Wheaton Expert Yard Drainage Solutions

As a homeowner in Wheaton, Illinois, you’re blessed with the security and comfort of owning your property. However, you can also become burdened with the unexpected issues that arise in and around your home.   

Sadly, beautiful yards do not maintain themselves. Every year, Wheaton receives a staggering average of 39 inches of rain and 30 inches of snow. The great news is that this leads to plush, fertile green lawns. The bad news is that this can mean soggy yards and yard flooding. Your beautiful lawn may transform into a swamp.

A backyard being graded after the drain installation

You may find that your Wheaton yard needs drainage, and DIY yard drainage can prove near impossible. You worked hard to create a beautiful home for you and your loved ones. You want the best return on your investment, and a muddy, unusable yard isn’t acceptable. 

Where can you turn for your yard drainage needs? How can you trust that the professionals you hire can implement systems that work?

Water damage can destroy your yard and infiltrate your Wheaton home. Nevertheless, experienced yard drainage experts can help provide viable yard drainage solutions. Take action now to avoid decades of future costly repairs.

How can yard drainage experts help?

A Wheaton yard drainage expert can come to your home and root out the cause of any flooding or excess standing water located on your property. 

You may need help to identify what type of drainage system you have in place, and why it isn’t working effectively. The right professionals can find a solution that meets your needs and most importantly, ensure you won’t have to incur years of costly maintenance and repairs.

Ware Landscaping has been finding drainage solutions for Wheaton and Chicago-area homeowners for over 20 years. We empathize with your frustration over the countless issues a swampy yard can cause — including invasive mold that can seep into your home’s foundation or take over lower level walls.

Our yard drainage experts in Wheaton offer the following:

  • Free assessments to determine the cause of your issues and suggested solutions.
  • A grade of your property and soil.
  • Laying down any necessary sod.
  • Creation of custom drainage systems to meet your individual needs.
  • Installation of appropriate drainage solutions

We want to help you to derive the potential joy and security your property should bring you. Your investment should yield the return you deserve. Contact Ware Landscaping for your free consultation and estimate. 

How do you know if your Wheaton home has a yard drainage issue?

If standing water and a soggy yard seem to plague your Wheaton property, you probably have a yard drainage issue. Some of the most common signs of drainage problems include:

  • Erosion: Any bare spots, fissures, rivulets, or cracks in your yard are signs of erosion.
  • Foundation cracks: If you notice cracks in the foundation of your basement or bottom floor of your home, you may have drainage issues.
  • Gutter flooding or stoppage: Make sure you’re cleaning your gutters regularly. Overflowing or blocked gutters can point to drainage problems.
  • Black mold or water stains: Flooding or standing water from your yard can make its way inside your home. If you notice black mold in cracks and corners or inexplicable water stains, this may point toward a failure of your yard drainage system.
  • Leaking: If your walls or ceilings leak, this may be a roofing problem, or, it could point to gutter and drain malfunctions. 
  • Warped floorboards: Flooded yard water may seep into your floorboards and cause them to warp causing significant damage.

A faulty or improperly installed yard drainage system can cause you major stress. Don’t add to your stress by attempting to solve the issues yourself — call an expert for any needed repairs.

Types of yard drains

Every yard in Wheaton is unique, and therefore requires a tailored drainage service. We don’t expect you to know every drainage system available or the specific needs of your yard. That’s why Ware Landscaping will fully assess your property and discuss your options with you before helping you to select appropriate drains. Some of the most common drainage systems include:

Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated pipes are often used in rural or spacious yards as they can direct water to specific areas of your yard.  In other words, if you have gardens or livestock feeding areas in need of diverted water, corrugated pipes may help. The installation process is relatively easy, and the pipes are placed underground. Holes drilled in the pipes allow for drainage as water is carried away from your home and topsoil and into the deeper layers of soil.

Dry Well

Spring and summer storms can prove problematic for Wheaton yards without a proper drainage system. Dry wells are fantastic solutions for stormwater runoff. Water is diverted away from your property into an underground well and then redistributed as nourishment for the soil.

The dry well system also prevents the runoff of debris and sediment from your yard into local water ecosystems. If heavy rain or snow melt-off in Wheaton enters rivers and lakes, dry wells prevent pollution from your yard from doing the same. 

French Drain

A French drain is a great fix for most flooded yards, This particular drainage system has deep trenches with gravel-filled pipes and downward spouts. The gravel prevents sediment, clay-like soil, and debris from clogging the pipes and damming water.

Excess water from your yard or home is excreted and dispersed through the French drain, and diverted from your home. Slow draining water flows underground, and is prevented from creating problematic flooding or standing waters. Homes with retaining walls and hilly or sloping yards benefit from the French drain. French drains require little to no maintenance.

A man laying sod for garden lawn

Common Wheaton yard drainage FAQ and questions

Some vital facts to know about Wheaton yard drainage systems include:

How much do yard drainage systems cost?

Yard drainage systems can fluctuate in cost based on the difficulty of installation and the damage your property has already incurred. However, a free assessment could give you a fairly accurate estimate of the cost.

If you have mildew, mold, and rot issues in your home due to flooding or standing water, or your yard has significant soil erosion, these issues could prove far more expensive to repair than a properly installed yard drain. 

How do you decide on a drainage system?

The most common yard drainage system is the French drain, due to the relatively easy installation and maintenance, and the system’s effectiveness.There are several effective drainage solutions and one of the most common is the French drain. Other Wheaton yard drainage system options include corrugated tubes and dry wells. 

What are the measurements for a yard drain?

As all yards vary in size and dimension, the most important guidelines to follow have to do with depth. For example, a French drain should measure at least 1.5 feet deep and between 9 and 12 inches wide. Depending on the depth of your yard and size of your property, you may want to consider going deeper and wider.

Answering the following questions about issues in your Wheaton yard can help you determine whether or not you need expert assistance:   

  • Have you experienced an increase in insects such as mosquitoes on your property? 

This is often a sign of improper drainage and could stem from stagnant, standing water in your yard — the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Could my driveway cause water to pool in my yard? 

If you have a concrete driveway that impacts the grade of your land, this may lead water to form pools in your yard.

  • Can I install my own French drain?

It’s not advisable to attempt to install a French drain on your own. Although you may save money initially, chances are you’ll need to contact a yard drainage expert for repairs, which can become rather expensive. At Ware Landscaping, our installation is guaranteed for 10 years. If you require French drain repairs during that time, we will not charge you.  

Wheaton Yard Drainage Experts

How Ware Landscaping can help with yard drainage 

As a Wheaton homeowner, you shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of disastrous yard issues on your own. Don’t avoid the issues until it’s too late. Contact the yard drainage experts at Ware Landscaping to ensure your yard remains beautiful.