Yard Drainage in Wheaton

What’s better than a night out in Chicago? Wheaton residents know that it’s coming home to this lush western suburb that feels a world away from all the commotion. We can think of many good reasons that Wheaton was once named Money Magazine’s best place to live in the United States. With its excellent school system, booming job market, convenient shopping district, and unique restaurants, Wheaton is a destination in its own right.

Downtown Wheaton is a charming place for people watching and peeking into the numerous art galleries before grabbing lunch or an early dinner. In the warmer months, the French Market offers seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs and cheese, and a rotating menu of small bites depending on what’s in season.

Getting out into nature is easy in Wheaton, where you’ll find numerous parks and nature preserves just waiting for you to explore. Blackwell Forest Preserve is notable for its gorgeous plant life and animal watching. Depending on the season, the forest is ripe for cross country skiing, horseback riding, or stand up paddle boarding on the lake. Wheaton is also home to Cantigny Park, where you can visit a mansion-turned-museum, play a challenging round of golf, take a picnic in one of the ornamental gardens, or attend a summer concert or festival.

With so much action happening on your Wheaton doorstep, you may not find the time to get to all of your own gardening tasks. And when you notice that water is not draining from your yard and lawn as efficiently as it should, you may not know what to do next.

Ware Landscaping is at the ready when you need to solve your drainage issues quickly. We understand that no one likes to come home to a muddy or even smelly swamp in the middle of their yard. Call us as soon as you notice that rainwater or melting snow is hanging around for too long, and we will send one of our drainage experts to your Wheaton home for a free comprehensive analysis.

Why Does My Wheaton Yard Look Like a Swamp?

Once we arrive at your Wheaton home, we will get to work finding out the cause of the excess standing water on your property. We often find that harder soils are part of the culprit. Wet, compact, clay-like soils can become impassible to rainwater, which can take days or weeks longer to seep into the ground than it should. If your lawn is improperly graded, this can greatly contribute to unwanted pools of water. We also check areas that others may overlook, like your gutters or sprinkler system. If these are not functioning optimally, they may also be contributing to the problem.

How Can a French Drain Keep My Wheaton Property Dry?

A French drain is one of the most common remedies for post-storm water that is slow to drain. That’s because it is a permanent solution that is situated underground, completely out of sight. Once the drain is installed, it requires no maintenance and should last indefinitely.

We start installing a French drain by choosing the right location for the trench, which will extend from your house out to the street or other lower lying area. It is important to get this step right to ensure that the water stays safely away from your home, and that it will actually reach its destination. Next, we dig the trench to the correct width and depth, avoiding any wiring or pipes that may be set in the vicinity. The next step is to layer a perforated pipe in the ground that is surrounded by special rocks to ensure maximum access to the pipe. This system is wrapped in landscape fabric to prevent the drain being infiltrated by sediment or other things that could clog it. If we need to adjust the grade of your lawn anywhere along the trench, we do so at this point. One the drain is seated perfectly underground, we cover it with a layer of sod, which helps to funnel the water towards the drain. The downspouts on your home are also rerouted in the direction of the drain so that all excess water makes it into the drain for removal.

Yard Drainage FAQ

  • I notice that there were more insects and mosquitoes on my property this year—could this be due to standing water? Absolutely. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests to lay eggs, sometimes leaving you with an infestation that can hang around for the entire season.
  • Could the driveway in my Wheaton home be adding to my drainage issues? Perhaps. A concrete driveway can contribute to standing water if it affects the grade of the land in places, which may encourage water to pool.
  • Is it dangerous to leave standing water on my property for extended periods? Yes, it can be. If your home’s foundation is exposed to excess water repeatedly and for long periods of time, it can cause permanent damage to the foundation. Water infiltration can also promote mold growth, which can spread silently in your home for years before it’s discovered, causing untold damage, and even causing health problems such as asthma for your family.
  • Can a French drain prevent excess water from entering my basement? Yes, the proper placement of a French drain will drive excess water away from your home’s structure and prevent it from infiltrating any part of your home.
  • Is it wise to attempt to install a DIY French drain? We advise against this at all costs. The most common outcome of a DIY drain is that a professional must come and fix the failed drain, which can make a mess of your lawn. Fixing a drain rather than starting from scratch is inevitably more expensive.
  • Do you guarantee your drain installations? Yes, we guarantee our work for a decade. If your Wheaton property has any excess water on it for the ten years following our installation, we will fix it for free.
  • Why do French drains fail? A French drain is a relatively simple thing to install if you know what you’re doing. These drains typically only fail when amateurs attempt a DIY project without understanding where to dig the trench, how to dig it, the correct materials to use, and how to assess whether the land is properly graded.

Ware Landscaping – Wheaton’s Top Pick for Drainage Solutions

Ware Landscaping has a solution for every Wheaton household, whether you’re in the market for lawncare, a new deck or patio, a retaining wall or hardscape path, a remedy for your drainage woes or a snow removal. We are Wheaton’s top pick for landscaping services because we deliver on time, efficient, cost effective services with a personal touch.

As a family run business, the team at Ware Landscaping believes it is our job to go above and beyond your expectations. We value our place in the community, whether that means choosing ideal flowers and trees for your property, taking time-consuming work off your hands with weekly lawncare service, or digging you out from the area’s numerous snowstorms so that you don’t need to spend hours with a shovel or wait days for it to melt.

Wheaton residents turn to Ware Landscaping to get rid of excess water so they can get back to enjoying their backyard refuge. Call us as soon as standing water causes an issue on your property—we will make a visit to your Wheaton home to deal with the situation immediately.