Yard Drainage in Glen Ellyn

Who wouldn’t want to live in Glen Ellyn? At only twenty miles from downtown Chicago, Glen Ellyn feels like a world away—even though it’s only a quick few stops on the Metra and you’re home. This historic town of Glen Ellyn is home to shopping, salons and spas, plenty of restaurants, and fun sports and wine bars.

When you’ve exhausted the area’s retail therapy options, Glen Ellyn has its share of cultural events to keep you busy. Arts and music festivals, street fairs, holiday gatherings, and more seem to be happening all year long. And of course, there is no shortage of outdoor fun to be had in Glen Ellyn, which boasts a lake and boathouse, mini golf, outdoor skating and sledding in the winter months, tennis and pickleball, and dog parks for your four-legged best friends.

When you arrive home after a whole day out in Glen Ellyn, the last thing you want to see is puddles in the yard you work so hard to maintain. Unfortunately, if your lawn is not properly graded, or if your drainage system is inadequate, standing water can be the bane of your existence. Chicagoland weather is no picnic, and the annual pummeling we get in the Glen Ellyn area by rain, snow, and hail means that swampy, muddy puddles can form at almost any time of the year. At the very least, that means an endless parade of dirty shoes and dirty paws into the house along with a yard that you may not be very proud of. Ideally, you should fix yard drainage problems before winter is coming.

Ware Landscaping has been handling drainage issues for Glen Ellyn residents for more than two decades. Because we know how to assess your property and spot any potential contributors to your drainage headaches, we correct the problem once and for all. And in case you need more reason to leave your drainage problems in our capable hands, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all of our drainage work. If you ever have another puddle in your yard over the next ten years (unlikely), we will fix it free of charge.

French Drain Installation in Glen Ellyn

Once we’ve assessed your Glen Ellyn property and concluded that a French drain is right for you, we quickly get to work to install this simple but effective solution. The idea is that the drain will conduct the water that used to pool up in annoying and destructive puddles away from your home and yard via an underground pipe.

To install a French drain, first we find the best route for water to flow away from your home. We do our best to avoid removing trees and shrubs if at all possible. The trench will be located approximately six to twenty feet away from your house—our priority is to get close enough to eliminate standing water near your foundation—and several feet deep. Once we’ve done the digging work, we lay a simple but effective system of pipe, rocks, water collection basins, and protective fabric to ensure that excess water can seep freely down into the system and move swiftly down the pipe and away from your property. We then redirect the downspouts attached to your house so that the water flows directly into the drainage system. Once the underground system is complete, we carefully cover it with penetrable soil and secure it with a layer of sod, which is another important element that keeps your yard dry and looking perfect.

Occasionally one of our Glen Ellyn customers has tried to remediate their drainage issues with a homemade French drain. We’ve found that this typically has dire consequences; DIY French drains are rarely effective, and they usually cause more work for us, unfortunately resulting in a higher cost to you than if we’d been the first ones to do the job.

Lawn Grading in Glen Ellyn

Grading or regrading is essentially creating the right slope on your property to allow water to flow away from the house. This may be a relatively simple matter of evening out certain problem areas, or it may require a full-scale renovation to the lawn and its underlying support. Our Glen Ellyn customers typically find that lawn grading is well worth the time and cost; once the work is done, a patio or deck that will last for decades can safely be installed, as can the landscaping and other beautification features that you’ve always dreamed of. The team at Ware Landscaping believe it’s worth doing the job right the first time.

Drainage FAQ

  • Can’t I just wait for the puddles in my yard to dry out? Unfortunately, this is not really a solution. You may decide to tolerate these puddles at first, but over time they will cause soil erosion and perhaps even damage to your home’s foundation. Water infiltration into your basement or crawl space can cause mold growth, which is a dangerous situation in its own right.
  • Is a French drain the only solution to the standing water in my yard? This depends on the cause or causes of the excess water accumulation you’re experiencing at your Glen Ellyn property. There may be some adjustments that we can make to shrubbery, gutter systems, or hardscaping to properly redirect the water pooling. We often recommend a French drain because it is both cost effective and very successful at removing excess water.
  • I tried to dig my own French drain and hit some wires about two feet down. What now? We will be happy to assist. Unfortunately, we may need to engage an electrician to help with the project if any damage has been done to underground wiring. It’s important to stay away from the area as well as to keep children and pets safely inside until the problem is resolved.
  • Can standing water affect my home’s foundation? Absolutely. Your foundation is made to withstand normal exposure to water, but continuous water seepage can cause serious damage and dramatically affect your home’s value.

Ware Landscaping—Glen Ellyn’s Choice for Drainage Solutions (and so much more)

At Ware Landscaping, we’re honored to be Glen Ellyn’s first choice in outdoor home maintenance. Our family-run business has been a community leader for decades, and we’re eager to serve you, whether the job is large or small.

Glen Ellyn families have little time to spare for lawncare and other outdoor maintenance tasks, and that’s where we come in. Your time with your family is precious, and we are proud to be able to free up your weekends so that you can go to those all-important soccer matches and ballet recitals.

At Ware Landscaping, we do so much more than lawncare and snow removal. Once your French drain is installed and your yard is effectively draining water, there are so many improvements that can be made to create a three-season outdoor haven for family and friends. If you love to grill out, consider having us install an outdoor kitchen. Or why not make your home the destination for the weekend’s big games with a custom firepit and big screen TV that is totally protected from the elements. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

You’ve worked hard to call Glen Ellyn your home. Why not get the maximum satisfaction out of your most valuable asset? To get a full assessment of your drainage issues along with our recommendations on how to take best advantage of your outdoor space, call Ware Landscaping today. Our free first visit is an invaluable step in getting the yard you’ve always dreamed of.