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Chicago & Naperville Landscape Design and Building

Designing a landscape can be overwhelming sometimes or may be you just don’t have the time to sit down and plan out your landscape. Either way, Ware Landscaping can help you with your landscaping needs in Naperville, DuPage County and Chicago. Our design Team can help take your ideas and create the landscape of your dreams within your budget. Our team will help you take your inspirations and build the landscape you have always wanted. Our designers are great listeners so let us know what you have in mind. Tell us what type of landscaping scheme you like and we’ll create a custom design that will fit your needs.

Don’t know what you want? Don’t know where to start? That’s what we are here for. Call us for a free on-site consultation today (630) 885-6370.

Other landscaping services:

Regularly Scheduled Landscape Maintenance – Our landscaping consultant can help you plan out a regularly scheduled maintenance program to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Our maintenance program typically includes: lawn mowing, weed removal/prevention, edging, trimming, pruning and clean-up.

Drainage Installation & Repair – Having a drainage work properly is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn free from accidental flooding. Our drainage experts can install or repair the proper drainage for your outdoor space.

Sod and Seed Installation – Our landscaping specialists can help you decide whether sod or seed is the right type of new lawn grass installation.

Fertilizer Program – Our lawn fertilizer program will help you achieve nice, green, fertile lawns and yards. We start off by getting rid of unwanted, pesky, and stubborn weeds. We follow-up with fertilizer that will turn your lifeless lawn into plush grass with strong roots.

Edging Flower Beds – We can help you edge your flower beds or property lines to help create a neat yard and garden. Our experts are quick and detailed when it comes to edging and flower beds.

Mulch Delivery and Installation – Why rent a truck when all you need is mulch delivery? We can delivery mulch right to your driveway. Don’t want to get dirty? Let us complete the job and install mulch for you.

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