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Property owners and managers have a vested interest in keeping their landscapes tidy, flourishing, and attractive. Businesses can attract or repel potential customers based solely on the appeal of their building exterior. Homeowners can also benefit from a well-designed, carefully-maintained landscape. People use landscape design to lend an air of modern sophistication or an atmosphere of rustic comfort to their property. Routine maintenance can cultivate order and beauty for your lawn throughout the year. Good design and careful upkeep often result in a functional, pleasing landscape that can significantly increase your property value. Here are the top 5 misconceptions about landscaping.

At Ware Landscaping, we understand that a quality landscaping service isn’t just about showing up and mowing the grass now and then. It’s about understanding your specific visions and the specific needs of your property. We focus on optimizing the beauty and functionality of every lawn and yard we care for. Our experienced, hard working team of Naperville landscapers have the needed skills to assess and address the challenges of each property we are hired to design, renew, and maintain. The landscaping services we provide include:

We also offer hardscaping services such as:

Hardscaping can make a significant difference in your home.


We understand that when you hire a landscaping company, you are trusting people with the health, attractiveness, and safety of your property. Ware Landscaping values that trust, and we strive to earn it. We offer such a wide range of landscaping services precisely because we have the skills needed to realize the potential of your property. Abstract planning, precise calculations, plant analysis, and efficient labor are just a few of our capabilities. We have earned those skills with over a decade of experience in landscaping. When you rely on our team, you rely on competent, hardworking, professional landscapers. We also take into account reducing carbon emissions produced in landscaping.

Serving Naperville and the Surrounding Cities

Today, the team at Ware Landscaping helps homeowners and businesses in Naperville and throughout Chicagoland with landscaping. Their guiding mission is not just to help take the burden of lawn care off of your hands, but to help make an impact on your life and your family’s life.

In addition to Naperville, we provide services to the following areas:

Landscape Design

Planning out a lawn or yard involves a lot more than selecting the nicest-looking plants and settling them in easy-to-see locations. While a lot of property owners do prioritize the attractiveness of their finished landscape, there are many other things to consider. For instance: what sorts of flowers, shrubs, and grass can flourish in your region? How will the specific topography of your property impact plant growth and health? How much routine care are you willing to put towards your lawn? Many property owners begin a solo design project each year only to discover that the plants they have bought cannot thrive in their soil or that they have a serious drainage problem that threatens to drown their greenery.

At Ware Landscaping, we have extensive experience designing, planning, and constructing attractive, functional landscapes. Thanks to over a decade of work in the field, we can anticipate common problems and tackle any challenges that arise. We are also able to make suggestions about plants that flourish regionally, along with various landscape features that will enhance the beauty of your particular lawn or yard. However, our presence on your design team certainly does not mean you have to compromise your vision.

Landscape Maintenance and Renewal

Even a landscape designed with minimal fuss in mind will still require some degree of maintenance. The seasons in Northern Illinois tend to guarantee that plants are either growing out of control or withering and turning brown. Of course, the amount and type of maintenance you will need depends entirely on your unique landscape. At Ware Landscaping, we are equipped to maintain properties that are large, small, sprawling, sparse, or covered with flower beds—you name it, we can care for it.

Some of the more popular maintenance services we provide include:

Additionally, if you have run into some landscaping problems, we can renew your yard or lawn and prepare your landscape to burst into bloom. Whether you are a homeowner or a business manager, it’s important to keep the exterior portion of your property looking tidy and well-maintained. The skilled team of landscape maintenance experts at Ware Landscaping is ready to assess your property needs, work with you to come up with a maintenance plan, and care for your yard.

Organic Lawn Care

Many people assume that landscaping and lawn care has a terrible environmental impact. Specifically, we worry that harmful chemicals spread from the fertilizers and pesticides used by landscaping companies. At Ware Landscaping, we are also concerned with minimizing the effects of our work. We want to enrich the local environment by making your lawn or yard sustainably, naturally healthy. That’s why we use Healthy Grow Holganix, an organic, non-burning fertilizer. Healthy Grow Holganix fills your soil with nutrients, improving its quality without pumping your landscape full of toxic chemicals. Soil and plants alike thrive on the beneficial bacteria, calcium, carbon, and enriching fungi found in Healthy Grow Holganix. Furthermore, our organic lawn care is not at all toxic. We leave out the dangerous compounds often found in conventional fertilizers, pesticides, and other lawn care measures. As a bonus, since Healthy Grow Holganix has completed the composting process, there’s no offensive ammonia smell. It’s a fertilizer that’s good for your landscape and the surrounding environment, and it won’t make your property unbearable with any strong odors.


You can use several tactics to create that perfect lawn, but perhaps the best is through putting down new sod with the help of an expert lawn care team. By working with the Naperville sodding experts at Ware Landscaping, you can lay sod down over your whole yard or just cover all your bare patches, giving your property fresh, living, flawless grass that looks great as soon as it’s installed.
With our sod services, you don’t have to worry about backbreaking work or errors in installation. You just have to choose the sod you want and where you want it, and we will do the rest. Choose from any of the popular grasses you see in your neighborhood or around town or let our experts help you find the sod that looks best for your property. At that point, we will deliver your sod from the highest quality sources and get to work making every inch of your lawn look new, healthy, and uniform.

Our experienced team can help you get the right sod for your needs and ensure that it is installed the right way the first time, so it can take root and stay healthy for years to come.

Tips for Landscaping in Northern Illinois

Before you settle on a lawn or yard style, it’s important to consider the factors that will impact your plants and property. Failing to account for average yearly rainfall or minimum temperatures can result in brown grass, dead flowers, and flooded pathways. Experienced landscapers often look at regional data to determine the kinds of greenery likely to thrive in your specific environment, but your concerns should not stop at regional rainfall and temperature. It is important to remember that your yard has unique environmental conditions that will impact all of your landscaping decisions. For example, you will need to consider the amount, intensity, and duration of direct or partial sunlight on each portion of your landscape. You can determine what is the best landscape lighting to use? This factor depends on the location and shape of your home, other structures on your property, trees, and tall plants. Are solar lights or wired lights for home landscape lighting? You can also consider who will be using your lawn or yard. If you have children or pets, you might think about their needs and their impact on the landscape. You can create different areas in your landscape using creative plant placement or hardscapes paths and divides.

Finally, honestly ask yourself about the amount of time and effort you will be willing to put towards your landscape as you begin your design or renovation process. If you want an intensely colorful yard full of flowers, you might face demanding routine maintenance. It’s important to understand the time, effort, and cost of your landscape before you execute a design.

Landscaping FAQs

Can I do my own landscaping or should I hire someone?

That depends. A lot of people enjoy tending to their property, but many may confidently take on all of the work for their property to discover they’ve bitten off a bit more than they can chew. Landscaping can involve a surprising amount of time, effort, and labor. Furthermore, few people have the experience and training to determine the right care program for their yard. Imagine pouring a lot of time and hard work into lawn care only to watch it die off. Even if you think you want to tackle your landscaping yourself, you should still consult with a professional. If you opt to hire a landscaping company, you may even end up saving money by avoiding design and maintenance errors.

Why should I care about landscaping?

According to many studies, a sophisticated, maintained landscape design can significantly increase your property value. Research has shown returns of over 100 percent for the costs of landscaping. Landscaping for homeowners can be profitable and also provide a source of pride and satisfaction. Many people also enjoy having an attractive yard as a place to relax or gather with friends. If you are a business owner, a pleasing exterior to your storefront or office building can attract customers.

What is the landscape design process at Ware Landscaping?

We typically begin with an in-person, on-site assessment that is completely free. Our designers will examine your property, take note of any potential issues or complication, talk with your about your ideas, make suggestions, and discuss a plan of action. Additionally, we offer a digital design service that lays out a blueprint for your dream landscape; the cost of this is credited towards your installation fee. Many of our landscape design projects can be completed swiftly—in as little as a single day. We will give you a timeline estimate for your dream landscape up front and work as quickly as possible to realize your vision.

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