7 Reasons for an Outdoor Fire Pit This Holiday Season

Outdoor Fire Pit

Would you enjoy a bit more time outside with your family and friends, enjoying the evening and having a fulfilling conversation, but not freezing while you do it? That’s one of the best parts of having a fire pit, especially here in Illinois. You can be outside in the fresh air, enjoying good company with some fun drinks, and still be warm and comfortable in the ambiance of a fire. Not convinced yet? Here are seven reasons you’ll enjoy having an outdoor fire pit this holiday season:

1. Customize Your Outdoor Space:

One of the beautiful things about a fire pit is that it can be designed specifically for your space. An outdoor fire pit is an extension of your patio and livable backyard space. We can design it in a style and color complementary to your home’s exterior, or we can design it to stand out.

The material your fire pit is made of can have a significant impact on its appearance. Some people prefer the look of copper or cast iron, while others prefer sleek, modern stainless steel or steel. Stone or tile may also be an option if you are looking for something more permanent. Fire glass and lava rock can round out the design of these options, too. The wonderful thing about a fire pit is that it truly can be custom designed just for your space.

2. Decorate for the Holidays:

You can decorate the area to make it as festive as you’d like for the holiday season. Whether that’s a mistletoe hung up by the fire, Christmas tree ornaments around a small mantle, or stockings all hung in a row, a fire pit lets you be creative with your holiday decorations. You can even purchase cheery cushions specific to the holiday season for the seating area and hang some extra stockings for your special loved ones.

3. Create an Outdoor Destination:

An outdoor fire pit allows you and your family to enjoy the sounds of mother nature while keeping bugs at bay and enjoying the beautiful night sky. We can make your fire pit a more permanent option or give you some flexibility in allowing it to be moveable. Whether you want to have a fire going as the sun rises or as the sun sets, your backyard can be the perfect location for your family’s holiday conversations.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value:

HGTV Gardens editor Jessica Yonker reported that a fire pit added to an outdoor living space can potentially increase the value of a home by anywhere from 15% to 40%. Increasing the value of your home means more money in your pocket if and when you decide you are ready to sell. In the meantime, it’s enjoyable to use.

5. Cook and Grill for Guests:

Your fire pit can be designed for cooking and grilling. Hot dogs, burgers, and smores can all be on the menu for lunch or dinner. Pass around the skewers and chat while everyone cooks their food just the way they like it instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours. You can even have a Christmas breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage, all cooked over your new fire pit.

6. Keep Everyone Safe:

While wood fires are amazing, you have to keep stoking them, so they don’t go out, and they can potentially be hazardous. For a consistent, predictably burning flame, you may decide you prefer a gas fire pit. There are pros and cons to each type and ways to improve their safety, especially for young children. Some fire pits may even benefit from heat conductors, which warm a space while reducing flame size, thereby enhancing safety. Safety screens are a good choice to minimize any sparks and the safest ways to keep the fire burning for hours of enjoyment.

7. Protect Your Pocketbook:

Installing a fire pit in your backyard does not have to break the bank. Fire pits come in a wide variety of prices depending on the materials and installation work required. No matter what you want to do this holiday – surprise a loved one with a new backyard designed around a fire pit or save for an extra present or two, we can ensure we are within your budget so that you have plenty of extra room both logistically and financially this holiday season.

The wonderful thing about having a fire pit installed before the holidays is the long-term memories it allows you to create with your family and friends. Whether you decide on wood-burning or gas, copper or stainless steel, we can ensure the fire pit is as unique as you and your family are. And whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, getting ready for Santa, or simply wanting to have a party with your loved ones, a fire pit gives you the best entertainment choices.