The Difference Hardscaping Can Make

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Many people only think of plants, bushes, and trees when they think of landscaping. They carefully lay out plans for grass, trees, and hedges. In reality, though, landscaping can also include plans for hardscaped areas.

Hardscaping is when larger items, such as fire pits, retaining walls, patios, walkways, and benches are included in the design. Hardscaping includes man-made features created from things such as wood, stone, concrete, mulch, or gravel. Basically, anything that is not alive and breathing, that can be placed in your front or backyard. It can even include rocks that are placed strategically.

There are plenty of reasons to choose hardscaping. Below we will outline four reasons why hardscaping can make a significant difference in your home and lifestyle.

Increased Property Value

One of the best things about hardscaping is its potential to increase the property value of your home. Buyers may not see grassy areas outside as usable square footage. However, when you hardscape an area of the yard by adding a deck or patio it essentially adds more usable space to your home. Then, buyers can begin to see themselves using that area for entertainment.

In fact, Kiplinger reported that over 80 percent of potential home buyers look for an outdoor patio when looking to purchase a home. And if you are not looking to sell? That’s great for you, your family, and your guests, as you can use that area yourself for entertaining, parties, or Sunday brunches.

Increased Privacy

Hardscaping can also be used to increase the privacy in your yard. Using hardscaping, you can build pergolas, wooden fences, stone boundaries, or walls for a courtyard area or that will shield a pool area. Instead of a flat and wide-open backyard, you can design your backyard to have privacy for yourself, your family, guests, and even your pets.

You can also direct the flow of traffic in your front or backyard. By designing the hardscape area with privacy in mind, you can send a clear message to guests as to how they need to approach or leave your home. A paved path to the front door welcomes people, while the wrought iron gate blocks passage to the back of the house. You can also ensure that it’s more difficult for any nosy neighbors to see who is coming and going from your home.

Increased Free Time

Homeowners often report that they love hardscaping because it is low maintenance. Because nothing is living in a hardscape area, you won’t need to mow it or water it. You don’t need to worry about the snowy weather killing your favorite bush or flowers. No pruning is needed with a hardscaped backyard. Increase the amount of free time you have by decreasing the amount of yard work you need to do. With hardscaping, you can also prevent issues related to erosion and the time and expense required to replant areas that erode or die off. Hardscaping is the permanent solution to dealing with many weather related conditions. The difference hardscaping makes is valuable for your yard.

Increased Design Creativity

When adding hardscaping to an area, you can also greatly enhance the creativity of a front or backyard area. A lush, green lawn is often portrayed as being perfect. However, rather than having a large, green, grassy area, a Naperville hardscaping contractor can use hardscaping to give dimension to your yard. Raised planter beds, fencing, walls, and borders create texture at different heights. They add interesting lines to the yard. Hardscaping can even incorporate stunning statues or sculptures, large garden walls, and fire pits. You can create your outdoor dream kitchen even.

When hardscaping is done the right way, it adds much more than a simple concrete area or even a deck. It provides interest, organization, and structure that you can enhance with landscaping and outdoor décor. Hardscaping can even benefit your pet! When you design with hardscaping, you can plan to keep skunks out from under a deck and prevent them from spraying your dog. With hardscaping, you can design your yard to benefit your lifestyle. Mistakes can happen sometimes, so it is best to work with a hardscape and softscape professional that can help you.

Hardscaping can make a more significant impact on your home and your life than most homeowners realize. Hardscaping allows you to plan for the long-term investment in your home with a short-term payoff in free time and added home value.


A lush and green lawn is portrayed as the perfect addition to any yard. But have you heard of hardscaping? It includes walkways, fire pits, benches, patios, and any man-made features strategically placed in your yard. How can you benefit from this, and why should you consider building one on your property? Find the answer to these questions and more in this infographic.

4 Benefits of Hardscaping Your Property Infographic