving over weeds and lawn mowers — leave the work to local professionals who care about our Naperville neighbors.

Lawn mower cutting tall green grass for weekly yard care

Why weekly lawn maintenance is important in Naperville

Although our spring and summer clean-up services allow your warmer months to start with a great foundation, weekly lawn maintenance is also vital to keep your Naperville yard as the outdoor sanctuary you deserve. Neglecting weekly upkeep tasks can lead to weeds, overgrowth, and insect invasion relatively quickly. 

The secret to keep your yard appealing throughout the year includes weekly clean-up services. Although you can try to take care of any issues that may arise on your own, a great lawn maintenance team can step in and ensure your issues will be resolved.

Our weekly clean-up services include:

  • Seasonal Debris Clean-Up:

During the spring, summer, and fall, sediment, rocks, and leaves can fill your yard and spill onto your hardscape areas. We can eradicate the pesky presence of this debris from your yard.       

  • Lawn Mowing:

Our team of professionals will ensure that your yard is kept even and healthy. We’ll never leave your grass too long … or too short. Proper mowing allows your grass to remain healthy and helps your topsoil to flourish.

  • Edging:

We’ll ensure the edges around your driveway, walkways, and pool area remain clean and even. We’ll clear any stones, tiled areas, or concrete of weeds and grass overgrowth.     

  • Weeding:

The Ware Landscaping spring and summer clean-up packages both include organic weed control. However, humidity and excessive moisture can promote weed growth. We’ll take care of any errant weeds during your weekly clean-up services.  

  • Flood Mitigation:

If you find stormwater runoff isn’t disappointing from your yard, we can unclog any outdoor drains and assess your yard drainage system.

  • Raking Leaves:

During the autumn months, leaves can prove fun for kids and pets, and can act as natural fertilizer for your yard. However, a multitude of fallen leaves can also provide a great nesting area for insects and other pests, and can become a fire hazard.

Leaves can also cover up the yard you worked hard to maintain. If you sign up for our fall clean-up package, we can take care of raking your leaves as part of your weekly clean-up services.

Autumn leaves and rake on green garden lawn

The difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance

Both lawn care and lawn maintenance are vital to keep your Naperville yard looking its best.  Although these aspects of excellent landscaping services are inextricably linked, they are not the same.

Lawn care is covered by our seasonal clean-up services and is the basis for a nourished, healthy yard. Soil testing, pest control, fertilization, and trimming of plants all contribute to overall lawn care.

On the other hand, lawn maintenance refers to the processes which keep your yard in excellent shape. Weeding, mowing and edging are all included in lawn maintenance.    

Ware Landscaping can help you with both lawn care and lawn maintenance which can help increase your property value and enable you to fully enjoy your yard.

Why is weekly lawn mowing important for Naperville yards?

Weekly lawn mowing, rather than mowing only when your grass is too long, can have a positive impact on the health of your yard. The ideal height for your grass is between 3.2 inches and 4 inches. However, the frequency of lawn mowing can also depend on the type of grass in your yard.       

Maintaining your Naperville lawn at this height helps the grass to absorb nutrients which then travel to the soil and plants in your yard. Weekly mowed grass can also provide natural weed and pest control.

What happens if weekly clean-up services are neglected?

If you leave the maintenance of your lawn up to Mother Nature, you may find yourself unable to enjoy your outdoor haven (not to mention the issues that could arise with your neighbors and HOA).    

When weekly clean-up services are neglected, the following problems could arise:  

  • Weed Invasion:

You could erase the hard work and money you poured into foundational lawn care and weaken your yard’s protection against massive weed growth. If you neglect lawn maintenance, you may find weeds overrun your yard and choke out healthy plant and grass life.

  • Foundation and Hardscape Cracks: 

Weed and plant overgrowth could also sneak under your property’s foundation and hardscapes (eg. brick patio, stone walls, wooden deck) areas. These weeds could then crop up, crack the surface they’ve grown under, and prove impossible to pull. Cracks in any of these areas can lead to costly repairs.  

  • Unsightly Overgrowth:

Your grass could grow so wildly that your property’s exterior resembles a jungle more than a yard. This could lower your property value and ensure no one can enjoy a day of relaxation in your yard.

  • Pest Takeover:

Insects and other pests love to find moist, hidden spaces to breed and grow. A neglected yard could become a haven for mosquitoes, among other biting, bacteria-filled pests.

  • Soil Erosion:

Along with freshly cut grass, removal of yard debris, sediment, and standing water nourishes your topsoil. If grass isn’t mowed and debris accumulates, this could contribute to soil erosion and leave dead patches of yard, along with withering or dead plants.  

Contact Ware Landscaping in Naperville 

With over two decades of experience in the greater Chicago area, the professionals at Ware Landscaping are local and we care deeply about our Naperville neighbors. Our clients become extended members of our family, and we work with them to customize solutions for their landscaping needs.

If you long to enjoy an amazing yard year-round, but don’t have the time to spend on its care and maintenance, it may be time to call in the professionals. Our Naperville weekly clean-up services can help to keep your property looking fantastic. 

We offer full seasonal clean-up packages, too, along with snow removal services during the long winter months. Contact Ware Landscaping today for a weekly clean-up services consultation and check out our numerous Naperville landscaping services.