Yard Drainage in Hinsdale

At Ware Landscaping, we understand that the last thing you want to see when you look out your window in the morning is a yard full of puddles. And yet, the residents of Hinsdale see this sight all too often. While heavy snow and rain storms obviously contribute to excess water accumulation, a properly graded yard should have no trouble with ridding itself of precipitation naturally.

We know that yard drainage is not necessarily at the top of a busy family’s list of priorities, and that’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and care for your home’s exterior, including drainage and the installation of French drains.

When there’s so much to do in your area, the last thing you want to worry about is a soupy, muddy yard. Wouldn’t you rather spend your family time in and around Hinsdale, enjoying everything the area has to offer, than fretting over drainage issues? One of our favorite Hinsdale family activities is animal watching at nearby Fullersburg Woods, especially when it is followed by taking a boat out on the lake. An inspiring visit to the local Salt Creek Butterfly Farm is a magical experience for kids and adults alike. Also convenient to Hinsdale is Oakbrook Center, the massive indoor/outdoor mall complex that offers so much more than shopping.

Whatever you most love to do in Hinsdale, it must be better than yard maintenance! That’s why the team at Ware Landscaping has your back in every season.

Keeping Your Hinsdale Yard Dry

Standing water in your yard is an issue that should be resolved as soon as it appears. Our Hinsdale customers often tell us that they simply thought that some standing water after a storm seemed normal—until it didn’t. Left unchecked, those small pools of standing water become larger and larger until they may begin to affect the soil and plants in your yard. What once was your spring, summer, and early fall entertaining space is now a haven for mosquitoes and other pests.

Many Hinsdale homeowners don’t realize that the fix for standing water in their yards is relatively simple. A French drain can eliminate this problem as soon as it’s installed. While there may be some superficial fixes that can direct water away from your house where it belongs, a French drain is a common and economical solution to a problem that can cause more damage than may initially seem apparent or even possible.

How Does Your Process Work?

Our first step is to pay you a visit in your Hinsdale home. We want to assess all aspects of your outdoor space to determine each of the contributing factors to the excess water on your property. Of course, we want you to meet our team and feel comfortable with our level of expertise. You are entrusting your most valuable asset to us, and we take that trust very seriously.

We will discuss our findings and recommendations with you in our first meeting. When standing water is an issue, we are likely to advise you that a French drain will be the best way to achieve quick and effective drainage when the elements strike. We have implemented this solution for homeowners across the Hinsdale area.

Once you’ve engaged us to do the work, we begin by determining the best route for your new underground drainage system. We do our best to preserve the current plantings—unless, of course, you’ve decided to have us do landscaping work once your drainage problems have been solved. Our precision process begins with digging a trench that is the correct depth, width, and distance from your house so that water has no option but to seep down and flow away from it and your yard. Once the ideal trench for your yard has been dug out, we install a layered system of clean rocks, a wide pipe, catch basins, and landscaping paper to create an underground drain that we expect to last for decades. We then adjust the downspouts so that the rainwater collected from the gutters will flow directly into the system. Finally, we adjust the grade of your land if necessary to ensure that water will no longer become trapped on the surface of your lawn.

Once this process is complete, we cover the drainage system with permeable dirt and replace the sod, creating an invisible underground drain that we expect to last for decades. And when it comes to the quality of our work, we put our money where our mouth is. If you should experience any standing water in your yard in the ten years after we’ve installed your French drain on your Hinsdale property, we will fix the problem free of charge. At Ware Landscaping, customer service is absolutely paramount.

What are the Causes of Standing Water?

The heavy precipitation throughout the year in the Hinsdale area means that many of your neighbors likely have the same drainage issues you have. But the weather is not the only factor here. You may have a soil type such as clay, which becomes hard and compacted when wet and blocks water drainage into the soil. Uneven terrain may cause low spots in your yard where water collects. Even faulty gutters or sprinklers can cause water to pool and remain in your yard for far longer than it should.

When your land has not been properly graded, this requires more work to ensure lasting success with your Hinsdale French drain installation, but it is worth correcting this problem. Grading or re-grading lawns is one of our team’s core competencies, and we get the job done right. Improper grading is one of those things a homeowner never considers—until it causes your yard to turn into a swamp. Let Ware Landscaping ensure that the grading on your Hinsdale property is adequate for good drainage. You deserve an outdoor space that is clean, beautiful, and free of smelly, unsightly puddles.

Hinsdale’s #1 Choice for Drainage Support

Hinsdale families know and trust Ware Landscaping for our courteous, efficient, and cost-effective service. Whether summer or winter, we are engaged with families all over the Hinsdale area to maintain their lawns, clear snow, design flowerbeds, place mulch, remove weeds, and even install and remove holiday lights. And we love projects that include creating beautiful and functional patios and decks, complete with fire pits, outdoor lighting and entertainment systems, and attractive steps and walkways.

When it comes to drainage solutions, we hope the Hinsdale community thinks of us as readily as they do for beautification services. Drainage is actually one of the most important landscaping problems we can address, as it protects the integrity of your outdoor space and even the structural integrity of your home. It may not be our most exciting service, but it is a vital one.

We invite Hinsdale property owners to engage with us as soon as you notice a drainage problem in your yard. The sooner we address the problem, the easier and cheaper our process will be. Don’t let excess water slowly eat away at your soil or damage your home’s foundation. Call Ware Landscaping now. We guarantee that our work will be the last drainage solution you ever need.