7 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home and take its curb appeal to the next level?

Do you love your backyard but think there may be something missing?

Are you feeling the itch for landscape renovations in the Naperville area?

Landscape Lighting

Beautiful outdoor lighting can be the cherry on top of a good landscape. It’s often the last puzzle piece to complete the beautiful picture. And, much like placing that last piece of a puzzle, standing back and enjoying the view complete with lighting will bring a satisfying smile to your face.

There are a variety of ways to light up your space and bring its appearance to the next level. Here are seven reasons to invest in outdoor lighting for your property.

1. Extends Outdoor Usage Passed Sunset

The sun may have gone down, but that does not mean the fun has to stop. Bright outdoor lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces can extend get-togethers long past sunset. With the help of a lovely lighting system, you can host outdoor dinners, late-night parties, night swimming and so much more. Outdoor lighting is easily installed on porches, decks, balconies, and other outdoor structures.

2. Updates Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t want their home noticed from the street? Lighting can make a good home look great. Some gorgeous lights will add a level of attractiveness to your home that you didn’t even know was possible. Maximize the look of the exterior of your home with light – you will not regret it. Plus, maximizing the curb appeal will also increase the value of your home. It’s a win-win.

3. Creates Ambience

There is no better way to set the mood than with lighting. You can set the tone for outdoor events with lighting, and there are endless options to choose from when designing your landscape. Lights can even create your ideal ambiance in your pool for night swimming. When it comes to setting the mood, it is all about the lights.

4. Adds a Measure of Security

A burglary is less likely to happen in a well-lit home. Bright lights will deter burglars away because a brighter area means an increased chance of being seen and getting caught.

Lights also provide a safer outdoor area for your friends and family as they navigate the outside in the dark. Lights help to avoid potential accidents such as tripping over a sprinkler, falling in a pond, or running into a wall.

5. Brings Focus to Architectural Elements

String lights, lanterns, personalized lanterns…your home is your masterpiece, and your outdoor space is a part of that masterpiece. Everyone has their favorite elements of their home and lights are a perfect way to highlight them at night. Whether it’s a gorgeous stone wall, a pergola, or trellis, certain elements deserve special lighting. Light up your favorite areas.

6. Can Be Used for Holiday Decoration

Are you as festive as it gets when it comes to holiday décor? Then you may want to change out the bulbs in your outdoor lights to add a red or green flare for Christmas. Or maybe a pastel color for Easter. Orange would look spooktacular for Halloween and blue would beam perfectly for the Fourth of July. Once the lights are installed, the options are endless. Bulbs are easy to change out or replace. Experimenting with lights can be a lot of fun.

7. Can Be Put on a Timer

There’s a smart version for everything these days – even lighting systems. With modern lighting systems, you can set it and forget it, so your lights turn on every day when it gets dark. The time can be changed whenever you want and many systems can be controlled from your phone. The lights can be put on a timer or sensor to make it convenient for you and to deter thieves while you are out of town.

Whatever your vision may be for your outdoor space, there’s a lighting system for it. Enhance the space with beautiful lights and enjoy outdoor living past daylight. Highlight your favorite hardscaping features, your outdoor walkways, your terraced garden, or your new pergola. Or, keep your property safely illuminated. Lighting is a great way to incorporate your style and enhance your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to update your landscape in any way, our landscaping professionals can help you design and install a lighting system to meet your needs.