Plainfield Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial property owners in Plainfield, Illinois understand the unexpected challenges excessive snow can bring. Snowed-in parking lots that a shovel alone can’t clear and require constant plowing can prove stressful. Walkways that need daily shoveling and deicing can take up the majority of your day.

Humid and moisture-filled winters are par for the course in Plainfield, but you shouldn’t have to stress over snow removal for your commercial property. If you choose to take care of snow removal on your own, you may have to risk travel in adverse weather, or have your employees tack time onto their full workdays to shovel.

Let the professional Plainfield commercial snow removal team at Ware Landscaping take care of winter obstacles to your business so you can concentrate on your daily operations.

Plainfield Commercial Snow Removal

Why you need commercial snow removal services in Plainfield

If you’re a commercial property owner in Plainfield, you’ve probably endured the brutally cold winters and abundant ice and snow. The average winter temperature in Plainfield  is a not-so-balmy 16°F, so even on dry days, ice can become an issue.  

Your parking lot and walkways can quickly become hazardous for clients or customers, and your property entrances may be obstructed by the unappealing aesthetics of iced-over, dirty snow.

The headaches winter weather can bring for rental properties or businesses can impede revenue and lower curb appeal if you’re placing your commercial property on the market. City and state ordinances require property owners to clear accumulated snow and ice to make their properties safe for others.

Whether you own a restaurant, assisted living facility, retail business, apartment building, or offices, commercial snow removal can keep your property safe and allow you to focus on running your business. 

Snow plow truck on the streets

How Ware Landscaping can help

The snow removal specialists at Ware Landscaping can empathize with the headaches that Plainfield’s winter weather can bring. We’ve helped countless commercial property and homeowners take care of snow removal for over two decades. 

If ice and snow threaten the safety of those who use your commercial property, we can employ measures to help. Fierce snowstorms, ice storms, and even mild winter events may require high-end equipment to ensure the safety of your property.

Here are some of the ways Ware Landscaping’s snow removal services can help: 

  • Monitor and prepare:

You don’t have to worry about contacting us after a storm in Plainfield. We keep a close eye on the weather forecast and will schedule a time to clear your property based on your needs. This means you can relax after moisture-filled weather blows in overnight.

  • Utilize heavy-duty snow removal equipment:

We maintain top-of-the-line, heavy-duty snow removal equipment, including bobcats and commercial-grade snow shovels

  • Plow your parking lots: 

Our plow equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure excellent service. We can plow your parking lot anytime a weather event makes it necessary.   

  • Snow removal packages:

Our snow removal service contracts are available in one or three-year bundles. Regardless of which package you choose, you won’t have to worry about snow removal throughout the season.

If you choose the one-year package and recognize your need for a continual yearly service, you can resign for a three-year package at the end of the year. This will ensure you don’t have to panic about the safety of your property after inclement winter weather for years to come!

  • Service out-of-the-way areas:

We’ll take care of the difficult-to-reach areas that still need to be cleared of snow or de-iced. For example, even the row of parking spaces that aren’t attached to your main parking lot can be cleared.

  • Eco-friendly de-icing:

We don’t use rock salt to de-ice your surface areas, as it can be heavily corrosive, toxic to pets and kids, and non-absorbent. Instead, we use the eco-, kid-, and pet-friendly alternative, Safe Paw

What you need to know about Plainfield snow 

During winter months, there’s an average of 38.2 days of snow in Plainfield, and it can snow from November–April. Often, the cold temperatures and overcast skies make it difficult for this snow to melt before the next storm rolls in. 

Snow can turn to icy slush and a snowpack can form that may make it difficult to conduct efficient DIY snow removal. Commercial snow removal works great as a preventative measure against ice and unsightly accumulation of old snow.

City-run removal operations plow the public roadways in Plainfield and are put on alert even after a dusting of snow. The city government suggests that you clear all of your sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways after the plows have been used, but within a reasonable amount of time to ensure your property is safe.

The disadvantages of DIY snow removal

You may be tempted to use a snow blower and a standard shovel to remove snow from your Plainfield commercial property on your own. Beyond the exhaustion of hard manual labor and time consumption, there are numerous disadvantages to do-it-yourself snow removal.

Here are several reasons why DIY snow removal can prove detrimental:

  • Heart attacks and other health hazards:

Extreme cold temperatures and unexpected hardcore physical exertion can cause your blood vessels to constrict and have led to cardiac arrests, strokes, and even death for some unsuspecting property owners. 

Similarly, if you try to remove snow or ice from hard-to-reach places, you could be injured by falling icicles or heavy snow. Falls from icy spots can also lead to severe injury. That’s why commercial snow removal in Plainfield is best left to the professionals.

  • Broken equipment:

Even if you invest in high-end equipment such as Bobcats or plow trucks, if the person operating said equipment hasn’t been properly trained, it could lead to expensive repairs and equipment failure.

  • Snow stuck to shovels:

After a blizzard with significant measurable snowfall and frigid temperatures, if you’ve stored your shovel in a warm tool room, it may not work at all. Snow can stick to the shovel, rendering it useless.

An improperly working shovel can cause you to waste your time and fails to remove the safety hazards left behind by extreme weather events.

  • Yard drainage issues:

If you leave snow to accumulate after each storm, the pile-up could lead to excessive water run-off issues in the warmer months and create yard drainage problems.

A well-maintained, customized yard drainage solution can help erase these issues. However, contacting a professional snow removal team may prove to be your best option.

What our Plainfield commercial snow removal packages include              

The professional commercial snow removal team at Ware Landscaping understands the obstacles neglected snow can cause. We understand that your needs may change from season to season, and offer landscaping packages, too.

Our snow removal packages can be contracted for one or three year bundles and include services for under 0.50 to 4 inches of snow, from 4 to 7 inches of snow, and large snow events that will ensure we will visit your property multiple times. 

This also means that you don’t have to worry about unsafe conditions on your property before the accumulation hits two inches. If it snows, we will enact our zero-tolerance policy and will work to clear your property in a timely manner. 

We want your walkways and parking lots to remain safe regardless of the amount of moisture accumulation. Here are some of the features you can expect from our Plainfield commercial snow packages: 

  • Monitoring of weather forecasts and conditions. This means you won’t have to call us each time snow or ice accumulates on your Plainfield property — we will prepare to clean up based on the forecast
  • De-icing of all sidewalks, walkways, hardscapes, and parking lots. This may include covering your outdoor surfaces with Safe Paw as a preventative measure before a winter storm rolls in.
  • Plowing of all parking lots. Our top-of-the-line snow plows get the arduous task of snow removal done quickly and efficiently
  • Shoveling of all sidewalks and walkways. We use commercial-grade snow shovels to clear your walkways
  • Our commercial equipment, including bucket loaders and Bobcats, is utilized based on your ice and snow removal needs
  • Full commercial snow removal service for small, medium, and large Plainfield properties
  • Full service for 24/7 businesses: We may keep our removal equipment on site for properties with large storage space, and will consistently monitor your needs
  • Zero-tolerance snow policy: We don’t wait for the snow to pile up before we work on your behalf. We understand that even a half inch of accumulation could present problems for your commercial property.

Contact Ware Landscaping for Plainfield commercial snow removal  

The Plainfield commercial snow removal team at Ware Landscaping has helped both homeowners and commercial property owners for over two decades. As your greater Chicago area neighbors, we understand the issues that winter weather often brings to the area.

We care about our Plainfield neighbors, and we understand how vital curb appeal and outdoor safety are to achieving your goals for your property. 

We offer landscaping help through each season, and can provide landscape design, implementation, and maintenance, along with yard drainage solutions to help the property of your dreams come to fruition.

You shouldn’t have to carry the burden of DIY commercial snow removal, and your employees shouldn’t have to add time to their workload to clear your property in inclement weather. 

Contact Ware Landscaping for a consultation today, and leave the snow duties to us. Be sure to check out our website for insights and tips on how to care for your property’s outdoor needs.