Naperville Commercial Snow Removal Specialists

In Naperville and Chicagoland, winter storms can be bad for business. When your parking lot gets covered in snow and your walkways are iced over, no customers are going to come in. It can also be a major safety concern — not only for patrons but also your employees. When snow and ice threaten the vitality of your business, the snow removal experts at Ware Landscaping can help.

A truck plows a street in a snow storm

Our team of snow and ice removal specialists are ready to make your property safe from slippery sidewalks and snowed-in parking lots all winter long. We work quickly and efficiently to get all the outdoor areas of your property safe to pass through — so you can focus on running your business and not on shoveling snow.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Rather than waste your or your employees’ time with clearing snow and de-icing your parking lot, let our professional snow removal team do it for you. We provide many commercial snow removal contracts throughout Northeastern Illinois so we have the experience and professionalism your company needs to deal with snow and ice safely and quickly. 

Zero Tolerance, Full Season, Set and Forget Service

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities, which is why we provide a zero-tolerance service. Any time there is ice or snow, we’ll be there to clear it away.

We offer full-season contracts at a 1-year standard or a 3-year loyalty rate. Signing with us guarantees you’ll have one of our permanent, professional crews come out to your property any time there’s a need.

And with our set and forget service, you don’t have to make phone calls or schedule anything. You know we’re coming, so you can go about your business.

Our commercial snow removal services

  • Plowing parking lots
  • Shoveling sidewalks
  • De-icing
  • Monitoring and surveillance

Our fleet of commercial snow removal vehicles

  • Plow trucks
  • De-icing equipment
  • Bobcats
  • Sidewalk shovel crews
  • Bucket loaders

We service commercial properties of all kinds, including small and medium-sized businesses, churches, mini malls, daycare centers, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, hospitals, townhome associations, and large apartment complexes.

A man using a shovel on the streets

Snow Removal Plow IconPlowing Parking Lots

We operate plow trucks with industry-standard plowing equipment and service our vehicles regularly. We’ll get your parking lot and other large outdoor areas on your property cleared of snow and ice as soon as possible after a winter weather event.

Shoveling Snow IconShoveling Sidewalks

Your business is responsible for clearing public sidewalks adjacent to your property as well, so our shoveling crews will take care of those sidewalks for you. We’ll also ensure any smaller walkways on or near your property are shoveled and safe to walk on.

De-icing procedure iconDe-icing

If we know a winter storm is coming, we may come to your property before it hits to apply a de-icing compound as a preventive measure. This reduces the amount of snow and ice that forms and makes it easier to keep paved areas clear later on.

Monitoring and Surveillance IconMonitoring and Surveillance

With a seasonal snow removal contract, we keep an eye on the weather forecast and regularly survey the snowfall on your property. We work to limit the buildup of snow and ice on your property before the storm even hits.

Naperville Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal FAQs

Do I have to clear the snow off the sidewalks in front of my business?

Yes. In Naperville and Chicago, property owners are responsible for clearing away snow and ice from all public sidewalks adjacent to your business property. You also have a responsibility to clear it away as soon as possible after the snowfall ends. When you work with us for snow and ice removal, we’ll ensure your sidewalks are cleared away in a timely manner so you can focus on your business operations.

What kind of de-icing compound do you use?

For commercial properties, we use a combination of salt and a non-corrosive compound called Safe Paw. Businesses who purchase snow removal services from us have the option to use this safe and eco-friendly de-icing agent if they so choose.

Do you have snow removal packages?

Yes. Rather than calling us up each time there’s a big snowfall — Chicagoland can get a lot of snow each year — you can purchase a seasonal snow removal package for the entire winter. With the package comes our commitment to clearing away snow and ice from your property safely and quickly, as well as the reliability of working with a professional snow removal team that uses top-of-the-line, well-maintained winter weather equipment. Our seasonal package can be tailored to your property’s needs.

Why should our business choose Ware Landscaping?

At Ware Landscaping, our top priority is always giving our customers peace of mind. Dealing with the hazards of winter weather is inconvenient, time-consuming, and can even be downright dangerous. When you check the forecast and see snowfall on its way, you shouldn’t have to start stressing over how to prepare your business for the piled-up snow. Instead, you can let our professional team, with years of experience in commercial snow removal, take care of the snow and ice for you.

How does the service contract work?

When you sign a 1-year or 3-year contract, you reserve our team for zero-tolerance service during a snow event. Don’t worry: You only pay when we come out to your property.

What about a 2” trigger contract?

As a premium snow removal company, we don’t mess around with measuring accumulation and negotiating every time there’s a snow event. Our zero-tolerance policy offers you the highest quality and safety available, and our full-season, set and forget service means we can hire the best professionals to clear your snow.
You can also read our supplemental Snow Removal FAQs section.

Contact Ware Landscaping for Commercial Snow Removal

Looking to avoid the hassle that comes with winter weather in Naperville? Contact our snow removal experts at (630) 885-6370. We’re happy to answer any questions about snow removal for your business.

With Ware Landscaping, you can focus on your business, not on shoveling snow.