Functional and Inviting Walkways

Naperville home and business owners use walkways to define and connect their outdoor spaces and add value to their property. Whether the design is simple, rustic, formal, or intricate, a walkway adds visual appeal and provides a defined path for foot traffic to flow, inviting visitors in with a welcoming first impression. Walkways can lead people to a variety of destinations, such as a front door, a backyard area, or simply encourage visitors to stroll through gardens and other landscape creations.

Along with adding attractive charm to an outdoor space, walkways also benefit property owners by keeping foot traffic where it belongs. A guided path through designated areas is the solution for keeping visitors from walking in fragile spaces and preserving plants, grass, and flowers. Also, you can enhance it with a landscape lighting and you can research to determine if you want solar lights or wired lights for your home landscape lighting.

beautiful garden with a walkway

A walkway’s smooth route free of exposed roots and uneven ground prevents stumbling and makes everyone’s journey a little easier, especially children and the elderly. Weather conditions may make the grass or dirt slippery, and walkways can keep feet from sliding and shoes from getting muddy or soaked. During the winter months, snow removal can be focused on the walkway area to provide a specific area for safe travel.

The most worthwhile walkways are durable and safe and will reflect and blend in with the architectural style they are meant to highlight. If not crafted properly, walkways can look out of place or lead to hazards and constant maintenance. Customers who want well-built, attractive walkways trust Ware Landscaping. Our skilled hardscape team will bring the excellent service and craftsmanship you expect and deserve. Give us a call today at (630) 885-6370 to learn more about what our walkways can do for your residential or commercial property.

Choices of Walkway Materials

Your walkway should suit and complement its surrounding natural features and building architecture. Each substance option for walkways has physical, visual, and textural characteristics that can contribute to the look you are trying to achieve. Our trusted suppliers provide us with a variety of products that are of the highest quality for lasting results, and we often use the following materials:

Stepping Stones/Flagstones

A favorite walkway concept is flat stones. With varied colors and textures, these work with a variety of landscape styles. They can be installed close together like puzzle pieces or spread out and surrounded with gravel or aggregate rock filler. It’s simple to create a charming, curved walkway with stepping stones, and they require a smaller budget than solid surface paths.


Bricks are durable, come in varied colors, and have a timeless feel. They are often configured in herringbone, basket-weave, or running bond patterns for a traditional appeal, but their straight, clean lines can be configured to work with any architectural style. Brick can also be used along with other paving materials for a varied look.


Concrete is a resilient and cost-effective walkway material that can be sealed for further protection. With a slip-resistant surface and the ability to withstand freezing ground temperatures, it’s a great choice for Chicagoland properties. The versatility of concrete gives it the ability to take on several forms to achieve assorted looks, including:

Poured concrete – Perfect for a smooth, even surface, it can take on any shape and be formed with or without seams.

Stamped concrete – This method involves using custom color and texture to make concrete resemble other materials, such as slate or granite. It can create a walkway that looks high-end without the cost of natural stone.

Concrete pavers – The choices of paver size, shape, and texture offer a variety of formal and rustic design possibilities. Oversized circular or rectangular pavers can be used in a contemporary fashion as giant stepping stones with the spaces between filled with rock or seeded with groundcover or grass for a colorful, natural accent. Pavers require little upkeep and can be easily replaced if one gets damaged.
Colorful rhododendron flowers blooming in garden by walkway

Added Features for Walkways

Walkways with accent elements make even more of an impact on a property’s appearance. The following extra features can be considered to enhance the characteristics or use of a pathway:


Steel or aluminum edging along a walkway keeps soil and other materials where it belongs, and borders can also serve as a design element. Brick, stone, or timbers can line any type of walkway give it a natural, finished look. An assortment of containers can be used as planters and placed along a path as striking focal points.


Lighting a walkway is the perfect way to create ambiance and improve safety after dark. Lanterns, rope lights, uplighting, and downlighting are some choices for enhancing a walkway, and they can be placed along the entire path or to accentuate select areas. Decorating with holiday lighting promotes a festive atmosphere for both homes and businesses.


Arches, pillars, gates, and arbors stand out as dramatic accompaniments to a walkway. A section of latticework provides privacy and a spot for climbing plants to grow. Placing a cover over a walkway protects it and visitors from harsh weather and is an excellent choice for commercial properties.

Let’s Get Started On Your Walkway

Many decisions go into designing a walkway to make sure it is constructed from the best-suited materials for your property and installed correctly to serve its purpose. You can rely on the professionals at Ware Landscaping to see the big picture and come up with the perfect design that both accommodates your vision and delivers a lasting walkway.

Our family-run business has over two decades of experience in the landscaping industry. We take pride in every project and work hard to ensure our customers in Naperville and throughout Chicagoland are fully satisfied with the service they invest in.

We would love to discuss the walkway you are envisioning, and there are several ways you can get in touch with us for more information or to schedule a design consultation. Call us today at (630) 885-6370 or contact us online via our contact form or chat feature. We look forward to working with you!