Naperville Sod Installation and Grading

Do you want a more perfect or a more sustainable lawn, or do you need to improve or enhance the yard you have now? Consider installing sod or seeding a new lawn. Whether you decide to sod or seed new grass, you can cover the whole yard or just the bare patches. Covering any bare spots with grass is important preventing runoff and erosion. Installing a lawn can protect your property.

Naperville sod and seed professionals at Ware Landscaping can design your lawn for the northern Illinois conditions make your lawn or yard sustainable and naturally healthy for years to come.

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Sod Installation

To achieve your vision of the most perfect lawn, putting down new sod is perhaps the best solution. Sod provides flawless grass that looks great as soon as it’s installed, immediately giving your property the fresh living yard that you can be proud to show off.

The Ware Landscaping sodding experts can help you to decide what type of grass works best for your property and you can choose the sod with the type of grass you want. We source only the highest quality of sods that will thrive in northern Illinois conditions. Most of northern Illinois has mineral soils, so we prefer to use sod that is rooted in similar types of soil.

Our professionals will use freshly cut sod, then will properly prepare the soil bed, and water it thoroughly. We will continue to return to make sure that the sod is deeply watered underneath to establish good root development.

The sodding experts at Ware Landscaping are ready to take on a large or a small yard. If you are sodding your entire yard, yet our lawn professionals do the backbreaking work of rolling out the sod and aerating it so that you don’t have to. We can cover the whole yard or choose smaller pieces, that match the grass you already have to just cover thinning or bare patches.

Our experienced professionals will ensure that it is installed the right way the first time, so it can take root and stay healthy for many years of future enjoyment.
The botanical and horticultural experts at Ware Landscaping have a deep understanding of the climate and conditions particular to northern Illinois and will work with you to choose the best type of grasses and native grasses that are appropriate for our area. We choose grasses will require fewer harmful chemicals, less water, and thrive in the local environment to provide years of enjoyment to you and your family.

Mid August to early September is the ideal time to seed lawns in northern Illinois, with April as an alternative, depending on the conditions that year. You can count on our experts to identify the best windows of opportunity for optimal planting success.

Because we care so much about the environment and strive to achieve sustainable conditions for landscaping here, we use only organic, non-burning fertilizer on your new grass that will fill your soil with nutrients and improve its quality without pumping your landscape full of toxic chemicals. Our methods are designed to benefit the local ecosystem and create a sustainable lawn that will save you money over time.

Soil and grass thrive on beneficial bacteria, calcium, carbon, and enriching fungi. Our organic lawn care is totally non-toxic. We leave out the dangerous compounds often found in conventional fertilizers, pesticides, and other lawn care measures. We care about the health of you, your family and pets, as well as your guests, customers or workers.

Newly seeded grasses must receive adequate moisture to assure germination and early seedling survival. Our team will return to the property to make sure that your new grass gets the right amount of moisture and has the best chance to root properly and thrive in your yard.

What to Consider When Installing a New Lawn

When choosing whether to sod or seed your new lawn, what type of grass to choose and the exact location where you want the lawn takes some consideration. There are several important factors to take into account when making these decisions. The following are the most important things you need to consider:

  • Time – How soon you want your perfect lawn. Sodding is clearly the quickest way to reach your ideal landscape.
  • Climate – The northern Illinois climate and seasonal weather conditions will affect when you want to plant your grass and dictate how to maintain it.
  • Use – Whether you are going to set up tables to entertain guests or your children and pets are going to be running across the yard will help determine what type of grass would be best and how you will maintain it.
  • Water – Your water resources are critical to starting your lawn and maintaining it. Access to water is a key factor in deciding the type of grasses (maybe native) that will best thrive in the amount of water available.
  • Light – The types of grass you choose may depend, in part, on how much light and shade are in certain areas of your yard. You may need more than one type of grass to adequately cover each location.
  • Maintenance – How much watering, mowing, weeding and other lawn maintenance that you want to do or have us do, will greatly influence the type of grass and other decisions for your lawn.

Our Naperville lawn experts will advise you about all of the factors that go into the decisions you make about your lawn. We understand every aspect of preparing, planting and maintaining the ideal lawn that is perfect for your unique location. We will help work it into the surrounding landscape to be part of the local ecosystem. Trust our experts to work collaborate with you through every step of the process until you realize your vision.
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Why Ware Landscaping

Ware Landscaping prides itself in our customer service. We provide an In-person, on-site lawn assessment, completely free of charge. Our soil and lawn experts will be able to identify potential issues or complications with installing a lawn on your property, discuss ideas and solutions, and listen to your suggestions.

Our skilled landscape professionals will collaborate on plan of action with you and offer an honest timeline and cost estimate. Whether it is a large or small sod or seed installation, we can help you from start to finish, or just consult with you. It’s always beneficial to consult with a professional Northern Illinois lawn expert, even if you are going to do the work yourself.

Sodding or seeding can be a big job. Our team can prepare the site for optimal rooting and growing conditions before laying sod or seeding. We will work as efficiently as possible until your vision is achieved. Let us spend our time, our care and our effort to create your beautiful lawn. We can also return on a regular basis to help maintain its natural beauty.

Trust our experience and training to determine the best sod or seed and maintain your lawn for you to ensure its beauty and health. We address weed prevention and removal without using harmful chemicals or pesticides. Alternatively, we can advise you on how to take care of it yourself.

Our expert horticulturalists at Ware Landscaping understand the Illinois climate and soil conditions and patterns of sunlight and precipitation that are unique to our area. Our in-depth knowledge of the local flora and allows us to recommend the types of grasses that will do well here and that you and provide a space for you to enjoy while using the least amount of natural resources.

Benefits of a Beautiful Lawn

Establishing a lawn will give you a 100 percent return rate on your property’s value. If you choose to sell it, then the cost of having a beautiful lawn will pay for itself, in terms of curb appeal and usefulness, it adds to the selling price of your property.

Maybe the most important benefit of installing a lawn in areas that are prone to erosion or excess water runoff is the protection of the soil and mineral resources on your property. Grass roots hold soils in place and prevent them from breaking away and being lost.

A gorgeous lawn can also be a source of pride and satisfaction for homeowners who enjoy having an attractive yard as a place to relax or gather with friends. Merely being able to gaze across a grassy expanse will give you a sense of serenity. You can use it to entertain guests and children and feel more confident in inviting people to your home. Having a place to set up a yard game for your kids or play fetch with your pets is priceless and can make all the difference in creating the memories that you will cherish in the future.

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