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Residents who call Lisle home are well aware that the Chicagoland suburbs get a lot of weather! All that snow, sleet, ice, and rain can add up to waterlogged terrain. And unfortunately, sometimes the pooling water in your outdoor area causes damage you may not even be aware of. Drainage problems can ruin an otherwise healthy and inviting landscape.

Those who own a home in this area understand why this gorgeous village is in such high demand. We’ve been Lisle lawn drainage specialists for over a decade now, so we appreciate a healthy local landscape!

If you’re a new homeowner, or just haven’t seen the point in investing in your landscape, understanding the value of proper drainage can help you head off expensive issues before they arise.

A drainage expert unblocking a drain in a yard

Why Proper Drainage Is So Important for Your Yard

A lot of people learn the hard way that 85% of home repair expenses are due to water damage. 

Proper drainage is crucial in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape. It prevents soil erosion, ensures the roots of plants receive enough oxygen, and protects your property from water damage.

Whether your house is 2 years old or 75 years old, you could be experiencing problems due to a poor drainage system, or no drainage system at all in your yard. By incorporating proper drainage into your landscaping design, you can ensure that your yard remains healthy, attractive, and protected from water damage.

The Damage a Poor Drainage System Can Do to Your Property 

Apart from the annoyance of kids’ swings surrounded by puddles and dogs trooping through the house with muddy paws, soggy terrain can lead to several more serious problems such as:

  1. Soil Erosion: Standing water in your yard can cause soil erosion and wash away valuable topsoil.
  2. Flooding: Poor drainage can lead to pooling water in low-lying areas of your yard, causing flooding and damage to your landscaping and home.
  3. Mosquitoes: Standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, leading to an increase in their population in your yard.
  4. Foundation Damage: If the water is not draining away from your home’s foundation, it can lead to water infiltration and damage to your home’s foundation.
  5. Plant Damage: Poor drainage can cause root rot and kill your plants, shrubs, and trees.

A wheelbarrow with a pile of mulch in a yard

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if I have a drainage problem in my yard?

There are several signs that indicate you have a drainage problem in your yard, including soggy soil, pooling water, foundation cracks, flooding, basement mold, and plant damage.

Who installs drainage around houses?

Landscapers can design and install drainage systems that integrate with your yard’s landscaping, such as French drains, catch basins, or underground pipes.

When choosing a professional to install a drainage system in your yard, it is important to select someone who is experienced and has a good reputation. At Ware Landscaping, we are proud to have 175 positive reviews, and we have been honored to serve Lisle and the surrounding suburban Chicago region for over a decade.

Why is drainage important for landscaping?

Drainage is important for landscaping for several reasons: it protects plants and soil, prevents flooding, reduces pests in your yard, enhances the property’s appearance, and protects your home’s foundation.

How do you establish proper drainage in a lawn?

There are several DIY solutions to create proper lawn drainage, however, a professional yard drainage expert has the necessary tools, crew, and expertise to assess the underlying issues, come up with a custom solution, regrade the lawn, install the system, and follow up by monitoring the drainage system to ensure that your lawn is as attractive as it is healthy.

Do I Need A French Drain?

If standing water is a problem on your property, the installation of a French drain is often an effective solution. The advantage of a French drain is that once installed, it takes care of your drainage problems fully and permanently. Luckily, installing a French drain is an efficient and cost-effective process that will eliminate your standing water problem as soon as it’s completed.

Will a French drain eliminate the standing water in my basement? 

Yes, if your Lisle home floods regularly, a French drain should prevent water from seeping in the basement when it snows or rains.

Does my lawn need to be regraded? 

If your yard is water-logged, a professional yard drainage expert will determine if regrading your lawn is the best solution. If required, they will make the necessary adjustments to the slope of your property to ensure that excess water is able to flow away from your property and out to the street or other remote location.

Our Commitment to the Lisle Community 

The Ware family has lived in the Lisle area for generations, so serving our community is second nature to us. We are proud to have gained the trust of so many Lisle residents, and we’d love to add your family’s name to that valued list.

Don’t leave the safety of your home and yard to chance. Whether you have a minor or major drainage problem in your yard, or if you’re looking for the experts to take lawn care, snow removal, holiday light installation, or other maintenance tasks off of your hands, contact us today. Our experienced team is ready to be of service!

At Ware Landscaping, our guiding mission is not just to take the burden of lawn care off of your hands, but to help make a positive impact on your life and your family’s lives.

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