Oswego IL Snow Removal Specialists

As a green, suburban community with a lot of parks and outdoor recreation areas, Oswego is a great place to spend time outside during warmer months. In the wintertime, however, Oswego can get several inches of snow and ice multiple times in a season. All of Northeastern Illinois experiences this kind of winter weather, so it’s not surprising for Oswego residents — but that doesn’t make dealing with snow any less stressful. Rather than fret over the snow and ice on your Oswego home or business this winter, call the snow removal specialists at Ware.

A man with snow shovel cleaning the sidewalks of the street

Our team of experienced snow management professionals have worked for more than 20 years in Oswego and the surrounding areas, removing snow and ice safely and efficiently from residential and commercial properties.

We have a zero-tolerance, full-season, set and forget snow removal service that will help you keep your property cleared from snow and give you peace of mind all winter long.

Our Oswego Snow Removal Services

At Ware Landscaping and Snow Removal, we provide snow removal and ice control services that focus on making your property safe and accessible. Why waste hours of your time shoveling snow or putting down salt yourself, when you can have experienced professionals do it for you? With our higher-grade snow removal equipment and team of experts, we can get the job done faster and more thoroughly than you can by yourself, with just your shovel.

We understand that as a property owner, you worry about ensuring the safety of your family, neighbors, and pets, or of your customers, employees, and visitors. When it snows and your home or business becomes inaccessible, it can be a major source of worry, frustration, and risk for you.

A person clearing a brick driveway with a snow blower

With our premium snow removal service, you get more than a clear parking lot or driveway. You also get the satisfaction and tranquility of knowing that your property is safe and will continue to be safe no matter how much snow falls this winter.

Zero-Tolerance Snow Removal

Our zero-tolerance snow removal policy means that we spring into action as soon as a snow event begins. In some cases, we even take preventive measures by coming to your property and putting down de-icer before the snow starts falling.

Snow Removal Plow IconPlowing

We have top-of-the-line plow trucks to clear parking lots and other large areas that cars usually drive through. All our trucks are operated by experienced drivers.

Shoveling Snow IconShoveling

We’ve found that clearing sidewalks, driveways, and steps by hand is more effective at getting rid of as much snow as possible. Our expert shoveling crews work efficiently too.

De-icing procedure iconDe-Icing

Our services include ice control. We’ll put de-icer down either before a snow event or after we’re done clearing snow, or both, to help prevent new snow from sticking.

Monitoring and Surveillance IconMonitoring

We monitor the snow radar so we can stay ahead of winter storms and deploy our team to your property as soon as possible after the snow event begins.

Sustainable Products IconNon-Corrosive De-Icer

We happily offer a non-corrosive, safe alternative to salt. It’s chlorine-free, acetate-free, and safe for kids, pets, the environment, and cured concrete.

When we come to your property to clear away snow or ice, our number-one goal is always safety. We focus on opening up key access points and ensure people can pass through your property without any risks of slipping and falling.

Full-Season Contracts

You can reserve our team of snow removal specialists for your property for an entire year with our full-season contracts. We also offer loyalty-priced three-year contracts. Contract secure a team of our permanent professionals for your property for the whole winter — we don’t subcontract out the work.

Set and Forget Service

Our team deploys automatically when the snow event begins — there’s no need for you to contact us and ask to come out. Nor do we mess around with 2” trigger contracts, which offer a lower level of service.

Oswego Commercial Snow Removal

If you’re an Oswego business owner, you know how bad a winter storm can be for your operations. A snowed-in parking lot or iced-over walkway can prevent your customers and employees from accessing your property. Plus you have to worry about someone getting injured — which you could be liable for.

You shouldn’t panic when you see snow falling. Instead, work with commercial snow removal experts to ensure the snow and ice get removed so your property becomes safe again. You can go about your regular day and focus your attention on running your business, rather than dealing with the snow.

A snow plow truck on a road during a snowstorm

We provide snow removal and ice control services to a variety of businesses in Oswego, including:

  • Businesses and offices
  • Churches
  • Mini malls
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Daycare centers
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • High-end apartment complexes
  • Townhome associations

Your type of business may not be listed above, but you should give us a call to discuss your needs anyway. We’d be happy to see what we can do for you.

Naperville Commercial Snow Removal

Oswego Residential Snow Removal

In this part of Illinois, winters can be brutal. The snow will fall in Oswego, whether you’re ready for it or not. You can prepare yourself and your home for winter, however, by hiring the services of residential snow removal specialists for the whole year. Save yourself hours of shoveling snow and leave it to the professionals.

When a snowstorm hits, it can be more than inconvenient. It could prevent you from getting to work or taking your kids to school on time. If you’re out of town, the snow will stay piled up on your property and become a nuisance to your neighbors. With our premium snow removal services, all the worry and stress that usually accompanies the winter season disappears. 

A man shoveling snow in front of a house

We provide a high level of attention and care when we clear the snow from your property and with our years of experience, we know what to expect when we arrive.

We’ll remove snow from the following areas on your property:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Front and rear steps
  • Gangways
  • Walkways to the curb
  • Garage apron
  • Vehicles

Our services provide you with high-quality snow removal, but they also give you reassurance that your property is safe and accessible for you and your family.

Naperville Residential Snow Removal Testimonial

Snow Removal FAQs

Does the village of Oswego take care of snow?

When it snows, Oswego takes care of main traffic routes, collector roads, neighborhood streets, and cul-de-sacs — in that order. You are responsible for plowing your own driveway> Although clearing sidewalks near your property isn’t required by the village, you are asked to do it if possible.

When the village plow trucks clear roads, they can end up pushing snow onto your property’s sidewalks or driveway, leaving you to clear it away after. Working with a professional snow removal company can ensure that those heavy piles of snow get removed safely and quickly and that you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt or stuck when they pass by your property.

Do I need a professional snow removal company?

You can shovel snow yourself, but it can be backbreaking work for just one person with a shovel. If you have a large driveway or parking lot, it could be an hours-long or even a day-long task to get rid of all the snow. It’s much more efficient and safer for you to hire snow removal experts instead.

At Ware Landscaping and Snow Removal, we have professional-quality equipment, environmentally-friendly de-icer, and a knowledgeable and experienced team to take care of the snow and ice for you. With all those resources at our disposal, we’ll be able to handle the snow much more quickly than you could by yourself, plus we’ll do a more thorough job.

Call Ware Landscaping for Oswego Snow Removal

Don’t waste any more time worrying about snow and ice. This winter, call our experts at (630) 885-6370 so we can provide premium snow removal services.

After the snow falls, enjoy it — don’t shovel it.