Naperville Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Whether it’s a condominium development, multi-family property, retail shop, restaurant, or business park, your landscaping is the face of your business, so proper commercial lawn maintenance service is the key to making a great impression.

A man on a ride-on mower doing lawn maintenance

At Ware Landscaping, we actually got our start maintaining lawns in Naperville to keep our tight-knit community looking gorgeous, and this is still a mainstay of our business. 

We offer everything property managers, business owners, and town municipalities need from designing and installing landscaping that will highlight and complement your business to providing thorough care and maintenance to make sure it thrives in any weather. And not only this, we are also a Naperville residential lawn care company.

Our lawn maintenance service provides a little of both lawn maintenance and lawn care. We have years of experience, we understand the local climate, and we wrap in preventative measures to ensure your commercial lawn can ward off seasonal pests and diseases.

We’re happy to come to your property, share our expertise, and set you up with a proactive Naperville Commercial Lawn Maintenance Plan that meets your specific needs. 

And as part of our guarantee of service, we will also monitor the overall health of your landscape throughout the year. This will allow us to alert you of potential issues before they become costly problems and/or safety issues for your business.  

Keep your property’s lawn healthy year-round

Your commercial landscaping requires vigilant care and proper maintenance in order to stay healthy in winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

Neglected lawns can get patchy and dried out. Properties inundated with snow, ice, and wet leaves can create safety hazards for residents and customers. 

Setting up regular maintenance with Ware allows you to keep the face of your organization lush and inviting as well as safe and clean. 

What does commercial landscape maintenance in Naperville include?

When you work with us, we will come up with a comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance program that is individually tailored for your needs. 

Unlike dealing with an agency, there is no middleman involved — this is not a service that contracts out random people to do the job. With Ware, a skilled, courteous crew with reliable, top-of-the-line equipment will be assigned to your business on a weekly basis to keep your property looking professional. 

This is a full-service package, so everything will be taken care of, including: 

  • Spring clean up — We clean up and blow out all the beds and lawn areas, edge out all of the flowerbeds, trim back plants, and get everything looking nice for the beginning of the season. We install premium hardwood mulch throughout the flower beds, which looks beautiful and is healthy for the plants.
  • Weekly lawn mowing all throughout the landscape season, which includes clearing up seasonal debris and edging driveways, walkways, and common areas.
  • Summer clean-ups where we weed the beds, trim the shrubs and edge out the flowerbeds.
  • Fertilizer program and weed control — safe for kids and pets — all throughout the year so you don’t have to worry about weeds.
  • Fall cleanup, including raking leaves and pruning back plants so they’re ready for winter.

In the winter months, you may be interested in our Naperville commercial snow removal services

A man holding an organic soil fertilizer doing lawn care

Organic commercial lawn maintenance from Ware 

Fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides can effectively kill insects and weeds much faster than organic treatments. However, they also pose a risk to the health of humans and pets so we recommend professional Naperville lawn maintenance for this.

There are two parts to keeping your lawn genuinely organic: the techniques for maintaining the property and the fertilizers used to control weeds and pests

Organic practices focus on using substances derived from animal parts and plants or residue to repel pests and weeds. The fertilizer does not actually feed the plants. Instead, it feeds the soil to encourage organism growth and keep it healthy. This results in pest-resistant, disease-free, and healthy grass.

Are you interested in discussing the installation or care of an organic commercial lawn? We can provide the lawn care you need that won’t exceed your budget or harm the environment.

We’re here to serve you 

We understand that all municipal and commercial business properties are unique. You may be going for a specific look that conveys what you are all about as a business. We enjoy taking on these challenges! 

We’ve perfected a systemized approach to ensure that we capture every aspect of your needs and provide full transparency the whole way through. We will work with you to customize a plan according to the specifics of your space and requirements, ensuring that we prevent weeds and pests while promoting healthy growth.

Do you have an irrigation issue or a landscaping project in mind? We offer excellent lawn care solutions to improve overall growth and keep your property lush, beautiful, and inviting. 

Call us today at (630) 557-8170 so that we can hear your needs and come up with the right customized plan for your business. You can also contact us with any questions about our services, pricing, and discount packages. 

At Ware, we’re proud of our track record of providing quality customer service to our commercial customers for over 22 years now. Let’s work together to elevate your lawn maintenance game so the pristine facade of your property reflects the values of your business.