Naperville Professional Landscape Design

Designing and installing an attractive and functional landscape requires extensive planning and design. With your family, customers, or guests in mind, our goal is to make the landscape useful for your needs as well as beautiful and enjoyable. Whatever your specific purpose is for the landscape, the experienced landscape designers at Ware Landscaping will help you to achieve your dream landscape. To bring a smile on your face, enjoy 5 misconceptions about landscaping.

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What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the artisan tradition of bridging nature to culture. It is the art of integrating beautiful manmade design with natural elements at the intersection of your personal property. It uses nature and plants as architecture and tools of artistic expression, beside the 9 Basic Principles of Landscape Design. Landscape design addresses both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of our lives as we go to immerse ourselves outdoors. See our 11 Ways to Use Beautiful Rocks for Improving Your Landscape.

Elements of Landscape Design to Consider

Any good designer and the professionals at Ware Landscaping consider every aspect that will affect the landscape before we create the design that will achieve your vision. But before that, we would like you to ask yourself 9 questions to ask before you hire a landscaper We will discuss:

    • Sunlight – How much or how little sunlight will determine what types of plants and trees to install, and where to place certain other elements like patios or sitting areas.
    • Climate – The temperature and weather patterns will dictate some types of plants that will do well in the Naperville area. It may also set the tone and style for the design.
    • Water – Your whole design may be based around a body of water or may need to be designed to avoid drainage issues or to save water.
    • Soil – The type of soil, whether claylike or sandy or other, will also determine what kinds of plants and trees can flourish in your landscape.
    • Topography – Whether your property spreads out across a hill, is between urban buildings, or lies in a flat basin, the topography will dictate the placement of many of the plants, garden or sitting areas.
    • Orientation – What direction your home and landscape faces also plays a crucial role in deciding what plants to put where they will thrive the best at certain times of the day, and what feelings the landscape design will evoke during those times.
    • Geography – The size and surroundings of your property are vital elements in landscape design and whether it’s urban or rural.
    • Structures – The home, outbuildings, and other structures may cry out to be covered, ornamented, or highlighted. These structures can provide the basis for much of the whole landscape design.
    • Natural Architecture – Trees, tall plants, rock outcroppings, and other bold natural features must also be considered part of the basis of good landscape design.
    • Infrastructure – Necessary human-made features like pathways, patios, driveways, landscape lighting and other infrastructure must be considered as a design element to harmoniously converge with the rest of the landscape design and be fully functional for your ease and convenience, as well as your enjoyment.

Another good thing to know is how deep to bury landscape lighting wiring?

Each feature already present in the landscape must be planned around when considering style and function for your ideal design. Our experienced landscape designers are expert at evaluating and planning how each of these elements will fit in or enhance that unique vision you have in mind.

You want us to take care of all the above for you? Give us a call right away or write us a message! We’ll get back to you at once!
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The Latest Trends in Local Landscaping

Swinging away from finely manicured lawns, the dominant trend in landscapes now is going toward a more natural looking area. Whether it’s located on an enormous estate or outside of a small house, the cultivation of local native species is gaining popularity.

The benefits of growing native species include the savings in water and less plant maintenance. As regions like ours are increasingly being affected by potential water crises, people appreciate the hardy species that have already adapted to tolerate our local conditions.

Dwindling populations of endangered species of birds, butterflies, and other insects and animals, due to loss of habitat, have inspired people to provide more native habitat for these species in their yards. A growing appreciation for these beautiful species has propelled the trend forward in popularity.

The beauty and variety of local species of flowers never cease to wow property owners and visitors. A palette of colors is available in nearly all textures, shapes, and sizes. There is less desire to copy traditional European designs when you are free to experiment proudly with varieties of awe-inspiring plants and trees that are indigenous and unique to our area. It also creates a harmonious bridge to the rest of the ecosystem.

What Goes Into a Good Landscape Design?

The skilled landscape design experts at Ware Landscaping take into account a variety of design factors to customize the landscape on your property to specifically suit your style and your functional needs. Our design experts will ask you to consider these factors:

  • Function – Whether your goal is to attract customers, please your neighbors, increase your property value, provide a space to host parties or meditate, create an outdoor living space or play area for pets or children, or to provide a source of pride and comfort, it must functionally do so.
  • Style – The style of your landscape vision may vary from a strict English Garden to a wild and colorful fairy wonderland. Your imagination is your limit.
  • Statement – Within the style you choose, you can make a bold statement. It can be modern or traditional or evoke an exotic location. Your statement can imbue a sense of dramatic arrival or a quiet sense of privacy. The individual elements, like the plants you choose, can also help to make a statement.
  • Care – The amount of care and maintenance you want to put into your garden or landscape will determine the types of plants, which are more or less sustainable or thrive in the area, that will go into the design and set a tone for the feeling of the landscape.
  • Artistic Expression – Consider the composition of perspectives from outside as well as inside the landscape, and spatial relationships that use lines, scale, balance, and symmetry.  You can use colors and focal points to express your artistic sense.
  • Sentiment – A mood can be established within the style of your landscape design. You can evoke memories or feelings in areas with specific plants and other elements that have special meaning to you.
  • Genius loci– You may want to emphasize the unique qualities of the place into your design. If your property is set on the edge of a wooded area, has extensive rock features or is located in a small urban space, your creative use of its unique features will enhance your landscape design.

These individual factors can be very subjective and can allow you to express your style. You can also get some inspiration by reading 7 ways to enhance your outdoor space with landscape lighting. The Ware landscape design team will collaborate with you to achieve your vision.

Why Choose Ware Landscaping to Achieve Your Design Vision

Our landscape design experts care about your vision. We value and want to build the connection that you have to your natural surroundings, and our goal is to help you integrate successfully and make the most of your environment.

Our professional designers go on site to discuss in detail and in-person all of the elements and factors that are important to you. Our Naperville landscape specialists work with our clients from concept to final construction to customize the landscape that accurately fits your needs and aesthetics. Our team will listen to your ideas and suggestions to create a plan of action.

We have a decade of landscaping experience in Northern Illinois that allows our design experts to spot all of the attributes of your property to incorporate or work around in your unique landscape design. We thoroughly examine the property and identify any potential issues or complication that needs to be addressed.

Ware Landscaping provides a digital design service with the ability to lay out a blueprint of your landscape vision. Our experts will also make sure that you consider details such as privacy, safety, and security. You may need to block or open a view. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the pride and satisfaction that our clients feel for years interacting with their natural environment.

The botanical and horticultural experts at Ware Landscaping choose the appropriate plants for northern Illinois that will thrive in our environment and benefit you the most for years to come. Instead of relying on toxic chemicals and fertilizers, we only use organic and sustainable products on your property that are not harmful to you, your family or pets, and your guests or workers. Our methods are designed to enrich the soil with naturally healthy nutrients, bacteria, and fungi that are beneficial to the local ecosystem. The landscapes we create with you are sustainable and will save you money over time.

We will give you a timeline estimate for your dream landscape up front and work steadily and swiftly and to realize your vision.

If you want to renovate or enhance the beauty or functionality of your landscape, call our Naperville landscape team. If are looking for the best connection to your natural environment and want to create your dream surroundings for you, your family and guests to enjoy for years to come, let the experienced landscape design experts at Ware Landscaping achieve that goal. Call us today at (630) 885-6370 to begin planning and dreaming.