Naperville Landscape Lighting and Installation

Ware Landscaping offers lighting solutions for all of your outdoor lighting needs in Naperville and the surrounding areas. 

Outdoor lighting projects can range from simple to sophisticated, and Ware does it all. Whether you have finished a brand-new project or you want to spruce up an existing outdoor space, gorgeous landscape lighting can make all the difference between an incomplete look and a stunning outdoor landscape. 

Adding lights to your property increases safety, improves your curb appeal, creates an outdoor oasis, increases your home’s market value, and dramatically improves your exterior structures.

Ware Landscaping’s landscape, lighting, and installation services in Naperville can bring your vision to life! We begin each project with a plan that meets your timeline and fulfills your expectations. Installing the perfect lighting will enhance the look of your lawn, garden, walkway, patio, or home. We make your lighting vision a reality!

An evening shot of landscape lighting in a backyard in Naperville

Why You Need to Have Great Exterior Lighting: Safety & Security

Exterior lighting isn’t just a way to make your home more beautiful. It’s also important for safety and security.

Did you know that when it comes to tripping and falling, one out of every five falling accidents causes a serious injury, including head injuries and broken bones? Additionally, every year, millions of Americans have to receive emergency medical care after a fall.

Good lighting can help protect your family, friends, and visitors from both minor and serious falls. 

Security is another important part of your exterior lighting plan! Intruders and trespassers are less likely to choose a well-lit home! Security lighting protects your property and everyone who lives in your home from criminal activity.

Other benefits of installing exterior lighting

It’s not just about safety–exterior lighting is also an important part of creating a beautiful outdoor area! 

Lighting should be long-lasting, durable, and able to stand up to the grueling Illinois weather. Some of the additional benefits to landscape lighting include: 

Lighting highlights your home. 

If you’re building your dream home or want to change the look of your current home, landscape lighting will highlight the architectural features you want to show off! 

Lighting makes your entertainment areas more welcoming. 

When your lighting is positioned just right, it brightens up all the spaces where you entertain. You can install beautiful lighting to make your outdoor areas more welcoming. That includes lighting outdoor kitchens, grills, pools, patios, decks and more. 

Lighting makes it easier to enjoy your own yard! 

Great lighting means you don’t have to head inside when the sun goes down. A well-lit yard gives you and your family the chance to enjoy late summer nights, beautiful fall evenings, and more. 

Outdoor Bollard lamp in Residential Garden in Naperville

A Closer Look at Lighting Installation from Ware Landscaping in Naperville

Landscape lighting puts your home and landscaping on display long after sunset. You can transform your property into a relaxing space to spend time with your family or entertain your guests. 

Adding outdoor lighting to your home can: 

  • Enhance your property’s curb appeal
  • Increase the value of your Naperville home
  • Enhance outdoor entertaining areas
  • Extend your indoor living area to the outside
  • Create well-light pathways, stairs, and driveways for everyone’s safety
  • Increase security and deter potential crime

For many homeowners, landscape lighting design involves lighting gardens, yards, entryways, patios, and more. For commercial property owners, lighting involves parking lots and parking garages, alleyways, security stations, curbsides, building exteriors, and more. 

Let’s take a closer look at these areas where Ware Landscaping has plentiful experience in Naperville and beyond.  

Garden Landscape Lighting

You should be able to enjoy the beautiful landscaping around your home at all hours of the day. With the lighting systems we install, we will bring your visit to life and showcase the outdoor areas that you want everyone to see. 

Here are some of the ways we can spotlight the features in your garden: 

  • Install path lights to add a subtle ambiance to your garden walkways
  • Add pole lights to provide a soft glow near your benches, chairs, or other outdoor seating areas
  • Highlight the surrounding trees, shrubs, fountains, and other features with floodlights and spotlights
  • Light up your flower beds
  • Illuminate the bases of trees
  • Add deck lights for safety and to create softly lit entertainment areas near the garden
  • Add aquatic lighting to create a dramatic effect in fish ponds, waterfalls, and other water features in your garden

Yard and Entryway Lighting

The time and money you spend on designing, installing, growing, and building beautiful garden and property features shouldn’t go to waste just because the sun has gone down. Sunset arrives as early as 4:30 in the Naperville winters, which means outdoor lighting is necessary for many waking hours here!

Each time you pull into your driveway, you should enjoy what you see. A strategic outdoor lighting plan can display your beautiful front yard with the flip of a switch–or even easier, the setting of a digital timer or mobile app.

Here are some of the features we can illuminate in your yard and entryway: 

  • Lawn: Make an excellent impression of your home with carefully placed lights
  • Walkways: Use path lights for a safer and more comfortable walk to your front door
  • Steps: Light up your front stairs to highlight brick or stone and create a safer walk
  • Plants: Show off your flower beds, plants, or shrubs–and prevent people from stepping or driving on them! 
  • Walls: Project light onto the exterior wall to brighten up the front of your home
  • Garage: Spotlight your beautiful garage doors
  • Driveway: Ensure safe navigation by installing lighting along the driveway

When we plan the perfect landscape lighting for your entryway, we’ll help you consider several factors. Our goal is to help you create an effortless flow that leads up to your front door–in a way that matches the ambiance you want to create for your guests. 

These lighting considerations include the size and color of your house, current foliage and landscaping, age and physical ability of residents and visitors, and the mood you wish to create when welcoming others into your home. 

Illuminated outdoor lighting in a Naperville garden

Backyard Landscape Lighting

Sitting outside on a warm summer night should be relaxing. Sitting around a fire pit on your patio in the fall should be cozy. Sitting on the patio to listen to the frogs croaking in the spring should be delightful!

The right lighting creates the perfect space to unwind and spend quality time with your family. When you’re trying to decide the type of lights to add to your backyard, here are some considerations: 

  • Existing features, including trees, shrubs, and patio furniture
  • Whether you want subtle lights to create a relaxing mood or bright lighting so you can entertain
  • Whether numerous small lights or just a few large spotlights will work better for your outdoor space
  • Whether you want lighting around your pool area
  • If you wish to illuminate both the areas where you entertain others and your landscaping–or just one of the two

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Deck and patio lighting can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate nighttime entertainment venue. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a large social gathering, light fixtures will illuminate your beautiful deck, patio, or lanai.

Some of our favorite lighting ideas for decks and patios include: 

  • Steps and staircases
  • Fireplaces and firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fountains and fish ponds
  • Hot tubs
  • Seating areas

Commercial Landscape Lighting for Your Business

In addition to all of the things we’ve discussed that affect homeowners, business owners also need to consider the exterior lighting of their commercial property. 

Every business aims to provide a safe and enjoyable place for people to visit. The aesthetics of exterior areas and structures are just as important as the indoor ambiance of your commercial property!

Landscape lighting can enhance the look of any store or restaurant and add a measure of safety for patrons.

Whether you’re building a new business or you want to update the current lighting at your property, Ware Landscaping can help.

We offer light systems for:

  • Parking lots and garages
  • Signs
  • Entrances and exits
  • Exterior walls
  • Curbside fixtures and other area fixtures
  • Security
  • Pools
  • Walkways and steps

Choosing the right lights for your commercial property is vital to the success of your business–and the safety of your guests! Illuminating your unique structures and vibrant gardens is important for the overall atmosphere of your business, sure, but don’t forget about essential areas such as driveways, pathways, and entryways. 

A few other things to consider: 

  • Avoid lighting that is too bright or distracting
  • Don’t let your flights shine directly into someone’s eyes
  • If you’re illuminating someone else’s building or property, that may be a sign that your own design isn’t functional 
  • Work with an experienced lighting designer to avoid light pollution 

Ware Landscaping is a Full-Service Outdoor Landscape Lighting Contractor

When you hire Ware Landscaping, we can meet ALL of your landscaping needs. That includes lighting!

Our skilled team will assess your property to locate problem areas and create a lighting design that makes sense for your individualized needs. We will provide you with an estimated completion date and work efficiently to get the job done! 

Additional services that we provide:

  • Removing landscaping lighting you no longer want or need
  • Replace old fixtures 
  • Replace difficult-to-reach bulbs 
  • Maintenance and repairs to your outdoor lighting
  • Year-round support 

Why Naperville Homeowners & Business Owners Choose Ware Landscaping

Since 2000, Ware Landscaping has provided residential and commercial customers with beautiful landscape lighting designs. Handling light installations yourself is tedious and time-consuming–and it can even be dangerous!

You need to create a solid plan and understand how certain areas of your property could create obstacles to a lighting design. 

If you’re inexperienced with landscape lighting, you could end up choosing the wrong fixtures for the look of your home or inefficient bulbs that don’t actually illuminate your outdoor space. 

Whatever it is you need, you can depend on us to provide it for you!

We meet with you to discuss your vision, make suggestions, and come up with the perfect plan to execute your landscaping goals. At Ware Landscaping, it’s our goal to come up with a light design that you’re proud to show off to your friends and family!

Contact Ware Landscaping today for a free quote.

To learn how our landscaping professionals can fulfill your landscape, lighting, and installation services in Naperville needs, call (312) 964-8450 or fill out our online form. We’ll provide you with a free quote so you know upfront how much your dream scenario will cost.

We also offer digital design services to show you a blueprint of your lighting design. You won’t have to imagine what your vision will look like. You’ll be able to see it right in front of you to determine if it’s the right choice for your home or business.