Mount Prospect Sod Installation

Is your Mount Prospect lawn looking a little brown? Do you struggle with ever-expanding brown spots or even yard flooding? New sod installation might be the solution for your problems. Laying down new sod can be a pain, but sometimes it’s necessary to restore the health of your lawn.

If you want to have a healthy, green lawn again but the backbreaking work of putting down sod doesn’t sound appealing to you, our landscaping experts can help. We install new sod for Mount Prospect homes and businesses and help you restore the health of your lawn.

A man raking the soil in preparation for sod installation, leveling the ground for a smooth surface.

Signs your lawn needs new sod

How can you tell if your lawn needs new sod? If you notice flooding, excessive brown spots, or the wrong type of grass on your lawn, you might have to put down new sod.

1. Excess runoff

Rainfall during fall and autumn can be detrimental to plants. Lawns with a strong root system are able to absorb the extra moisture and let it seep into the ground. Unhealthy lawns can’t absorb it, and you end up with runoff and soil erosion.

If your lawn has areas with sparse grass and bare patches of soil, it can result in flooding, mud flows, and displacement of flowerbeds. You can avoid these problems by laying new sod; it better contains the runoff and prevents a messy lawn after the storm passes.

2. Brown spots

It is not unusual to have a few patches of brown or dead grass in your yard, particularly if you own a dog. High nitrogen levels in pet urine can be damaging to your grass. Chinch bugs and grubs devour grass blades and roots, resulting in the grass turning a brownish color and dying. These pests grow and move to different parts of the soil to consume more grass, increasing the brown spots.

If you apply fertilizer correctly, your lawn should still be green and healthy despite pets or pests. Sometimes, however, the brown spots persist despite using fertilizer. It could be because your fertilizer has too much nitrogen, and you may have to put down new sod.

3. Wrong grass type

The previous owner of your property or another landscaper might have put down the wrong grass type for our northern Illinois climate. The best types of grass for northern Illinois tend to be blends of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fecuses.

If you don’t have a grass type that’s compatible with the weather and seasonal changes here, it could leave your lawn looking brown and dead. In this case, your best solution might be replacing the sod.

Benefits of sod installation

If you’re trying to make your lawn healthy and green again, can’t you just use seeding, springing, plugging, or other less intensive methods than sodding? You can, but these techniques might not be what your lawn needs. Plus, new sod installation has several benefits for your lawn.

  • Immediate effect: Once you put the sod down, your lawn looks green and healthy right away. It’s also ready for heavy activity after only two weeks — other methods like seeding can take months before you see the effects.
  • Less irrigation: You don’t have to water sod as often once you install it, usually twice per day for the first few weeks.
  • Dense and lush lawn: When you lay down strips of sod right next to each other, you can be sure there are no bare patches. As a result, your lawn looks dense and lush.
  • No soil erosion: Sod contains grass that is already matured so it can control dust, mud, and erosion.

Sod installation in progress, with workers unrolling grass rolls.

Our sod installation process for Mount Prospect properties

When you call the sod installation experts at Ware Landscaping, we’ll follow a thorough process to ensure your sod is prepared and laid down properly. We pay attention to details because we want your new lawn to last you a long time.

Step 1: Free consultation

The process starts when you contact our experts for a lawn and sod evaluation. We’ll come to your property to provide you with our professional assessment and recommendations — free of charge. We’ll also offer you a quote for our services.

Step 2: Soil preparation

Before we can put down the new sod, we’ll prepare the soil by:

  • Removing weeds
  • Removing existing grass
  • Leveling the ground for smoother installation

If we don’t do the prep work, your new sod won’t take as well and your lawn won’t end up looking healthy and green like you imagined it.

Step 3: Sod laying

Once we’ve prepared the soil, we can install freshly cut sod. We ensure it’s put down properly without leaving any bare spots or lines in your lawn.

Step 4: Watering

After the sod is down, we’ll help ensure its longevity by deeply watering it underneath, to establish good root development. 

Our experienced landscaping professionals can take on large or small yards, for residential or commercial properties. We can cover your entire yard in new sod or choose smaller pieces to match your existing grass, if you just have a few bare spots you’d like to cover.

We’re happy to discuss your landscaping needs, whatever they may be. Give us a call and ask about our sod installation process and we can answer all of your questions.

Close-up of a well-manicured lawn covered in sod.


When is the best time of year to put down new sod?

Mid-August to early September is the best time to lay down new sod in northern Illinois. Alternatively, you could also do it in April. Ideally, you should avoid doing it mid-summer or in the middle of the growing season if possible. Our landscaping experts can help you determine the best time to install new sod for your Mount Prospect lawn.

How long does it take sod to root?

It can take between two to six weeks for your new sod to take root. The warmer the temperature, the faster the rooting happens. You can typically expect the grass to be fully developed within one month.

Should you space between sod?

You should always lay sod as tightly as possible. However, don’t try to stretch it to cover empty spots. Lay it flat, without wrinkles. Ensure you have enough sod to cover your desired area to avoid having to leave spaces. Our sod installation experts will put down your sod properly so your lawn looks healthy.

Call Ware Landscaping for Mount Prospect sod installation

If you’re ready to make your lawn look green and healthy, give our experienced Mount Prospect landscapers a call at 630-885-6370. You can also contact us online to request a free consultation.