Barrington Hills Sod Installation

A lush, vibrant lawn can be yours quickly with sod installation services from Ware Landscaping in Barrington Hills. Our experts know how to design and install a gorgeous lawn tailored to your property.

Whether you’re starting fresh or repairing existing lawn damage, we have the skills to completely transform the look of your yard. We’ll advise you on the ideal sod or seed for Northern Illinois’ climate. By using hardy native grasses that thrive in this region, we create a low-maintenance lawn that requires less water and care.

A roll of sod being laid neatly on the ground, ready to transform the area into a vibrant and inviting green lawn

With decades of experience, our Barrington Hills team handles every step of the installation process – from soil preparation to laying the sod. We ensure proper drainage, smooth grading, and seamless sod connections. No detail is overlooked when it comes to creating your perfect lawn.

The end result is a lush, sustainable lawn you’ll love. The thick, green grass and flawless appearance will enhance your property’s curb appeal. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your new lawn is specifically tailored to thrive in Barrington Hills. 

This little village is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the state – even the country – and you deserve to have the yard you dream of.

Let Ware Landscaping make your lawn dreams a reality. 

Installing Sod vs. Seeding a New Lawn

When you look at your yard, are you happy with what you see? Or do you see problem areas that you’re not sure how to fix? 

Examples of common problems that may be a sign that your yard needs new grass in the form of sod or seed: 

  • Big bare patches or many small bare patches throughout your yard
  • Indicators of poor drainage
  • Erosion damage
  • Brown patches of dead grass
  • Lots of weeds
  • Nuisance critters like moles and voles 
  • Pet waste damage

Additionally, any time someone completes a new build or finishes renovations, it is common to need to do significant yard repair. 

Homeowners often find themselves looking at these problems and wondering which is better: to install sod or to grow a whole new lawn from seed? This is a great question that is dependent upon a number of factors. 

Our sod experts at Ware Landscaping are here to help you identify those factors and answer the big question of “seed or sod?”

The best circumstances for installing sod

We recommend installing sod in the following cases: 

  • You are in a hurry to get your yard finished as soon as possible
  • You need to make changes to prevent or repair erosion damage
  • It’s spring or fall, rather than the hot summer or cold winter
  • You need an entirely new lawn or your lawn has a lot of bare spots

The best circumstances for seeding a new lawn

We love sod for all of the benefits it provides, but we also recognize that some situations call for seeding a new lawn instead. Specifically, new seed is recommended when: 

  • You aren’t in any rush to grow a new lawn
  • You need a more budget-friendly option
  • The type of grass you want is not available as sod
  • Your soil needs a lot of improvements 
  • It’s the right time of year (late spring/early summer, late summer/early fall, or winter if you want to try dormant seeding)

A man carefully laying down fresh garden sod to create a lush and green lawn.

Our landscapers create gorgeous lawns for Barrington Hills homeowners

One of the most beneficial aspects of sod is that it helps you get a new lawn fast. 

Our Barrington Hills sod installation experts are familiar with all the best sod varieties for the area, including which grasses will thrive in the Northern Illinois climate. We always have a number of recommendations for grasses that are easy to maintain and sustainable. 

When we install sod, you can be confident that the result will match your vision for your yard beautifully!

Our sod installation process

Here is what you can expect when you contact Ware Landscaping for a sod installation project in Barrington Hills. 

  1. To start, our team will come to your Barrington property for a consultation. We’ll review your vision and discuss which options best suit your needs.
  2. If sod is the right choice, we’ll show you different grass varieties ideal for the area’s climate. You can select premium sod grown in similar soil for a seamless transition.
  3. Prepping the soil bed is crucial, so we thoroughly hydrate the installation area to ready it for sod.
  4. With care and expertise, we’ll lay the sod for instant aesthetic appeal.
  5. After the initial watering, we’ll demonstrate the ideal frequency and amount of water to nourish your new sod.
  6. For ongoing success, follow-up visits can be scheduled. We’re here to help your lawn stay lush and thriving.

After installation, we are always available to answer your questions, come back to check out any issues, and provide you with resources, advice, and services that will keep your lawn looking beautiful. 

Barrington Hills Sod Installation FAQs

We want to make this experience even easier for you by providing answers to some of the questions we receive on a regular basis.

When is the best time to install sod in Northern Illinois?

Timing is key when installing sod in Northern Illinois. To ensure success, it’s best to avoid extreme heat and cold. We recommend scheduling your sod installation in early spring or fall. Our busiest sod season runs from April to May as homeowners strive for an enviable lawn before summer. 

However, sod can also be installed between September and October before winter dormancy. To secure your preferred timeline within our active installation calendar, we suggest booking your Barrington Hills sod service early. Reach out to us today to learn more about ideal scheduling for your climate and yard.

What is the best sod to install in Barrington Hills, Illinois?

For landscaping in Barrington Hills, we always recommend native grasses as they are most likely to thrive in this climate. The ideal cool season grasses for sodding Northern Illinois areas like Barrington Hills include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass. 

You’ll want to avoid warm season varieties like zoysia and bermuda that will struggle through Illinois winters. When we visit for a free consultation, we can also help you determine which grasses do better in shady yards. 

For example, fine fescue does well with significant shade, and tall fescue does well with moderate shade. However, most other varieties require 3-4 hours of full sun per day. 

What’s the best way to prepare the ground before sod installation in Barrington Hills?

Installing sod yourself in Barrington Hills can be a rewarding DIY challenge, but please note that it requires proper preparation. First, remove all debris, weeds, and old grass where new sod will be laid. Thoroughly till the soil 4-6 inches down and level the area. We recommend amending the soil with compost and testing that nutrients are ideal for sod growth.

Compost also enhances drainage, so you can work that into the soil. And remember to moisten the soil before laying new sod. 

We’re happy to help if DIY sod prep sounds overwhelming – our experts handle every step of preparation and installation for stunning results. Contact us to learn more about our Barrington Hills sod services.

What does the sod installation process involve?

When installing new sod, our technicians meticulously stagger the sod strips, tightly packing each section against the next to form a seamless lawn. We use sharp knives to carefully cut the sod around yard edges and trees, tamping down the borders for a flawless look. 

After laying the new sod, we thoroughly water it to help the grass roots establish themselves in the soil. We also provide you with step-by-step watering instructions so that you know exactly what to do when we are done. 

Proper installation by our experts ensures your new sod lawn gets off to the healthiest start possible.

What’s the best way to water newly installed sod?

Proper watering is crucial for newly laid sod. We recommend watering new sod once or twice daily for 2-3 weeks, applying about 1.5 inches of water per session. (It usually takes 20 minutes for an area to receive 1.5 inches of saturation.) 

After the roots become established, gradually reduce watering frequency. With proper care following installation, your new sod should be fully rooted and established within 2-3 months. Our technicians are happy to provide specific watering instructions to ensure your new lawn thrives.

When can I mow my newly laid sod?

Wait 10-14 days after new sod is installed before mowing. Use sharp mower blades set to a height of 3 inches. Even after the initial 2 weeks, continue avoiding heavy foot traffic and mowing on new sod for 3-4 weeks to protect the establishing roots. Careful mowing will produce a healthier lawn. 

Man carrying a roll of sod, preparing to lay it down for a new lawn installation

How long does it take sod to fully root and establish?

With proper care like attentive watering, your new sod lawn should be fully rooted and established within 2-3 months after installation. 

To help your sod thrive, follow our experts’ instructions for the first 3-4 weeks to allow the grass roots to develop undisturbed. Once established, your properly installed and maintained sod will provide a lush, resilient lawn.

What’s involved in caring for established sod?

Once your new sod is well-rooted, recommended care includes fertilizing 2-3 times per year as needed. Watering can be done less frequently after the initial period. Periodic dethatching, aerating, and mowing at the proper height for your sod type will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. And of course, you can contact us anytime for advice on caring for your specific variety of sod.

Other important factors when selecting and installing sod

Beyond climate and timing, several other key considerations come into play when installing a new sod lawn. 

  • Project timeline: Sod establishes much faster than seed, so opt for sod if you need quick lawn results.
  • Intended use: The planned activities for your yard impact the ideal sod type. Active spaces may need durable grasses versus lawn for light entertaining. 
  • Water access: Some sod needs more frequent watering, so ensure you can meet each variety’s needs during establishment.
  • Sun exposure: The amount of sun versus shade your lawn gets determines which grasses will thrive. We’ll advise on varieties tailored to your light conditions.
  • Maintenance expectations:  Select sod that fits your ideal lawn maintenance level, whether high or low. For worry-free upkeep, our maintenance plans deliver a lush lawn without the work.

Reasons to hire Ware Landscaping for your Barrington Hills sod project

We are proud to service the Barrington Hills community, which is known for its beautiful lawns and landscaping.

When you look at your options, we are confident that you will find Ware Landscaping tops the list! These are just some of the benefits of working with Ware for your sod installation project: 

  • A relaxed, no-obligation consultation to discuss your vision and goals for your new lawn
  • Careful consideration of your specific desires and priorities for your yard
  • Expert guidance on hardy, native grasses that thrive in our local climate
  • Flexible scheduling to account for challenging weather conditions
  • Optional maintenance plans to keep your lawn lush after installation
  • Eco-friendly techniques for a sustainable sodding process
  • Lawn solutions tailored to your family’s health and safety

Our tailored approach ensures your new sod lawn achieves your unique aesthetic, functional, and environmental goals. We take the time to understand your needs and preferences, then leverage our sod expertise to bring your ideal yard to life.

Contact Ware Landscaping for a free consultation

Whether you are looking to fix trouble spots, sod your entire lawn, or repair and enhance your yard, contact our Barrington Hills sod installation team at Ware Landscaping. 

Contact us today at (312) 529-4633 to learn more.