Yard Drainage in Barrington Hills

The joy you get from being outdoors at your Barrington Hills property may well have been one of the main reasons you decided to purchase a home in the area. The sounds and sights of nature are all around you, and it’s so easy to forget just how close you are to one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Barrington Hills is a true refuge in the Chicago metropolitan area.

That peace can easily be disrupted, though, when pools of excess water collect in your yard after rain or snow storms. And when these puddles create muddy areas that never seem to go away and even become a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the summer, you may get fed up with being outside at all.

That’s where Ware Landscaping comes in. We’ve been working with families in Barrington Hills for over two decades. Our drainage solutions aim to take care of your excess water issues immediately and permanently. Call us for a free first visit—we will meet you at your home in Barrington Hills and conduct a thorough investigation of any and all causes of standing water on your property, and we stand by our work with a ten year guarantee.

The Causes of Standing Water

Excess precipitation combined with overly compact soils is often the cause of standing water around your Barrington Hills home. However, it’s important to identify all causes of these muddy puddles before we decide on a comprehensive solution. If your yard has significant plant life, certain areas may become impassible to water due to excess leaves and other plant material that can block the flow of runoff water. There could also be hardscaping installations that can direct the flow of rainwater into undesirable areas. Even faulty gutters or leaky sprinklers can contribute to unwanted standing water.

A more significant issue is an improperly graded yard, which likely goes back to the time that the home was built. Rest assured, however, that regrading lawns is something we do every day—it can be remedied with the right tools and expertise.

Whatever the cause, it is important to correct all sources of standing water before they cause damage to your home’s foundation or mold growth when the water penetrates into your basement or crawl space.

Effective Drainage Solutions

When a garden path or concrete driveway is blocking water from what would otherwise be its normal path away from your yard, a superficial remedy may restore effective drainage. However, our most common solution to standing water is the installation of a French drain. When done right, this economical solution takes care of the problem nearly 100 percent of the time.

First we determine the correct position and path of the trench that will hold the drainage pipe. We get close enough to your house to prevent excess water from affecting the foundation but far enough so that it is at a safe distance. Once the trench has been carefully and perfectly dug, we layer a system of rocks, perforated pipe, and landscaping fabric that allows water to efficiently seep into the pipe but blocks sediment and other debris. Next, we redirect your downspouts so that they flow directly into the system and make any changes necessary to the grade of the land so that the water in the system flows downwards and away from your property.

Rest assured that the system will not disturb the look of your yard or lawn in any way. Once we’ve completed the underground system, it will be completely hidden—no one will know that it’s there besides you.

Don’t Get Sucked in by DIY Drainage

The sheer mountain of information on the internet sometimes makes it seem like we can do anything if we just follow a DIY video. It’s truly a fantastic resource, but not everything is as simple as it looks. While YouTube may be great for learning to groom your dog or improve your photography skills, there are some things that should be left to the experts—particularly when the value of your property is at stake.

Your Barrington Hills home is likely your single most valuable asset. Attempting to dig your own French drain is probably best case scenario not going to work. Worst case scenario, you could wind up digging into plumbing or live wires that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

We advise all of our customers that the most economical solution is the solution that is done right the first time. The trench that will contain the drainage pipe must be dug in the right location and to the correct depth. If this is not done properly, you may wind up with a large, unsightly hole in your yard that needs to be filled in and the trench dug from scratch. It is also vital to use the right materials so that the drain does not wind up getting clogged after six months or a year. Imagine doing all the work of digging and the covering the trench up with soil and sod only to find that it needs to be opened up all over again.

For the above reasons, we feel it’s important that our Barrington Hills clients engage experts such as the experienced team at Ware Landscaping to install a French drain correctly, the first time. We are so confident in our work that we offer a ten year, no questions asked guarantee on all of our drainage work. If you have standing water anywhere in your yard in the next ten years, simply call us and we will come out and fix the problem for free.

Barrington Hills Homeowners Choose Ware Landscaping

Mike Ware opened his doors in 2000 with the goal of becoming the go-to landscaping service in the western Chicago suburbs. More than 20 years later, we have met that goal and gone even further by adding a comprehensive menu of services to address all of our customers outdoor home improvement and maintenance needs. We have grown exponentially since that time, and have listened when our customers requested additional help with their Barrington Hills property, including drainage solutions, snow removal, and even holiday light installation.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our offerings even further to include comprehensive back yard planning, which includes patio and deck design and installation, fire pit installation, outdoor kitchens, sound and lighting systems, and anything else you may need to create an outdoor space for work and play. We want to help you make the exterior of your Barrington Hills home as functional as the interior.

At Ware Landscaping, our team is proud to know that we are helping our friends and neighbors in the Barrington Hills community and beyond to take the best care of their property that they possibly can. Putting your own stamp on your yard makes it an extension of your lifestyle, whether you love to cook, garden, or simply gather with friends and family as often as possible.

When drainage is an issue at your Barrington Hills home, rest assured that we can take care of the problem quickly and permanently. You do not have to live with a muddy lawn that takes away your enjoyment of your yard. Call Ware Landscaping today for a professional, onsite evaluation at your Barrington Hills home.