Yard Drainage in St. Charles

St. Charles is one of the liveliest areas in the Chicago metro area. Visitors are wowed by its history and the sheer diversity of activities available in St. Charles proper.

It’s likely that this excitement and diversity is what drew you to purchase a home in St. Charles. Downtown St. Charles’ expressive architecture, lush riverside parks, boutique shopping, and array of restaurants worthy of its proximity to Chicago could keep anyone busy for years. But St. Charles has so much more. You could visit the one of a kind Arcada Theatre, which is nearing its centennial. Back in the day, it screened silent movies, and in more recent years has been host to some of the greats, including live shows featuring the likes of Dana Carvey and Mickey Rooney.

Soaking up St. Charles history is easy at the St. Charles History Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the area’s history dating back to the civil war. For sightseeing, hop on a riverboat cruise on one of the two paddlewheelers that carry tourists and locals up and down the Fox River. To cool off in the hot summer months, why not check out St. Charles’ own Otter Cove Aquatic Park, which has plenty of options to keep the kids busy for a whole day and beyond.

You probably want to do your part at home to add to the beauty of this wonderful town. That means maintaining a yard that you are proud to show off. Unfortunately, if your yard has begun to collect pools of standing water that hang around for days or weeks, it’s hard to take pride in a yard that you otherwise work hard to maintain.

With an average of nearly 70 inches of precipitation per year, it’s no wonder that so many St. Charles homeowners are in need of drainage solutions on their properties. Sometimes, the aging drainage systems that are already in place haven’t been updated in decades. Older homes may not have been built on properly graded land in the first place.

That’s where Ware Landscaping comes in. Drainage solutions are one of our areas of expertise, and they have been increasingly in demand over the past several years. If you’re experiencing excess water on your St. Charles property, you are certainly not alone.

Why Does My Yard Look Like a Swamp?

There are several reasons that excess water may be pooling in your yard. If you happen to have a large portion of hard, claylike soils on the property, these could be preventing water from seeping into the ground in the usual way. If you have quite a lot of trees and shrubbery on your property, the dead leaves and other debris that fall from them could be clogging up the normal drainage pathways. An improperly graded lawn or a hilly or uneven terrain could also be trapping water, especially in the older St. Charles homes. There could even be some issues with the way your sprinkler system or gutters were installed that is causing excess water to pool up.

The Damage Caused By Standing Water

You’re probably aware of the superficial but still annoying consequences of having standing water in your yard. When drainage is a problem, every pair of shoes you own probably has a layer of mud on the soles. Soupy puddles in your yard may render parts of it unusable, even after the water recedes. Or maybe the pavers on your garden path have gotten dislodged. In the summer, these puddles may provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests—bye bye barbecue season.

Left unchecked for too long, standing water can start to affect the flowers and plants in your yard by keeping the roots wet for too long and eating away at the soil. Many people don’t know that standing water can damage your home’s foundation or cause mold growth in the basement that can quickly spread to the structural elements of your home. All of these are reasons that drainage issues must be taken care of swiftly and properly.

The Fix: A French Drain

A French drain is one of the most common solutions to the marshy mess created by standing water in your yard in St. Charles. We recommend this solution so often because it is cost effective, quick to install, and lasts virtually indefinitely with zero maintenance.

Our first visit to assess your property in St. Charles is completely free. It’s important that our expert technicians discover all the issues that are contributing to your property’s lack of drainage so that they can be corrected properly the first time around. Once we’ve determined that a French drain is the right fix, we get to work digging the trench that will contain the French drain system. That means choosing the right location and path for the drain, digging to the correct depth while avoiding any wires and pipes that may be laid underground, and even employing a laser to ensure that the slope of the trench’s path is leading to lower lying ground along its entire length. Once the trench has been expertly dug, we carefully layer in a system of rocks and perforated pipe that provides plenty of space for water to flow downwards and into the drainage system. We also lay catch basins that can store water temporarily when precipitation is unusually heavy. This system gets wrapped in special landscaping fabric to prevent the intrusion of tiny pebbles and other debris that can cause clogs. We then close up the trench with a layer of permeable soil and top it off with a layer of sod, which has the dual purpose of looking great and helping to direct water to its intended destination.

We are so sure that a French drain will solve your drainage problems that we offer a ten year guarantee on our work. Should you ever see puddles in your yard again, simply give us a call and we will solve the problem for you free of charge.

St. Charles Homeowners Choose Ware Landscaping

Ware Landscaping is a family run business that has been serving the St. Charles area for more than two decades. The big lawncare companies treat you like a number; we like to think of our customers as friends, and we do the same quality of work to your yard as we do to our own.

Once Ware Landscaping has installed the right drainage solutions in your St. Charles yard, we’d like to become your partner in all of your outdoor maintenance needs. We offer a full menu of services that encompasses everything you might need to make your yard the outdoor haven you’ve always wanted. Lawncare, snow removal, landscaping, weeding, and holiday light installation give you back valuable time with your family while we do the dirty work. Want to take your deck or patio to the next level? We also plan and install outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, fire pits, and outdoor entertainment systems. There is no outdoor improvement project that we cannot handle at your St. Charles home.

Don’t wait until your drainage problems cause significant and costly damage to your yard and home. Call Ware Landscaping today. Our free initial assessment will put your mind at ease—this is why we’re St. Charles’ go-to landscaping service!