Yard Drainage in Geneva

Your busy life probably does not leave much time for dealing with excess water accumulation in your backyard or around your Geneva property. It can be tempting to overlook standing water—after all, it goes away at some point, right? Unfortunately, if ignored for too long, what seemed like nothing more than a nuisance can become destructive to plants through soil erosion, or even to the very foundation of your home.

You may know Ware Landscaping for our comprehensive menu of services that includes landscaping, snow removal, holiday light installation and removal, patio and deck installation, outdoor kitchens and firepits, driveways, and so much more. But did you know that drainage solutions are also one of our core competencies?

As a Geneva resident, you undoubtedly have experienced some brutal winters in our area. And summer has its own weather headaches, such as frequent storms and even the occasional flood. These weather extremes can wreak havoc on your property at times. And if you’ve noticed that standing water has become an issue on your Geneva property, you may not know how to resolve it.

Ware Landscaping has a number of tailored solutions to remedy the problem of standing water in your yard. Call us immediately upon realizing that this problem will not simply go away on its own. We offer a free assessment onsite at your Geneva home, which allows us to diagnose the cause of standing water and offer our efficient, cost-effective solutions.

How Can a French Drain Keep My Geneva Property Dry?

A French drain is the perfect remedy to those unsightly, destructive puddles that occur on as many as sixty percent of properties in the Geneva area. Standing water is not simply annoying; it can be destructive as well. Established plants may be disturbed by water that hangs around for too long. They can even be killed as the water slowly eats away at the soil, leaving root systems bare and dislodged. In the summer, standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, ruining summer gatherings and making the kids’ outdoor playtime miserable. Even worse, when standing water pools too close to your house, water can seep into the foundation over time, possibly damaging its structure. Water that enters your basement or crawl space can precipitate mold growth, causing allergies, brain fog, and respiratory distress to your family for months or years before the cause is discovered.

A French drain is an ideal solution to eliminate pools of standing water before they become a costly and dangerous problem. First, our team thoroughly evaluates your property to ensure that all sources of standing water have been identified—we don’t assume that rainfall is the only issue. Soil type, the placement of existing trees and shrubs, hardscape features, and improperly installed sprinkler systems all can contribute to excess water on your property. Next, we locate the best path for the trench that will house the drainage pipe. Typically, this will be situated anywhere from six to twenty feet from the house, far enough to be at a safe distance but close enough to ensure that the water is in fact ferried away from the house. Next, we place a layered system of pipe, rocks, water collection basins, and protective fabric to ensure that the system is effective, long-lasting, and efficient. Next, the downspouts are redirected into the system to prevent overflows. The next step is to ensure that your yard is graded properly and make any necessary changes to ensure smooth water flow. Finally, we cover the system with permeable soil and a layer of sod to hold the elements together and create a flawless finish. Sod is not only attractive but it is actually helpful in conducting water into the drain and away from your home and its environs.

DIY Drainage—Why Not?

There are many online sources claiming that you can save money by installing your own French drain. This is a little bit like saying that you can save money by cutting your own hair—in truth, cutting your own hair will probably cost you more money and time, since in all likelihood, you will need to engage an expert stylist to make yourself look presentable after you’ve made yourself look like a complete mess!

This may be a silly example, but it’s a relevant one. Unfortunately, attempting to dig your own French drain at your Geneva home will likely have worse ramifications in your life than attempting to give yourself a haircut. There are so many costly mistakes that you can make unless you just happen to be a drainage expert.

Installation of a French drain must be done well the first time. It is difficult to correct mistakes if you make one, which means opening the trench up again. You may well find that your attempt to save time and money actually costs time and money after all that hard work.

It’s important to dig the trench to the right depth and finish by covering the drain with the right type of soil so that the water can actually flow down to the pipe. Unless you have experience in creating drainage systems, you may wind up with a clogged drain, which completely defeats the purpose.

You also need to ensure that the trench takes the right path through your yard so that you avoid placing the piping at the wrong pitch. In fact, that’s why our experts use a laser to guide the path and depth of the trench and to ensure that there are no spots that force the water to flow upwards instead of downwards.

Most DIYers don’t realize how many wires and pipes are set underground in their yard until it’s too late. Remember, your plumbing, cable, internet, and electrical wires may be placed just a few feet under the ground, and digging when you don’t know where they’re located can cause expensive damage, or even injury.

For these reasons, we suggest that only pros are engaged to place a French drain at your Geneva home. Rest assured that this is an efficient and cost-effective solution. Not convinced? We want you to feel totally comfortable with our work, so we offer a ten year, no questions asked guarantee. If you have any standing water on your Geneva property over the next decade, we will fix it for free.

Geneva Homeowners Trust Ware Landscaping

Like our friends in Geneva, we are proud to call this area home. Part of our mission as a company is to add to the beauty and curb appeal of our area through our relationships with our valued customers. Creating outdoor spaces that our Geneva customers love to use with family and friends is our passion.

When you’re in the mood to get out of the house, Geneva has an enviable array of destinations to choose from. Geneva’s Island Park is set along Fox River, which is perfect for relaxing picnics and fishing, and it has a special treehouse themed park for the kiddos. The Geneva Historical Society Museum is the place to discover local artifacts, watch historical videos, listen to Geneva’s oral history—and even record your own Geneva story in the sound booth! And once you’ve sampled the local color, a day of shopping and antiquing in downtown Geneva is a great way to round out the weekend.

The Ware family has lived in the area for generations. Like you, our team values the Geneva community, and we appreciate the trust we’ve been given by thousands of homeowners since we opened our doors in 2000. Please see our portfolio page for projects we’ve completed for happy customers in our area. We’d love to earn your trust, so please call us for a free assessment of your property’s drainage needs and our recommendations about how to keep your yard and foundation safe and dry. Don’t wait until standing water creates costly damage—call us today!