Why Lawn Care Professionals Are Worth It

Benefits to Hiring Lawn Care Professionals

In 2017, the National Association of Landscape Professionals surveyed homeowners about their lawn care knowledge. While 74% reported knowing how to care for their lawn, 31% admitted they weren’t sure how to achieve a lush, green lawn. One of the ways to ensure your property looks amazing is to make sure that the lawn and landscaping are well-maintained.

Landscaping is hard physical work during the hottest time of year when many of us would rather be inside enjoying the air conditioning or lounging by the pool. Since lawn care professionals know what your lawn needs, they can customize their services to best suit those needs while also taking the physical burden off you.

Below we list some of the added benefits to your life that hiring lawn care professionals can create that you may not expect.

Save Yourself Some Money:

While it may seem a bit backward at first, hiring out your lawn care needs can actually save you money. The cost of lawnmowers and trimmers and upkeep they require, as well as things such as fertilizers, pesticide chemicals, mulch, and other items needed to keep a lawn healthy, can add up quickly. Repairing lawn damage if the yard needs to be reseeded because of overwatering or disease can also be costly.

When you hire a professional lawn care company, you know that your lawn is receiving the care it needs without the cost of unexpected maintenance. In addition, you’re also saving the time you’d need to do the yard work yourself. You can use that time instead to recoup from a busy week, get in some overtime, or catch up on your favorite new Netflix series. Better yet, you can be spending that time with friends and family.

Prevent Injuries and Stay Safe:

Due to the physical nature of lawn care, people often risk being injured while taking care of their landscaping or yard work. Lawn equipment misused can be dangerous, too. Lawn equipment can be hazardous between lawnmower blades, pruning shears, and hedge trimmers. Avoid the risk of sunburns, pulled muscles, back strains, and more by hiring a landscaping crew to do the work for you.

Remove the Guesswork:

Do you ever wonder why your lawn is not thriving like the neighbors despite your best efforts? You may be overwatering, underwatering, or cutting your grass to the wrong height. The exact cause can be challenging to nail down. Mowing too low can cause roots to become exposed and kill off your grass, but even mowing too high can leave an unwanted blanket of sod on your lawn through the winter, which can smother and kill your grass before Spring comes. Either one of these simple mistakes can cause your lawn to look thin, brown, or scraggly.

Lawn care professionals will know how often your lawn needs to be mowed, the optimal height for your grass, how often it needs to be watered, and when it’s best to fertilize it. They can apply the right fertilizers and fungicides and even spray pesticides as necessary. If you want a lush, green lawn that adds to your curb appeal, don’t guess about how to best take care of your lawn. Instead, find experts you trust to take that off your plate.

Utilize Their Expertise:

Lawn care isn’t just about mowing the grass. Hiring a landscaping professional in Naperville means that your trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, sprinkler system, and other landscape features can all be tended to and properly maintained as well. Whether you need trees pruned, flowers watered, or shrubs trimmed, lawn care professionals can take care of all of that for you.

Many lawn care professionals can also help with landscaping and hardscaping additions. They can rehabilitate your lawn. They can design and install garden areas, new walkways, add landscape lighting, or even add or fix your irrigation system. Lawn care professionals will even deal with shoveling, snow blowing, and removing your winter snow, so you don’t have to.

Hand Off the Worry:

Often there are local restrictions and rules about when you can water your lawn and how often. Some areas have fertilizer blackout periods, too. You don’t have to worry about the rules anymore when you hire lawn care professionals. You can let the lawn care professionals do that for you. They’ll be able to tell you about any local restrictions and how to work within those rules to have a beautiful lawn.

When hiring lawn care professionals, it’s important to think about your monthly budget, what proper lawn care maintenance can do for your home, and the time it can save you. It’s also important to remember that not all lawn care professionals are the same, so talk with different professionals to ensure that you are getting the best care for your lawn.