Glen Ellyn Commercial Snow Removal

If you’re a commercial property owner in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, you’ve probably experienced the chaos and stress that piled up snow can bring. The humid, cold winters in Glen Ellyn often mean snowstorms and necessary snow removal for homeowners and businesses alike.

You shouldn’t have to risk traveling to your commercial property in inclement weather conditions, or spend countless business hours shoveling snow from your sidewalks, hardscapes, and parking lots.  

Stay warm and cozy inside and let the professional Glen Ellyn commercial snow removal team of Ware Landscaping take care of your winter property needs.

Commercial snow removal services often include snow plowing, shoveling, salting, and de-icing.

Why you need commercial snow removal services in Glen Ellyn

Illinois winter can usher in huge winter obstacles for commercial properties not seen in the warmer seasons. Unsafe conditions including hazardous walkways and parking lots, icy areas, and obstructed property entrances can prevent a commercial business from safely operating, and lower the curb appeal of rental properties.

With few exceptions, Illinois winters bring a lot of snow to Glen Ellyn. This can feel like a gift to kids who want to build a snowman and sled, but can quickly turn into a nightmare for commercial property owners. Even if your commercial property is vacant in the winter, you’re still required to remove any snow that may present hazards for others.

  • What you need to know about Glen Ellyn snow
  • How Ware Landscaping can help
  • Snow removal in Glen Ellyn is the property owner’s responsibility
  • Here’s what to expect with our snow removal packages
  • How you can prepare for snow removal in Glen Ellyn
  • How long commercial snow removal takes in Glen Ellyn
  • Contact Ware Landscaping for Glen Ellyn commercial snow removal

Effective commercial snow removal is crucial for maintaining the safety and accessibility of commercial properties in Glen Ellyn during the winter season

What you need to know about Glen Ellyn snow 

The greater Chicago area, including Glen Ellyn, typically sees an average of 38.4 inches of snowfall each winter and the sun may hide on even the driest winter days. This can prevent snow melt and turn older snow into dangerous ice. 

The beautiful white fluff of the first snowfall may turn into an unsightly grayish-black mound that detracts from a property’s aesthetics, too. Accumulated snow can act as a deterrent for customers or potential renters.

Snow removal is an excellent preventative measure, and it enhances the aesthetics of your property, as well.

How Ware Landscaping can help  

The snow removal specialists at Ware Landscaping understand how stressful and time-consuming winter weather can prove for commercial property owners. When ice and snow threaten the safety of your employees, guests, or renters, we can help to keep your property safe.

Blizzards, ice storms, and mild winter events may all require top-notch snow removal. Here are some of the reasons Ware Landscaping is equipped to help you:

  • We have top-grade plow trucks
  • We maintain heavy-duty, top-of-the-line snow removal equipment, including bobcats and commercial-grade snow shovels
  • We offer snow removal packages to help alleviate your stress through every winter month
  • We can remove snow from hard-to-reach areas on your commercial property
  • We will monitor the weather forecast daily to prepare to meet your snow removal and deicing needs 
  • We use Safe Paw, an eco-friendly and kid and pet-friendly rock salt alternative, to de-ice your slick parking lots and walkways. 

Snow removal in Glen Ellyn is the property owner’s responsibility 

The village of Glen Ellyn has snow management in place that takes care of plowing most residential and commercial roadways. However, any snow and ice removal within the boundaries of your commercial property is your responsibility.

You shouldn’t have to pay multiple employees or a high-earning property manager to take care of plowing your parking lots or shoveling and deicing your walkways and sidewalks. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that if you fail to remove accumulated snow from your commercial property and someone falls and gets hurt, you could be held legally liable. A commercial snow removal team can quickly and efficiently handle your winter needs and keep your business operational.

Here’s what to expect with our snow removal packages

At Ware Landscaping, we understand that every client has unique snow removal and winter maintenance needs, and that you may need to reevaluate your contract from time to time. That’s why we have two different contracts for you to select.

What’s included in Ware Landscaping snow removal packages

Our snow removal packages come in one or three year bundles. Once you’ve contracted our services, you don’t have to worry about calling us every time inclement weather blows into Glen Ellyn. Our monitoring services mean that we’ll consistently manage and mitigate your needs.

Here are some of the benefits of our commercial snow removal packages:

  • De-icing of all sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots
  • Monitoring and surveillance of your property’s winter needs
  • Plowing of all parking lots
  • Shoveling of all sidewalks and walkways
  • Bucket loaders, Bobcats, shovel crews, and snow plows used to keep your commercial property clear and hazard-free
  • Safe Paw de-icer: This rock salt-alternative is salt-free and non-corrosive, unlike its standard counterpart. Safe Paw is eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets, too. We can also use Safe Paw as a preventative measure and cover your outdoor hardscapes and parking lot with it before an incoming snow or ice storm
  • Full snow removal service regardless of the size or purpose of your Glen Ellyn commercial property. Our contracts cover apartment buildings, churches, restaurants, small, medium, and large business properties, office buildings, and many more
  • 24/7 businesses can also rely on our services. At commercial properties with large storage capabilities, we may keep some of our snow removal equipment on-site. We can also use preventative measures and surveillance equipment to help make your property safe.

What are 2” trigger contracts in snow removal? 

When you’re researching snow removal services in Glen Ellyn, you may come across the phrase “2” trigger contract.” Essentially, a 2” trigger contact means that the services you’ve paid for do not kick in until at least two inches of moisture have fallen.

These contracts fail to account for the slippery and dangerous conditions that can be caused by a light dusting of snow or an inch of ice. 2” triggers mean that you’re on your own when it comes to de-icing and keeping your commercial property safe if less than two inches of moisture accumulates.

What zero-tolerance snow removal service means

The zero-tolerance snow removal service at Ware Landscaping doesn’t mean that our professionals hate and want to eradicate the beautiful snowfall that makes your landscape magical and welcoming in the winter.

Our zero-tolerance policy merely indicates that if any winter moisture should fall, we will plan on clearing your property for you. We won’t wait until your parking lot becomes an ice-skating rink to de-ice for you, either.  There’s no 2” trigger here.

How you can prepare for snow removal in Glen Ellyn

For any snow removal or maintenance that you perform on your own, remember to store your shovels safely inside a cool garage or shed setting. If a shovel blade is too warm, the snow you shovel can stick to its blade. 

You can create a DIY non-stick shovel blade too: just cover the blade in a waxy or oily substance such as cooking spray or floor wax.

Glen Ellyn commercial snow removal experts can also visit your property and cover your walkways and driveways. Safe Paw de-icer to ensure the ground below any incoming moisture melts or remains easy to remove from walkable property areas.

Remember, it’s important to maintain these surface areas in warmer seasons as well. Ensure that any driveway, sidewalk, or any other hardscape surfaces don’t have cracks and don’t collect excess water. Poorly maintained hardscapes, including driveways and sidewalks, can lead to yard drainage issues.

The professional team at Ware Landscaping understands the needs of every season, we offer packages for Spring, Summer, and Fall, too, and provide customized yard drainage solutions.

Businesses can minimize disruptions and ensure the well-being of employees and customers during snowy and icy conditions.

How long commercial snow removal takes in Glen Ellyn

In Glen Ellyn, the Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act is enforced. This law mandates that property owners have a duty of care to remove snow from their walkways and driveways. 

Although this law also applies to residential properties, it’s especially vital that commercial property owners intentionally remove any snow or ice that blocks accessibility. 

Within 48 hours of snow accumulation, your walkways and parking lot should be cleared, with exceptions made for “storm of the century” weather. Clearing your hardscapes is made easier by the equipment provided by snow removal specialists who can also provide insights on DIY preventative measures you can take. 

Contact Ware Landscaping for Glen Ellyn commercial snow removal  

For over two decades, the professional team at Ware Landscaping has helped property owners with Glen Ellyn commercial snow removal. We care deeply about our neighbors in the greater Chicago area and want to help them to realize the yards of their dreams.

Throughout the year, our landscaping services include care, design, implementation, and maintenance. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of commercial snow removal on your own, nor should your employees have to carve hours out of their days to take care of heavy snowfall.

Contact Ware Landscaping for a consultation today, and leave your heavy plowing and snow removal duties to us. Be sure to check out our website for insights and tips on landscaping and snow removal.