Barrington Hills Landscaping Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner in Barrington Hills, Illinois, your outdoor space should reflect the pride you have in your investment. You want your yard to say a lot about you and a patchy, disastrous or bland landscape can decrease the value of your property. 

Who can you entrust with the extensive Barrington Hills landscaping services you need? 

Whether you need a complete landscape overhaul, yard renovations and highlights, or yard drainage systems, you should hire a professional, committed team to make your yard shine.

Landscaping in home garden

Professional landscaping can make your life easier

You don’t want to look out the window of your dream home and gaze upon an ugly lawn. Unmitigated yard issues can negatively impact all aspects of your property, from your ability to enjoy it to the fullest to your property value. 

You can’t plan for natural disasters or landscaping emergencies, but they do happen here in Illinois, and this can result in a huge amount of yard cleanup and repair. Even in times when the weather is nice, keeping up with yard maintenance on your own can feel overwhelming. 

By maintaining a phenomenal outdoor space on your property, you can immediately increase your curb appeal and exponentially raise the value of your investment. However, you shouldn’t trust any landscaper without researching the services of a landscaping company or reading their online reviews. 

You need the best landscaping contractors to realize the potential of your property and to protect its beauty. That’s where we come in.

Why do I need a professional landscaper?

Maintaining DIY landscaping projects can prove overwhelming and, if done incorrectly, can wind up costing you more than if you hire a professional. A professional landscaper can provide solutions based on your vision for your yard. Our team has created amazing yards for over two decades.            

With a wealth of experience, the landscape contractors of Ware Landscaping have helped many Barrington Hills home and commercial property owners cultivate their outdoor spaces. We care deeply about customizing our services to meet the needs of each individual customer.  

Our team of landscaping contractors call the Barrington Hills area home, and understand the nuances of the wet and fertile climate here. We can provide you with a free consultation to determine what landscaping services you need to get the most out of your property.

Beautiful patio design in a landscape surrounded by nature with elements like furniture and enclosing wood support.

How professional Barrington Hills landscaping services can transform your outdoor space

From outdoor kitchens and patios to flower beds and gardens, Barrington Hills landscaping services can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful sanctuary. As a homeowner, you can create a yard that allows your children to play adventurously. Your landscaped yard can provide a space for get-togethers with family and friends, or give you a private haven to find peace and relaxation. 

As a commercial property owner, you can utilize landscaping to make your business inviting and attractive to potential customers. 

The seven principles of landscape design

There are seven principles of landscape design that our professional team of contractors can use as a foundation to create magic in the outdoor spaces on your property. 

These principles are:

  • Balance: We employ balance to make sure your yard design flows from one side to the other. Balance allows your yard to thrive and come to life. For example, we’ll plant flower beds on both the left and right side of your home. 
  • Emphasis: We’ll choose to emphasize certain elements in your yard to set its theme. For example, if we build you a beautiful patio as a centerpiece, we’ll make sure the other elements in the yard point to the patio. 
  • Scale: Scale utilizes color and size in your yard features to evoke the emotional quality you want to create.
  • Sequence: We will carefully and strategically implement different textures and sizes throughout your outdoor space.
  • Simplicity: We’ll streamline the landscaping design of your yard so it doesn’t appear busy or crowded. We can include a lot of variety in your landscaping services, but will do so in a way that makes your outdoor spaces calm and inviting.
  • Unity: We’ll implement unifying elements throughout your outdoor space to create a seamless environment.
  • Variety: Variety brings a mixture of color, composure, and texture to your yard in an appealing way.

Each of these principles can be used as a basis to transform your outdoor space into the yard you desire. There’s a rhyme and reason behind landscape design, and we will work with you in every step of the process.

Garden lawn maintenance

The eco benefits to a landscaped yard

Hiring a professional landscaping contractor for your Barrington Hills home or business has environmental benefits as well. You can help reduce carbon emissions simply by cultivating your soil or planting a tree. 

Some of the environmental benefits to landscaping your outdoor space include:

  • Reduction of 26 pounds of yearly carbon dioxide emissions for every planted tree.
  • Prevention of soil erosion: The planting of flora and fauna creates a root system within your yard that retains the water necessary to nourish your soil and help prevent soil erosion from destroying your yard. Soil erosion in yards and commercial property lawns can cause weakened soil, mudslides, and flooding.
  • Run-off prevention: Planting flowers and trees can also help block excess water from accumulating around your property and assists yard drainage systems to keep pollutants and debris from your yard.
  • Reduction of noise pollution: The landscaping services you implement can also help block noise from the neighborhood from overwhelming your sanctuary. The grass, bushes, and trees you plant can reduce noise pollutants. If you include a wall in your landscape design, this can also absorb sound

Ware Landscaping services for your Barrington Hills yard

At Ware Landscaping, we offer a wide variety of landscaping services to enhance your Barrington Hills property. Our team of professional landscape contractors has a passion for the local area and understands the way the climate in the greater Chicago area impacts yards. 

Our in-depth knowledge of landscaping design and implementation allows us to provide customized solutions for each of our customers.

Some of the specific services we offer for property owners include: 

Our work for you doesn’t stop at summer’s end — we can help you maintain your yard year-round and we offer both home and commercial snow removal services as well. At Ware Landscaping, we consider our customers family. We will work to find the best solutions for your landscaping needs. 

If you need help in realizing the dreams you have for the outdoor spaces on your property, contact Ware Landscaping today at (630) 885-6370.