Geneva Commercial Snow Removal

As a commercial property owner in Geneva, Illinois, you understand the headaches that cold, moisture-filled winters can bring. Snowstorms and icy weather conditions can adversely impact your business if they aren’t properly addressed.

However, if you decide to take care of snow removal on your own, you may find yourself risking hazardous road conditions to travel to your commercial property. You shouldn’t have to spend precious business hours clearing snow from your walkways, parking lots, and roof.

Worrying about snow and the headaches that winter weather brings can feel stressful and overwhelming for a commercial property owner. Stay safe and warm, and let the Geneva snow removal specialists of Ware Landscaping clear and protect your property from the elements.

Commercial Snow Removal in Geneva

What you need to know about snow removal in Geneva

Brutal Illinois winters can present unique obstacles for commercial property owners. Ice, freezing rain, and snow may cause unsafe conditions for renters and customers alike. Obstructed property entrances, slick walkways, and unplowed parking lots may prevent your business from remaining fully operational.

Property owners in Geneva are encouraged to manage their own snow removal to keep sidewalks and walkways safe for passersby. Although city services plow and deice most streets, you may be required to keep your parking lots plowed as well.

Ware Landscaping offers snow removal packages that allow you to focus on your business and keep your external property safe from the impediment of accumulated ice and snow. Our priorities include safety, convenient services, and protecting the landscape of your commercial property.

Know who to hire for your commercial lot snow removal

How Ware Landscaping can help  

Ware Landscaping cares about supporting our Geneva neighbors, and we’ve taken care of snow removal services for area homeowners and commercial property owners alike. We understand the safety issues and stress that inclement weather can create, and we can ensure that your property is consistently cleared of ice and snow.

Even mild winter weather may require professional snow removal services. When you purchase one of our snow removal packages, you can trust that our team will keep your property safe for employees, customers, and renters.

 Ware Landscaping can help with:

  • Professional plow truck deployment: 

We have a fleet of professional-level, top-of-the-line plow trucks ready to clear your parking lots

  • Snow removal packages:

The Ware Landscaping snow removal packages ensure that you don’t have to worry about hiring one-and-done services each time the weather brings snow or ice accumulation. We offer one or three year packages — with both packages, you can rest in the assurance that your removal services are taken care of for the entire season.

  • Utilize heavy-duty equipment:

Our top-grade, heavy-duty equipment includes Bobcats, bucket loaders, and commercial-grade snow shovels. This equipment allows us to manage any moisture accumulation on your commercial property — including regularly problematic areas.

  • Hard-to-reach snow removal:

Whether it’s snow that weighs down an awning, or an area of your parking lot without plowing capabilities, we provide customized solutions to take care of snow removal in the hardest-to-reach areas of your property

  • Weather monitoring and surveillance:

If you contract with us, we’ll prepare for your property’s snow removal services based on the weather forecast and our surveillance of the moisture accumulation on your property. You won’t have to worry about a snow event or call us after every snowfall.  

  • Environmentally-friendly deicer:

Safe Paw, a kid, pet, and eco-friendly rock salt alternative is a fantastic, safe deicer that won’t corrode surfaces. We use Safe Paw to de-ice your parking lots, sidewalks, and other walkways. 

What to know about Geneva snow

In Geneva, it’s rare for a winter to fall upon us without bringing several significant snow events. On average, Geneva experiences 37.1 inches of moisture each year which is considered moderate compared to some of its greater Chicago-area neighbors. 

However, cold temperatures here can still turn unremoved snow into unsightly and dangerous ice. A consistent snow removal service can ensure that your commercial property remains clear, safe, and inviting to visitors.  

Why you need Geneva commercial snow removal services

In Geneva, icy walkways and snow accumulation can adversely impact your business. Along with the safety hazards these conditions can create, debris and air pollution can make compacted ice and snow banks unsightly and decrease your property’s curb appeal.

If moisture accumulation isn’t dealt with properly, you may find that your yard drainage system can experience issues, too. Backed up drains and frozen pipes that fill with snow may thaw out during Spring and flood your yard.

Professional commercial snow removal services can give you peace of mind and allow your commercial property to thrive during the winter months. 

Ware Landscaping snow removal services

We understand that your snow removal and winter maintenance needs are unique to your property. However, you may require a seasonal contract rather than a “one and done” snow removal team for every winter event that occurs in Geneva. 

That’s why Ware Landscaping offers two different seasonal contracts — you can rely on us to prepare for clearing your property after every ice and snow event that hits. 

What’s included in Ware Landscaping packages

You can select one or three year contracts to retain our services. Both contracts offer full winter services. If you choose to opt for a one-year contract, you can resign for three years after your initial contract has expired.

Our team is equipped to monitor weather events that hit your Geneva property, and seamlessly manage and mitigate your snow removal needs. You won’t have to stress about calling us every time a storm blows into Geneva — your contract means that you’re covered.

Our commercial snow removal packages include:

  • Pre-emptive de-icing of all sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots with Safe Paw, a salt-free and non-corrosive rock salt alternative
  • Consistent monitoring of the Geneva weather forecast
  • Property surveillance — you may have ice or snow build-up that requires attention, even in dry winter weather
  • Plowing of all parking areas and safe snow disposal. Your property will never have 6 foot high snowbanks threatening the safety of your employees, clients, or renters
  • Complete shoveling and de-icing of all entranceways, sidewalks and walkways
  • Bobcats, bucket loaders, shovel crews, and professional-end snow plows used to keep your commercial property clear and hazard-free
  • Snow removal services for Geneva commercial properties of any size: banks, churches, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, townhome complexes, and any other small, medium, or large commercial properties are covered by Ware Landscaping contracts 

Why choose a full-season contract?

Our one and three year snow removal contracts mean that our team is here for you throughout the entire winter season. This means you don’t have to scramble to find an experienced professional team after every snow or ice storm. However, you only have to “pay per push,” which means that you only pay for the work we actually do for you.

What are set-and-forget snow removal services?

Ware Landscaping also has a “set and forget” policy. This means that we monitor the weather so that you don’t have to worry. You won’t have to wake up early to determine if a storm the night before will require our services. We’ll clear your Geneva property even if you can’t be there to welcome us.  

What are 2” trigger snow removal contracts? 

Many snow removal services advertise a 2” trigger contract. This means that a snow removal team won’t take care of your snow accumulation unless at least two inches of snow have fallen.

Ware Landscaping doesn’t include a 2” trigger clause in order to clear your Geneva property. We understand that even an inch of snow or ice can cause impediments for your commercial property. If you need our services, the benefits of your contract kick in, regardless of accumulation.

What zero-tolerance snow removal service means

We don’t hate snow: Snow can transform the Geneva landscape into a winter wonderland. However, we hate the safety issues and other hazards snow can create for your landscape. 

Our zero-tolerance policy for snow is built on the foundation that you shouldn’t have to wait for significant moisture accumulation for our snow removal team to act. Even a mild weather event can create slick sidewalks and parking lots.

Prepare your commercial lot for snow

How to prepare for snow removal in Geneva

Even with a snow removal contract in place, you may choose to clear areas of your Geneva commercial property on your own. If you do choose to shovel or clear snow buildup on your own, it’s important to protect yourself.

The exertion of physical labor combined with freezing temperatures can cause heart attacks and strokes for people who contend with snow on their own. If you choose to shovel heavy snow, remember to:

  • Maintain a two-hand on your shovel, with one hand on the handle and the other placed close to the blade. This can help reduce your exertion levels and muscle strain
  • Dump your shovel regularly. If the shovel becomes too full or heavy, you could experience health issues
  • Bend with your knees and lift with your legs
  • Use the side of the shovel to lift and dump snow
  • Ensure your shovels are stored in a cool space, such as a garage or shed. If your shovel is too warm, snow may stick to and ruin its blade.

Contact Ware Landscaping 

For more than 20 years, the Geneva commercial snow removal specialists of Ware Landscaping have met the winter needs of countless property owners. We’re passionate about creating customized solutions for commercial property and homeowners in Geneva.

Our services aren’t limited to winter: we offer year-round, seasonal landscaping packages that include design, implementation, maintenance, and yard drainage solutions. Let us take care of creating and maintaining the landscape of your dreams so that you can focus on running your business.

Contact us today, and leave the labor of snow removal to us. Be sure to check out our website for a comprehensive list of our services and landscaping tips for each season, too.