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Whether as a necessity or as a design element, outdoor stairs can add both dimension and functionality to any outside space. Because the outdoors is quickly becoming an integral extension of our living spaces, making the most out of this space can enhance your enjoyment of your home and add to its value.

The professionals at Ware Landscaping understand how to help you make the most of your outdoor environment. From planning and design to installation and precision execution, we oversee your entire project from beginning to end. We want you to fall in love with your new outdoor living space. Believe it or not, adding stairs can significantly enhance the usefulness and aesthetic of your residential or commercial property.

If you are interested in adding stairs to your space for any reason, contact the seasoned professionals of Ware Landscaping. Talk to us about your needs and desires, and let us help you come up with a solution that fits your property. Call us today at (630) 885-6370 to schedule a consultation.

Why Stairs?

People tend to think stairs are purely functional. A raised deck with stairs that lead down to a yard or a landscaped area is one of the most common outdoor projects that make use of stairs. Stairs are also a commonly replaced outdoor feature in homes where doors sit a couple of feet above ground level.

In older homes or homes that include improperly treated wooden stairs, it is important to have a professional assess the stability and safety of these features and have them replaced with newer, more weather-resistant materials. Another example of how functional stairs can enhance an outdoor space is a raised gazebo with stairs leading up to the main platform.

Stairs may also be put to good use on a plot of land or yard that has steep gradients or slopes. Slopes can mean you have limited access to certain portions of your property. By adding stairs, you expand the amount of usable outdoor space without the need for expensive excavation work.

Stairs as Architectural Elements

While there is a multitude of practical uses for outdoor stairs, stairs can also be both beautiful and architectural. Stairs can add dimension and depth to landscaping projects, transforming a flat parcel of land into something with more grace and style.

Even small steps and stairs can be used as elements that delineate certain areas of your outdoor space from one another. Step down into a tranquil and relaxing meditative garden or step up to access raised garden beds. The possibilities are endless but often overlooked because stairs are typically an afterthought or a solution to a height problem. However, stairs can be utilized in a number of creative ways to help give personality and functionality to an outdoor space.

Materials for Outdoor Stairs

Several different materials can be used for outdoor stairs. While most stairs, especially those for decks, are made of wood, there are other material options for outdoor stairs. Which material is best for your particular project comes down to a number of factors. Are the stairs purely functional? Will they be used every day? Are you looking for a certain aesthetic or design element?

The one denominator that all outdoor stairs have in common is the need to be durable. Illinois weather can take a serious toll on outdoor features, and the durability of all building materials is the key to a successful outcome for any landscaping project. Some of the materials you may be able to consider for your project include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Concrete

The team at Ware Landscaping can discuss your needs and aesthetic ideas and then recommend the materials that would work best for your project. Ware Landscaping is a family-run business with over two decades of landscaping experience. We know the area and understand how weather and other conditions can impact the integrity of your project. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions; we consult with you to assess your needs and project goals and come up with a solution that fits your budget and your individual tastes. Stairs can be as basic or as luxurious as you want.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Why does hiring a professional matter? Because safety matters. Stairs must be crafted with precision and accuracy. There can be no cutting corners when it comes to constructing stairs. Improperly measured or built stairs are a serious safety hazard. Not only that, but city and county building codes also specify stair height requirements. Making sure that a structure is built to code is important, both for safety reasons and for avoiding penalties. A trusted builder or landscaper will always review your area’s building codes with you to make sure that your project is safe and legal.

The craftsmen at Ware Landscaping take tremendous pride in their work and are diligent about following all safety guidelines and protocols. You deserve to feel safe and secure using your outdoor stairs every single day. From concept to execution, you can rely on the team at Ware Landscaping to construct stairs that will meet both your aesthetic and functional needs.

Ready to Add Stairs to Your Outdoor Space? Call us for an Estimate

When you make the decision to add stairs, in any capacity, to your outdoor space, you are making the decision to invest in your property. We take that investment seriously and pride ourselves on delivering a quality product and outstanding customer service.

Considering making some changes to your outdoor space? Would stairs help add functionality and personality to your residential or commercial property? Get in touch with the professionals at Ware Landscaping for more information about how stairs can transform your outdoor living area. Contact us today at (630) 885-6370 to schedule a consultation. The professionals at Ware Landscaping are ready to help you see the potential in your outdoor space from top to bottom.