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Geneva is a scenic destination along the Fox River, with tons of restaurants and shops filling its refurbished downtown. But this charming city is no stranger to winter snow and ice, just like the rest of Northeastern Illinois. Snowed-in driveways and slippery walkways can pose serious safety risks for homes and businesses. Trying to deal with the snow and ice on your own can be a huge hassle, especially if your property gets a lot of foot traffic. Rather than worrying about how to keep your home or business safe during winter this year, call the Geneva, Illinois, snow removal experts.

A man removing snow using a shovel during a snowstorm

At Ware Landscaping and Snow Removal, our expert team is ready to clear away the snow and ice on your property, no matter how bad the winter weather gets. We’ve had more than 20 years of experience managing snow and ice on commercial and residential properties in Northeastern Illinois. We provide premium snow removal services, including shoveling, plowing, clearing sidewalks, and de-icing — we have all the tools and resources needed to tackle even the harshest winters with our zero-tolerance, full-season snow removal packages.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, Geneva’s going to get snow and ice this winter. Don’t get caught off guard with a snow crisis on your hands. Call the winter maintenance professionals.

Our Geneva Snow Removal Services

Snow can be a real pain during the winter. You may spend hours clearing your parking lot or driveway, only to have more snowfall cover up all your hard work the next morning. Avoid this frustrating situation by having snow removal professionals take care of it for you. Our services are zero tolerance, full season, and set and forget, meaning you can hire our team for the whole season and we’ll come out to your property for snow removal or ice control any time the snow starts falling — all year long.

With our services, the top priorities are safety and convenience. We focus on making your property safe for cars and pedestrians again, and we do a premium job so you can be confident in the results.

A plow truck clearing the snow on village streets

Zero-Tolerance Policy

What does this mean? Most snow removal companies will only come to your property once the snow has piled up to two inches or more. Most city plow trucks wait until two inches as well. 

Not us. We have zero tolerance for snow, and we come to your property as soon as the snow starts accumulating. You don’t have to worry about snow piling up on your property at all.

Plowing Parking Lots and Driveways

With plow trucks, bobcats, and other professional-grade snow removal equipment, we can clear large parking lots with even several inches of snow piled up.

Shoveling Sidewalks and Walkways

Our attentive sidewalk crews can get your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway shoveled, cleared, and safe to walk on.


We may come to your property before a snow event starts to preempt the build up of snow, as well as put down salt and de-icer after we’ve plowed and shoveled.


Our team monitors the weather and snow radar so we’re prepared when a snow event or winter storm hits. As soon as the bad weather starts, we’ll be on our way.

Sustainable Products

Whenever possible, we use a safe alternative to salt de-icer. It’s chlorine free and acetate free, making it safe for kids and pets to walk on.

Full-Season Contracts

We offer full-season contracts that guarantee snow removal and ice control for either one full year or three full years. When you purchase our full-season package, you reserve our team for the whole year, and you only pay “per push,” meaning you get a bill for the work we actually do.

Set and Forget Service

With our snow removal services, you can “set and forget.” Once you book our team, you don’t need to worry about calling us when snow starts falling. Sleep in another hour or two and rest assured that we’ll be on your property, clearing away the snow and making it safe and accessible again as soon as the winter weather event starts.

Geneva, IL, Commercial Snow Removal

When you’re a Geneva business owner, dealing with bad winter weather can be exasperating. Snow piled up in your parking lot or in front of your building could prevent you from opening or prevent your customers from entering. Icy pavement could cause you, your employees, or your customers to slip and fall.

You don’t want to keep your business closed and you don’t want anyone to get hurt — but you also don’t have the time to shovel the snow yourself. Call the snow removal experts to take care of it for you. You can go about running your business and we’ll deploy to your property as soon as the snow starts accumulating. Your property will be safe and accessible and you’ll have peace of mind.

We work with a variety of businesses throughout Geneva, including:

  • Restaurants 
  • Strip malls
  • Churches
  • Businesses and offices
  • Hospitals, daycare centers, and nursing homes
  • Townhome associations and high-end apartment complexes
Naperville Commercial Snow Removal

Geneva, IL, Residential Snow Removal

Geneva and Northeastern Illinois can have up to 30 winter events all year, which create hazards and inconvenience for homeowners.

Living here means dealing with winter snow and ice, but you shouldn’t have to shovel it yourself. Have a professional snow removal team do it for you so you don’t risk your safety or waste your time. If you relocate during the winter months or travel often, our set-and-forget services are the ideal solution for you as well.

When your driveway is snowed in, it can prevent you from getting to work on time, taking your kids to school, or even from leaving the house. Keep your normal schedule intact and go about your day when our snow removal experts come to take care of the snow and ice on your property.

A man using a shovel to clear out snow from a pathway

We provide the same zero-tolerance, premium service to our residential customers that we offer to commercial properties. That means you have access to an experienced team with professional-grade equipment, and your driveways and sidewalks will be as clear and safe as businesses.

We ensure the following areas are safe and accessible when we remove snow on your property:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Walkways to the curb
  • Front and rear steps
  • Gangways
  • Garage aprons
  • Vehicles

Our team will ensure that you don’t get thrown off your regular schedule because of the snow.

Naperville Residential Snow Removal Testimonial

Snow Removal FAQs

Does the City of Geneva remove snow from public streets and sidewalks?

Yes, the Geneva Fleet and Streets Division will clear high-traffic and high-speed-limit roads first when there is more than one inch of snow. The next priority is secondary streets, cul-de-sacs, and dead ends. The city doesn’t take care of sidewalks, however. If you own your property, you are responsible for keeping the adjacent to it clear.

Why should I hire a professional snow removal team?

By working with a team of professionals, you can ensure your property is safe and accessible — without having to do the work yourself. You reduce the safety risk and potential accidents that could occur either from people trying to access your property or by getting rid of the snow and ice yourself.

Hiring snow removal experts is especially important for businesses that must stay compliant with local laws concerning snow removal. When you have an experienced team on call, you don’t have to worry about whether people can get in and out of your building after a snow event.

Do you offer two-inch trigger contracts?

No. Some snow removal companies will only come to your property to remove snow if there is two inches or more of snow. We don’t do that. Our contracts are zero-tolerance. We come to your property to clear away snow as soon as it starts accumulating. We don’t wait for it to pile up to two inches. This allows us to provide the maximum quality and safety for you, plus we can afford to hire the best snow removal experts.

Call Ware Landscaping for Geneva, IL Snow Removal

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Enjoy the snow, don’t shovel it.