Barrington’s Best Sod Installation Services

Installing sod is one of the best ways to make your lawn look amazing – fast. You may be starting from scratch after building a new house, improving a troubled lawn, or repairing a damaged lawn after construction or other damage. Regardless, Ware Landscaping is here to help with sod installation in Barrington! 

Our sod and seed professionals will walk you through your options when it comes to seeding a new lawn or installing sod. Depending on what you choose, we will design a lawn that is perfect for the climate and weather of Northern Illinois! 

Native plants are ideal, because they are hardy and require less water and maintenance, so we prioritize grasses that thrive here. 

We handle every step of the installation process, leaving you with a gorgeous, lush, and more sustainable lawn. 

Use this page as a guide to your sod installation project!

A man carefully removing a roll of sod from the stack

Installing Sod vs. Seeding a New Lawn

It’s easy for property owners to recognize when their lawn needs help, but it’s much harder to know what kind of help is needed! 

You may see problems like this in your yard: 

  • One big bare patch of grass
  • Many small or large bare patches of grass throughout the lawn 
  • Indicators of poor drainage
  • Damage from erosion
  • Dead grass (brown patches)
  • Weeds
  • Moles, voles, and other nuisance critters
  • Pet waste damage

In addition to these problems, countless home and business owners look out at a completely bare yard after a brand new build, renovation, or home improvement project that damages their yard. 

Which is better in these situations: install sod or grow a whole new yard from seed? Great questions! The answer to the “sod vs. seed” question is dependent upon a number of factors. Seeking guidance from a professional landscaping company like Ware Landscaping will help you make the best choice. 

When is installing sod the best choice? 

Installing sod is ideal for these situations: 

  • You don’t have a lot of time – you need a new lawn, fast
  • You need to repair (or prevent) erosion damage
  • It’s the right time of year (sod installation is best in spring or fall) 
  • Your lawn is very patchy, with lots of bare spots

When is seeding a new lawn the best choice?

Instead of installing sod, you might want to seed a new lawn, especially if the following conditions are true: 

  • You have a lot more time to develop a beautiful lawn
  • Your budget is restrictive
  • You want a specific type of grass that isn’t available as sod
  • You need to do a lot of soil work before starting the lawn 
  • It’s the right time of year (on either side of the hot summer, or in the winter as a “dormant seeding” project)

A patchwork of sod laid on the ground

Ware Landscaping installs sod to make Barrington lawns beautiful

Sod is one of the fastest ways to grow a flawless and beautiful lawn. 

Our Barrington sod installation experts at Ware Landscaping know all the best sod varieties for our area. Our knowledge of the grasses that will grow and thrive in Northern Illinois with the least water and easiest maintenance is just one of the reasons to choose our locally-owned company.

How does it work, though? And what should you expect during the sod installation process? 

How we install sod at your home or business

This is a breakdown of what to expect during your sod installation process

  1. First, we will visit your property and discuss your options
  2. If you choose to install sod, we will show you your options: grasses that grow well in Barrington and sod that was started in a similar, mineral-rich environment
  3. Next up is soil bed preparation, including thoroughly watering the area
  4. We install the sod to look amazing from day one! 
  5. We’ll handle the first watering session, then show you exactly how frequently to water your sod and how much water to use 
  6. We can schedule follow-ups to help you keep your lawn looking great

Even after installation, we are always happy to answer your questions, return to your property to check on any of your concerns, and provide you with resources and advice to keep taking care of your new, beautiful lawn. 

Barrington Sod Installation FAQs

Although we are always happy to answer questions, we also want to make it as easy as possible to find great information about your newly installed sod. This page is here to help! 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about sod installation in Barrington. 

Is there a “best time” to install sod in Northern Illinois? 

When it comes to installing sod, it is important to avoid the heat of the summer and the frigid temperatures of the Illinois winter. We recommend that you schedule early to ensure that we can fit you into our busy sod installation calendar. We are the busiest in April to May, although we can also install sod between September and October. 

What is the best sod to install in Barrington, Illinois?

Native grasses are always our go-to recommendation for landscaping, as they are the most likely to thrive. We recommend cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass in Barrington and the surrounding Northern Illinois areas. You want to avoid warm season grasses that will struggle in the cold Illinois winter. That would include zoysia and bermuda.  

What is the best way to prepare the ground before laying sod? 

Some people are always up for a good DIY challenge! Here’s what you need to know if you decide to lay sod yourself. First, completely remove any debris, weeds, and old grass in the area you will be sodding. Till the soil very well to a depth of 4-6 inches, then level the area. You will need to amend the area with compost, and we recommend testing the soil to confirm that it is nutrient-rich and ready for sod. 

Amending the soil with compost will also improve the lawn’s drainage. Be sure to moisten the soil before laying the sod. 

We know this can all sound a little overwhelming, but we’re here to help if you get stuck or want to completely bypass the hard work and physical labor associated with laying sod.

A stack of sod

How do you install sod? 

When installing sod, the landscaper staggers strips of sod together, tightly packing each strip against the next, like bricks. Then, the sod installation team will use a sharp utility knife along the edges of the yard and around any trees or hardscaping to ensure a beautiful, perfect look. 

The edges will be tamped down firmly, and then we will water the sod to help the roots begin to establish in their new dirt. 

How do I water my newly sodded lawn? 

We’re glad you asked this! It’s one of the most important questions you can ask. 

Water once a day, or twice a day if it is hot and dry. This should go on daily for 2-3 weeks. Apply about 1.5 inches of water each time. It usually takes about 20 minutes to provide 1.5 inches of water to an area of the yard. 

Once the roots get established, you can slowly reduce how frequently you water your lawn. Your sod should be established and thriving within 2-3 months of installation. 

Can I mow the sod? 

You should wait 10-14 days before you mow. Use high blades (3 inches), and make sure they are sharp. Even though you can mow within 2 weeks of installation, avoid heavy foot and mower traffic on sod for 3-4 weeks after installation. 

When will my sod be fully established and rooted? 

As long as you take good care of your new lawn and follow your sod expert’s guidance, your yard should be fully established within 2-3 months. To get to that point where your new grass is thriving, follow our watering instructions and protect the lawn from regular use for 3-4 weeks. 

How do I care for sod after it is established? (Long-term care)

We recommend fertilizing your lawn 2-3 times a year, as needed. Once the initial watering phase has ended, you can water the lawn infrequently. Dethatch and aerate your yard periodically. And of course, mow your lawn at the proper height for the specific variety of sod you chose. Not sure about that? We can help! 

Other factors to consider when choosing & installing sod

These are some of the other factors to think about when you are considering a newly sodded yard:

  • Time frame: How long do you have to get your perfect lawn? New sod is always faster than new grass from seed. 
  • Climate: The climate in any given area affects when you can install a newly sodded yard. At Ware Landscaping, we will help you determine the time to get your sod installed. 
  • Use: The way you plan to use your lawn has a direct impact on what kind of sod is best. For example, a family with several kids and pets may need a different kind of grass than a retired couple who prefer some light outdoor entertaining in the summer. 
  • Water: Some grasses require much more water than others. Because your sod will need to be watered regularly until it gets established, it is important to have plenty of access to water at your property. 
  • Light: How much sun and shade will your yard get? Ask us which type of grass is best for the amount of light at your property. 
  • Maintenance level: Choose a kind of sod that matches the amount of watering, mowing, weeding, and other maintenance tasks that your lifestyle requires. If you want a high-maintenance lawn but aren’t excited about all of the work that goes into keeping it beautiful, Ware Landscaping can help you establish a worry-free maintenance plan. 

Hiring Ware Landscaping for your Barrington sod installation

When you look at your options for landscaping and sod installation in Barrington, we are confident that you will find us at the top of your list! 

The benefits of working with Ware Landscaping include: 

  • A complimentary, face-to-face meeting to discuss your lawn goals with no pressure to hire us
  • Our careful attention to your particular lawn visions and desires
  • In-depth understanding of sod types that thrive in the Barrington area
  • Recommendations for hardy native grasses, which need fewer chemicals and less irrigation
  • Flexibility to modify the installation plan if weather could jeopardize success (drought, extreme temperatures, etc.)
  • Optional maintenance plans available after installation
  • Eco-friendly techniques for sod placement
  • A lawn aligned with your sustainability goals
  • Sod selections safer for your family, pets, visitors, employees, or other people spending time in your yard

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