Snow Removal for Business: Why It’s Non-Negotiable

Snow removal needs to be an important part of every business owner’s plans for the winter, but especially in the Chicago area. Lake-effect snow can dump several inches in a short time, snarling traffic and creating dangerous situations for passing pedestrians. Your employees and visitors depend on you to make it safe and possible to get to the building safely. Waiting until the flakes start flying to figure out how to do so, could leave you buried deep without a shovel.

Why Every Business Owner Should Have a Plan for Snow Removal

Limit Liability:

Businesses can be liable for people getting hurt on their property and incur lawsuits if people are injured. No business owner wants to have to deal with a lawsuit. We all know that snow and ice can be slick, causing problems for people walking to and from a business. Snow removal liability drops in chances once you have a plan set in place for your commercial space. The same can go for your home where our team can take on any Naperville residential snow plowing activity where is needed.

Preventing accidents like slips and falls is something all businesses from Naperville to Chicago and everywhere in between need to be thinking about. Keeping walkways clear, along with driveways and sidewalks, whether by a snowplow or other commercial snow removing equipment, is important for the safety of your customers.

Additionally, an ice and snow-covered parking lot is also asking for problems. If you run and operate a business with a parking lot, it’s not just the walk to the front door. The last thing any customer or business owner needs to be worried about is cars sliding in the parking lot and an automobile being unable to navigate the area safely. So it could be better for you to understand some snow removal tips and tricks.

Prevent Employee Injury:

Employees are the backbone of businesses, and losing one employee to an injury can create havoc for systems, time management and increase the chance of a worker’s compensation claim. According to the National Safety Council, the average cost of a workers’ compensation claim is $40,000. That unexpected bill or claim can break a small business. Additionally, workers who are laid up with an injury cannot contribute to the overall productivity of the business. You could fall behind on projects at what is a busy time of year for many. Keeping company property cleared and safe also shows employees that their health and safety are important to you.

Partner with Experts:

If you live in the Chicago area, you’ve probably shoveled your fair share of snowy driveways. However, clearing a parking stall by hand and plowing a parking lot are completely different jobs. Naperville snow removal companies have the expertise, experience, and tools to do the job properly every time. Their expert snow removal crews know how to do their job without causing damage to parking lots, cars, or other property.

They watch the weather closely and respond to even small weather events. Just because the snow isn’t deep doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. They know the importance of keeping your business open and safe for employees.

Improve Curb Appeal:

Outside of liability, what about plain and simple curb appeal? Keeping snow from piling up on front entrances makes businesses more appealing to customers. The more appealing and inviting a business appears on the outside, the more likely customers are to come in and visit. No one wants to slog through the snow to get to your business doorstep. Don’t allow the snow to deter paying customers, especially with the frequency we have snow and other winter weather here.
There’s little point in spending money on landscaping and curb appeal if a business doesn’t want to keep it up all year round.

By using a professional snow and ice removal company, you’ll also ensure that the snow is removed safely and without creating damage to the surfaces of your sidewalks, parking lots, landings, and driveways.

So, When Do You Call a Snow Removal Company?

If you wait until winter is on your doorstep to find a snow removal company, you may be a little late to the game. The best time to call is now before the snow comes. Scheduling early allows your snow removal company time to determine what your land and property need. It also guarantees that your snow remover will be able to gather sufficient resources to support your business along with their other customers, including heavy equipment, employees, and tools such as salt. It also ensures that you don’t have to scramble last minute when the snow comes down and that during storms, you can focus your energy and attention elsewhere in your business.

Don’t spend your time shoveling snow and de-icing the parking lot and sidewalks when we can take that burden off your shoulders and allow your business to thrive with happy customers and healthy employees.